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Posted 3 July 2023

Fanxiang S660 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD M.2 2280 Internal Solid State Drive with Heatsink £72.24 @ Dispatches from Amazon Sold by LDCEMS

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PCIe 4.0: The S660 NVMe SSD model is equipped with the latest PCIe 4.0 interface, providing faster data transfer rates and improved performanceExcellent Performance: With read and write speeds of up to 4800MB/s and 4200MB/s respectively, the S660 NVMe SSD M.2 model delivers lightning-fast performance and reduces load times for applications, games, and filesSLC Cache: The product features dynamic SLC cache technology, which enhances its performance by utilizing a portion of the NAND flash memory as a cache for frequently accessed dataCompatible with PS5: fanxiang S660 SSD NVMe is fully compatible with PS5, making it an excellent choice for gamers who want to improve their gaming experience. The heatsink can be installed directly without replacement and disassembly.5 Year Warranty: The fanxiang S660 model comes with a 5-year warranty(1400TBW), providing customers with peace of mind and ensuring that the product is built to last(Warranty starts from the date of purchase)

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How to install fanxiang S660 SSD? Firstly, please choose 1 thick and 1 thin from the 4 thermal pads that come with the product.

1. Tear off the plastic film on one of the thermal pads, and place it on the heat sink base;

2. Place the SSD on the thermal pad (note that the chip needs to be placed upwards);

3. Adjust the SSD to a proper position so that the screw holes and the M.2 interface leak out;

4. Tear off the plastic film of the other thermal pad, and stick it on the bottom of the heat sink;

5. Insert one side of the heat sink into the slot of the base. After adjusting the position, press the other side of the heat sink firmly, and when you hear a "click", it means that the heat sink is installed in place;

6. Fix the SSD with the heat sink installed with screws or the buckles that come with the motherboard

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  1. JohnnyBlazeon's avatar
    China seller of an unknown brand with a weird message in the About seller section? Looks like many 1 star reviews were 'hidden' purely because Amazon 'took responsibility for a fulfilment-based experience'. My personal take is that this is risky.

    About seller
    Vollzug des Elektro- und Elektronikgerätegesetzes (ElektroG) WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 17243890

    Detailed Seller Information
    Business Name: shenzhen shi lingdechuang keji youxian gongsi
    Business Type: Privately-owned business
    Trade Register Number: 91440300MA5F2PRM0G
    VAT Number: GB431699378
    Business Address:
    guanlanjidao guihuashequ huimingyilu 32hao
    Incognitoso's avatar
    Totally agree
    Unknow product
    cheap price
    What can happen
  2. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    To all the clueless people spouting rubbish, or others that are just wondering -

    fanxiang ARE a proper brand, they manufacture many decent value SSD's.
    I'd put them on a par with the likes of Lexar, Silicon Power, Integral, and many of the other smaller brands.

    The drives are pretty much always TLC NAND and I'd rate them above Crucial and Kingstons low end QLC NAND drives.

    I'm pretty certain they are a subsidiary of YMTC, a huge Chinese chip manufacturer who supplies NAND to many other brands (including those mentioned above).

    Personally I've installed a few of their drives and have had no problems at all. (edited)
    snozskii's avatar
    This is very true yes.   SSD prices are crashing across the board because the Chinese have started mass producing this NAND. 
  3. R2Dom2's avatar
    I've had the 1TB version running in my PS5 for a few months and it's been great.
    snozskii's avatar
    Are you sure this model? This is only 4.8gb/s , sony wants 5.5 . I have the s880 which is rated at 7.3gb/s
  4. Davidp87's avatar
    are these as trash as the brand name implies?
    PhilK's avatar
    I bought one and it was absolutely excellent. As main OS nvme I couldn't ask for better.
    So much later I bought another for my other desktop which was fine, but I wanted the boost the other clearly gave. This time it was dreadful. Weird crashes for no reason were not occasional, they were frequent. So I gave up and put the old Corsair back and its back to running smooth again.
    So pays yer money and ....
  5. monkcourt's avatar
    Are they a reliable brand ? Been hard to find out
    happyuser1974's avatar
    I think you've answered your own question.
  6. vornstar13's avatar
    I'm using one as my Steam drive. Been fine so far. Not the end of the world if it dies.
  7. PhilK's avatar
    Bought one, and as main nvme for OS it was fantastic. Bought another for my other desktop and it was awful. Constant crashes - I had fortunately kept the original OS nvme so sent the 2nd back. (edited)
  8. snozskii's avatar
    fanxiang S880

    Is £79.99 and a better buy, i bought one other week for ps5 and ps5 tests it as 6.2gb/s read speed. Been running final fantasy 16 off it flawlessly. Sony recommends 5.5gb/s minimum read speed, S660 is not enough really its only rated as 4.8gb/s

    I bought a thermalright heatsink to go with it for £3 same time, although i doubt think a heatsink is really needed. (edited)
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Personally that's the only fanxiang SSD I would not buy as it's had known problems since release.
    In a PS5 it would perform no better than the S660 so isn't worth the extra.
    The higher sequential speeds of the S880 would only improve game install times by a few seconds to a minute or so at the very most.
  9. apulUK's avatar
    Extra 10% off at the moment. Just got the 1TB for my PS5.
    It'll do for now for £38.69
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