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Posted 16 July 2023

ESR Power Bank for MagSafe Battery Pack, 10,000mAh Magnetic Wireless for iPhone ESR online store with code

£20.25£35.9944% off
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ESR Power Bank for MagSafe Battery Pack, 10,000mAh Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger,USB-C Cable,Compatible with iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro/14 Pro Max and iPhone 13/12 Series, Black

Amazon selling the same for 35.99. Amazon is official seller of this product in UK. I have ordered from ESR shop with code. Arrived two days later , delivered by Amazon.

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Power Your Whole Day
Keep doing your thing, no matter how busy your day, thanks to the large 10,000mAh capacity that can provide 1.6 full charges for your iPhone 13 or 13 Pro. Go wireless for 7.5W charging or connect your charging cable to experience super-fast 20W charging and enjoy multiple ways to power on through.

Hold Fast
Snap onto the back of your phone and stay secure in the knowledge it’s not going anywhere due to the powerful built-in magnets with 1,000 g of holding force. Slip in your pocket, zip around town, take calls, flip through your favorite apps, and rest assured it’s always there charging away.

Double the Fun
Need to charge more than just one device? No worries! Wirelessly connect one phone as you hook up a second phone or other USB-C device to share the charge and keep all your devices powered up all the time.

In Full View
Designed for a perfect fit on the back of your phone so you can do everything you normally would, including capturing those high points of life on your camera with a totally clear, unobstructed view.


  • Compatibility - Compatible with all caseless iPhone 14/13/12 series phones, MagSafe and HaloLock™ cases, and standard cases with the HaloLock™ Universal Ring
  • Power in a Snap - Starts charging automatically as soon as you magnetically attach your iPhone
  • Power Your Whole Day - 10,000 mAh capacity gives you the power to keep doing your thing
  • Strong Magnetic Lock - Stays securely locked on your phone while charging

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ESR More details at
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  1. Red_Shift's avatar
    Get deal link doesnt work
    kris1234's avatar
    works for me (edited)
  2. anouj's avatar
    10,000mah but due to wireless charging inefficiencies and the heat it generates it manages to charge in best case to about 40% and worst case about 27%. Returned. If you want this kind of thing get the apple one. (edited)
    Mentos's avatar
    I suspect even the Apple one will suffer from loss. If you’re going to lug a power bank around, probably best to get the most of it and go wired IMO.
  3. kris1234's avatar
    well charged my iPhone from 3% to 100% and still 2 led lighting of 4
  4. Rastafari's avatar
    This will wreck the phone. Avoid.
    jujuzeez's avatar
    oh with the added USB C port too? :/
  5. bogdan_lm20's avatar
    Hi, can this be used with the case on or do I need to remove it every time I want to charge the phone ?
    Imax242629's avatar
    I think you need a MagSafe case
  6. Find_Out's avatar
    Is it only for iPhone?
    jujuzeez's avatar
    u can use it for any phone so far you attach a magsafe case (magnetic case). it also allows usb-c charging (usb-c port)
  7. connoisseur's avatar
    Is this any good 
    herrbz's avatar
    "I had this power bank from Amazon. It didn’t recharge after the first use. Many comments on Amazon state the same issue."

    According to another commenter here.
  8. CausingIt's avatar
  9. Joign123's avatar
    Has anyone else been told that the UK Warehouse has no more stock and they have to wait for a dispatch from the international warehouse?
    jujuzeez's avatar
    not got the email yet. could come later for me. anyways I can wait. I don't even have a magsafe supported device atm. only ordered magsafe cases (for my #GalaxyS23Ultra) off AliExpress yesterday before placing an order for this.
  10. coolboy101's avatar
    Just an FYI for people thinking of buying one of these, they don't charge unless the battery pack detects that the temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius. This is most likely the reason lots of people on Amazon say that it would never charge, and I only found this out after thinking my first one was faulty and being sent another one that also wouldn't charge. After lots of back and forth with ESR they mentioned the 20 degree limit, which isn't mentioned anywhere on the product page or information on the box/manual. I put both of mine in front of a heater for a minute or two to raise their temperature a bit, plugged them in, and they both started charging as expected.

    It seems that they set the minimum charging temperature too low, ESR probably didn't calibrate it for temperature in UK households, especially during winter which is when I bought mine!
    jujuzeez's avatar
    thanks for this bit of information
  11. the.porter's avatar
    Anybody received it yet ?
    jujuzeez's avatar
  12. mxer450's avatar
    Yep got mine today too, lol.

    Excellent product although I did get a warning message from apple iPhone 12 saying it stopped the wireless charging due to excessive temperatures??? Never seen this before but never wireless charged before either. So 🤷
    jujuzeez's avatar
    I've experienced that with my old iPhone XS. happens once in a while not all the time. depends on room temperature and the condition of the phone at the point in time. I only used mine for like 5 mins today (with #S23Ultra) when I got it. so I didn't experience anything of such cos my battery was 🔋
  13. medicgaming123's avatar
    Don’t get the appeal for mag safe battery packs. Perhaps it’s the convenience of not having cables, but even then it’s a 5W charger. Would take an hour just to get 20% or so. I bought the Anker Mag Go version with a 18.8 wH capacity, which was less than half the price of Apple’s, has 50% greater capacity (Apple’s is less than 14 wH), and I still end up resorting to using a cable.
    OhTheMajesty's avatar
    They’re for using on the go. And for their intended purpose, they’re perfect
  14. OhTheMajesty's avatar
    I use the Anker 622 with the flap stand and it’s great…albeit more expensive
  15. jujuzeez's avatar
  16. uthypranks_TV's avatar
    great deal. i have a normal power bank but bringing cables makes it sm less portable.
  17. psel13's avatar
    I nearly bought the Anker equivalent the other day for double this price, bargain thanks op
    psel13's avatar
    And £2.57 TopCashback pending too
  18. NorthOsiris's avatar
    Code works with the smaller halo lock too.

    I have a 13 mini so for £16.20 delivered this is pretty decent.

    cheers OP!
  19. the.porter's avatar
    Just arrived now
  20. Jdiz's avatar
    Mines just come today
    jujuzeez's avatar
    lucky u
  21. adrian2000's avatar
    Received mine, charging my phone now. Looks a good piece of kit, pleased with my purchase although it did take a long time to arrive.
    jujuzeez's avatar
    🤞🏾. still waiting for mine 🙏🏾
  22. jujuzeez's avatar
    finally received the 'good news' email from evri. item presently at their local hub near me. 🕺🏾
  23. Red_Shift's avatar
    Thanks OP purchased 2
  24. costi_costa's avatar
    I had this power bank from Amazon. It didn’t recharge after the first use. Many comments on Amazon state the same issue
    Red_Shift's avatar
    Looking at Amazon now ...

    265 global ratings - 70% 5 Star - 10% 1 Star

    Maybe you are looking at a different Amazon ?
  25. sompan's avatar
    Very Good price for 10000mah
    Normally, 6000mah comes around least £25
    At least this will charge your phone to full.
    Better than 6000mah which just tops up the battery a little bit. (edited)
  26. mxer450's avatar
    Thanks op, perfect timing
  27. Voyto's avatar
    Ordered the 5000mah for £16.20 using your code. Thanks
    itsluke's avatar
    For only a few quid more you get double the capacity. Why?
  28. jujuzeez's avatar
    thanks op. bought. taking a gamble on the product efficiency and durability. the offer is hard to passover. anker prices for such products are exorbitant
  29. the.porter's avatar
    Ordered thanks op and I bet you all forgot tcb 12.6% cb
    jujuzeez's avatar
    yes I applied it, TCP is unreliable though. might not track.
  30. The_Knight_'s avatar
    Brilliant, thank you
  31. Ammar_Hassan's avatar
    In layman terms how much 10k mah charge iPhones or iPad?
    jujuzeez's avatar
    it's in the description. check the website link
  32. EndemicAlarm's avatar
    Ugh, why must I be a slowpoke. Somebody ping me if this comes back into stock...
    Voyto's avatar
    the 5000mah version is still available @ £16.20
  33. tlhdz's avatar
    I keep getting the error "Coupon limit has been reached" when trying to add the code to the 5000mah version
  34. Silviu_B's avatar
    Any magsafe powerbanks with wifi capabilities compatible with Oppo Find X5 Pro?
  35. adrian2000's avatar
    Still not got mine yet, still states processing
    jujuzeez's avatar
    stuck with processing too 😴
  36. The_Warns's avatar
    Just had this email

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for your purchase! My name is Cathy from the ESR Support Team.

    I am sorry to tell you the 10,000mAh Wireless Power Bank (HaloLock) is out of stock in our local warehouse, so we need to ship your order directly from our international warehouse and it may take 10-15 business days to arrive.

    Let us know if you would like us to go ahead and ship your order, or if you would prefer us to cancel it and issue a refund.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience and would like to offer you a 20% off discount code to use on your next order.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding, I look forward to hearing from you.

    ESR Customer Support Team
  37. adrian2000's avatar
    I had the same email this morning too. What are people doing still going ahead?
  38. jujuzeez's avatar
    now I get it 😏. took them forever to reach out. I'll wait anyway, the magsafe cases for my #S23Ultra are still stuck in shynah
  39. mxer450's avatar
    Forgot about this? Lol.. pretty pants company.

    Noted for future!! On the list lol
  40. inlandempire808's avatar
    Mine is “being prepared for shipping”
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