Unfortunately, this deal has expired 25 August 2023.
Posted 5 July 2023

Enjoy a free Jude's ice cream/cake & coffee/ 2 hot drinks : My John Lewis (account specific) @ John Lewis & Partners

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Variation of this FREE reward:
* cake & coffee
* 2 hot drinks


Summer is here, so why not enjoy a free Jude's ice cream on us at The Place to Eat cafe in our shops.
To redeem, simply present your reward to a Partner at the Place to Eat tills before payment.
Terms and conditions apply.

1. This voucher entitles you to one free Jude’s ice cream.
2. Offer only redeemable at John Lewis & Partners The Place to Eat.
3. The offer is not redeemable in the following stores: Canary Wharf, Horsham and Ipswich.
4. The offer cannot be redeemed at third-party food outlets within John Lewis & Partners shops, including Benugo, Huffkins, Ori Caffé, or at any Waitrose & Partners shops.
5. No substitutions or changes available.
6. This voucher is not transferable.
7. No cash alternative available.
8. The voucher can only be used once.
9. Lost vouchers cannot be replaced.
10. Rewards are dependent on stock levels and may be terminated at any time.
11. John Lewis & Partners reserves the right to remove this offer at any time.
John Lewis More details at

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  1. Eastldnjak's avatar
    Not for me unfortunately but I do have cake and a coffee for me and a friend so thanks for making me check
    Russ2626's avatar
    I got the same hot drink and cake for two offer
  2. madflower's avatar
    Not for me. I got two hot drinks, no cake
  3. sweet_princess7866's avatar
    Isit meant to be on your email or when you login to your account online not sure when to find it (edited)
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Login to your online account, check in the rewards section.
  4. 336250773658's avatar
    Nothing on my account, as usual, or my partner's account. We used to be regular visitors to JL, and for some reason we still buy a lot of tech and home products from them. We have even experimented where I buy more on my card to see if I get "rewarded" or he gets rewarded instead for disloyalty. It doesn't make any difference. We just get nothing for all the money we have spent in there. Highly disappointing when this used to be such a great scheme.
  5. chocolate2010's avatar
    As usual nothing on my pathetic, useless John Lewis account.
  6. keyjpb's avatar
    When they introduced these cards, they conned everybody to sign up by saying that you'd be entitled to 2 free drinks and 2 cakes a month. Soon downgraded to every three or six months and now never, certainly on my account. Quite disgraceful really. Bit like coffees in Waitrose, you have to remember to take a cup!
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    A free Waitrose coffee, disgraceful?

    Nobody's forcing you to have it.
    If you really can't remember your cup just walk by, and make a note for next time.
    They sell cups if you're desperate for a caffeine fix.

    John Lewis membership is free to join and free to leave.
    There's an option to cancel your MyJohnLewis membership if it's not working for you.
    Truly disgraceful! (edited)
  7. Kal007's avatar
    Thanks for the reminder OP - free hot drink and cake
  8. HarrisonC's avatar
    Two free coffees on my account and Jude's ice cream on the girlfriends. Perfect!
  9. psb017's avatar
    The usual nothing for me, actually makes me not want to shop at JL
  10. jono3000's avatar
    nothing on mine shame im going past a john lewis soon
  11. rodman's avatar
    Got on mine and code for 5% off from JL website except Apple products.
    batemansxxxb's avatar
    I got 2 free hot drinks this month, but no money off codes
    btw what’s happened to the voucher codes section of HUKD?
  12. shanraja's avatar
    Nothing on my accounts
  13. premierfella's avatar
    JL looking after my waistline as usual (nothing useful on my account)
  14. Giwin's avatar
    Nothing, don't shop at JL
  15. Mr_Burns's avatar
    I bought a TV from John Lewis recently..... but no free anything for me
  16. johnsmith1997's avatar
    Wok happened to the soup??
  17. sjs31's avatar
    Thanks for the prompt to check. Just 2 drinks for me, which is better than nothing!
  18. Sutats's avatar
    Free regular hot drink and cake for you and a friend
  19. sandman1986's avatar
    Nothing on mine 😞
  20. Simon_Conroy's avatar
    I've cream for me 😋
  21. MrManwelo's avatar
    £10 off when shopping on their app...but no cake
  22. psb017's avatar
    They should really try and encourage people back into their stores, I’m sure a free coffee isn’t going to cost them very much and the footfall would be much higher resulting in more sales.
  23. tink18's avatar
    Nothing for me
  24. Jenny_Busfield's avatar
    Nothing for me.
  25. babyseal's avatar
    Worked for me, thank you!
  26. knickersdotcom's avatar
    I have heehaw.
  27. Bestbitter's avatar
    Shame my local Waitrose café won’t accept these reward vouchers! My nearest JL is 25 miles away, a bit far to go just for a coffee or ice cream!!
  28. isabela's avatar
    Same here nothing here
  29. Joyce_'s avatar
    Does anyone know if I can use these at Peter Jones? Thanks
    AMAZING101's avatar
    Yes you can 
's avatar