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Dewalt DT70739T impact driver bit set - £18.76 @ FFX
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
New style dewalt bits, 31 pc Flextorq screwdriver bit set for impact drivers. Hukd also has a 5% off voucher code FSH230. https://www.ffx.co.uk/search/ElasticRefine/K=Dewalt fle… Read more

Picked up Dt70739T £18.76 and DT70731T £21.67 kits very similar but mainly to get the magnetic bit holders silver one for the 57mm ? bits and the long reach yellow one for small bits.


whats that other set you also got?


Just an update, I ordered yesterday afternoon arrived this morning that’s quick. Feel sorry for my postman carrying these around.

Milwaukee 33 Piece Shockwave Impact Duty Bits and Nut Drivers Set in a Plastic Storage Case £14 @ FFX
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Up to 30x Longer Life. The Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Bits and Nut Drivers Set is designed for use with Impact Drivers the Shockwave Impact Duty™ accessory line is not only i… Read more

well that sucks, just about to buy this, spent 30 seconds looking at something else. now back to £28.97 FML (fierce)


Agree about Wiha bit holders and also Wera Rapidapter


Oh gawd, that was what I imagine millennials must look like trying to put up a shelf (shock) Hard to tell the result from that angle but a 60Kg kid limply holding an impact one handed isn't going to help much, but yeh I agree, that was mostly down to board flex and half-assed focus. I've had Chinese discount cheapo bits put in way more screws than that without fail, this is a non test. FFIW, Screwfix's old diamond PZ2 bits were fine too, but they don't seem to stock them any more The Milwaukee bit holder is actually quite nice on these sets, I just tend not to use it


i watched that video and to me it was far from excellent... did you notice the flex in the board because he was so far away from the clamping point with the Milwaukee plus he looked to be all over the place with impact driver... a combination that will make most bits cam out. and it was at the end of the test where i'm sure he wasn't trying as hard... also how can you take a review serious from a guy that has a face mask, a pair of gloves that has never seen a days hard work and a set of ear defenders mickey mouse would be proud of😁 I've had more than a few Milwaukee shear while impact driving ( but i still like and use them) but never had one ever fail like the one in the video..I bought 4 makita gold 50mm long bits PZ2 and they all sheared their heads with little use.. great fit but brittle.. dewalt if you get their " real" impact bits are quite good too.. i found the rawlpug 50mm bits also quite good too.. again a nice fit. I like the 50mm long bits because you don't have to use a magnetic bit holder and find the bit left behind in the screw. if you do want a bit holder go for the Wiha CentroFix.. not cheap but very good and slim... if money wasn't an issue i'd buy wiha but you need a deep wallet... it's like buying snap-on


lol you're thinking this is makita = lesser quality

Silverline 868693 Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver 300mm - £8.98 delivered @ FFX
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
A bit niche, but... Lockable collar to retract spiral shaft which has an extended length of 430mm. Ratchet operates clockwise/anti-clockwise and in a fixed position. Supplied wi… Read more

wow until you said that had totally forgotten about it used to mangel my poor soft apentice hands (annoyed)


Essential kit when I was on site in the old days (y)


These are awful, if you have never had one, don’t start by getting one now ;)


I’ve had one in a box in the shed for over 45 years, I’ve never used it, it’s the most useless tool ever. I’m now wondering why I’ve never gotten around to throwing it away


Catch your fingers in the threads, how often did I do that !!

Makita P-90548 Quick Change Folding Lockback Knife - £9.99 at FFX
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Makita handy metal folding utility blade knife with quick change blade. Supplied with 10 spare blades and protective blade cover. Features and Benefits: Positive lock to prevent … Read more

Yes, it's now gone back up in price.


£11.99 inc VAT


Cheers, was looking out for this.


Don't be daft, it's corded.


where do I put the battery? 😁

Makita LXT600 wheeled toolbag (free del) £21.95 @ FFX
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Features and Benefits: Heavy duty tool bag made from hard wearing materials Multiple pockets on the inside and outside for power tools and accessories Padding throughout Wheeled w… Read more

Back on again


Last night, Amazon was £21.95 to match FFX. Today it's £28.95 to match ITS. The ITS deal was always £28.95 incl. VAT and del. Hence why the other deal was pulled, as it was misrepresented at £20.


Still the same price on amazon with delivery and VAT


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/makita-large-wheeled-tool-bag-3242804 ;)



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Makita BL1850BX2 2 x 18v 5.0Ah LXT Li-ion Genuine Makstar Battery packs with voucher // Delivered - £94.05 at FFX
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
The demanding applications you take on every day are also demanding on your cordless tools and batteries. You rely on your tools, so Makita created STAR Protection Computer Control… Read more

They need to remove the code then as it worked for me. Not mine or others problem (y)


Just been on the phone to fix as I needed a question answered and they told me you can't use the 5% off code as these are already discounted under another offer, I think she said it was their super 7 offer If someone has managed to get the code to work ordering online can they mention it so that others know


They did exactly that last time as I purchased 2 of them with 15% eBay discount voucher code. Paid £94.62 after discount. So this is cheaper.


It's not just them I've seen it done by plenty of sellers on eBay


If that's true, then they are greedy so-and-sos. (mad)

HiKOKI (Hitachi) 61 Piece Screwdriver Bit Set In Case - £7.55 with code @ FFX
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Code: FFX697 61 Piece Screwdriver bit set with 25mm bits supplied with case and magnetic bit holder. Provides maximum level of power transmission and long product life. 61 x 25… Read more

Nice deal with the code i posted :)


Just done a search and found out there not just in case anyone else was wondering This is what it says Are these bits suitable for impact tools? No, this set has been strictly designed for use with hand tools. They can cause damages to screws or tools if not used properly. But still a good price op so still voting hot


Hi anyone know if there suitable for use with a Impact Driver please?


Nice box. You could put the bits in, out, in, out and shake them all about.


12 X PZ2... Now that's good!.

DeWalt Toughsystem Case £36.95 Delivered @ FFX
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
DeWalt Toughsystem case is a mobile modular storage system that allows you to quickly and easily change the combination of tools you take to work.Three options are available - a to… Read more

there is a ds carrier available on 99.99 delivered but i am unable to post it to hukd even though it has 338 positive reviews on trustpilot and has been operating in the uk since 1990, if you search ds carrier and the price i am sure you would find it if your so inclinded


These are the business. Plenty of strength to stand on (80+kgs). Weather proof and sealed when closed. I also use it as a hop up to plaster etc. Note this is just a big box with no organisation within ...it's so big that when filled with tools it's hard to get to the bottom.

Everbuild Industrial Superglue 20g bottle £1.56, 50g £3.06, free delivery @ FFX.
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Keep it in the fridge once opened and it will last for years. 50g @ £3.06 https://www.ffx.co.uk/tools/product/Everbuild-Hh0119102670-5029347602345-Industrial-Superglue-General-Pu… Read more

This is just ordinary super glue - the same stuff you get in tubes. No activator is needed. HTH ;)


Does this need an activator too or just used as a glue


Was just going to add this. Cool tip for a great fix. I've used it on kids Nerf guns and it works a treat compared to just the glue alone


Just in case anyone doesn't know about the superglue and baking soda trick ;)


Thanks ordered

Dewalt toughsystem workshop racking and storage - £159 @ FFX
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Dewalt workshop racking with 3 tool boxes was £309.00, excellent price from a reputable dealer. The boxes alone can cost upwards of £40.00 and the racking circa £100.00. Available … Read more
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Not quite the fantastic bargain I'd thought as I thought the racking was £115, but amazon has it for £84 so £160-£84 =£76 for the 400 300 and 150 boxes so at RRP its still a massive deal, but you can get the boxes on offer from time to time , Fxx current prices are £51 and £60 and £63 for the 150/300/400 so @ those prices £174 means youre getting the framework free and still £15 off or £100 actually Amazon , £44+£45+£51=£140 +£84=£224 so just a £64 saveing on amazon individual pricing despite the bizzare Amazon price for the complete'set as per Op?? still HOT as >>>>> Great Spot OP :)


Massive fan of the Tough system and very dissapointed that they seem to have stopped tough-system development and increased T-Stack models and inserts etc... The comments re the size of the trolley for the tough stystem are true, and imho, are virtually single handedly the reason these didnt take off and fly out the door, that trolley is virtually impossible to get through a standard doorway, and as soon as the first reviews from real workmen/craftsmen rather than the 'review crowd', killed it... Thats what I meant by being dissapointed at the lack of development for the Toughsystem... the trolley is built like a tank and super stable, but its just too big to be practical, but people have modified it to become more user friendly, and had Dewalt redesigned it, or used a redesigned model for a cart version as the other poster suggested, the tough system could have had a revitalisation, as it could have been suitable for a bigger range of clients again. Personally I would dissagree that this rack systyem isn't a MASSIVE help, as whilst these toughsystem do lock together extremely well for transport etc, they are a bit of a faff to get the middle box out of the stack when in this mode, this racking takes care of that , So I hope I havent missed out on this [price as I've been waiting for a couple of years to get more tough-system including these racking units, but very seldomn getting a great offer any more... I was also on the cverge of picking up a trolley too to modify, after giving up on Dewalt comming out with a modified unit. The internal space isn't perfect, but their overall strength and ridgidity is brilliant, highly reccomended..


Wow! Amazing price! £335 on Amazon (shock) Shame I have plenty of DeWalt storage already, or I'd be ordering these! Still tempted despite that though (cheeky) Thanks for sharing!


Wow. Hot deal! Thanks for posting.


This is a very very good price. The tough system are excellent storage box's and much better than the t-stack range which I currently own.

Toughbuilt C550 Saw Horses (Twin pack) - £69 @ FFX
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Posted recently at £80 by another HUKD'er, now dropped to the lowest I've ever seen for these at £69 including postage so I've finally bitten. ToughBuilt TOU-C550/2 Saw Horse Twin… Read more

Looks like they're back up to £120 (fierce)


I bought a pair of the big daddies 750, and I reckon their spot on... , I needed the added features so the extra cash was worth it.. but these smaller units are great too...


I recently bought these for £72, well built & worth the money IMO :)


Just bought one for fire doors installation and worktop . Thanks OP


Built like a tank, a bit of a faff to open and close. Well worth this money.

Toughbuilt Saw Horses (pair) £80 FFX
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
Toughbuilt Saw Horses (pair) £80 FFX
Best price I've seen and a good quality brand. ToughBuilt TOU-C550/2 Saw Horse Twin Pack. Constructed of high-grade steel, this saw horse has a remarkable 2200 lb capacity per pai… Read more

It's dropped again.beven better. I wonder if FFX will give me £4


Coming up as £76 for me...(y)


According to two on here FFX weren't included. That makes me happier :D


FFX where not a selected store for the code . I tried ! Buy a Parcel where .


Spray all the nuts etc. with WD if they're gonna be used/stored outside a lot or in a damp outbuilding as they do rust. (y)

Irwin Marples 6 Piece Chisel Set with Storage Box £39.95 Delivered @ FFX
Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Irwin Marples 6 Piece Chisel Set with Storage Box £39.95 Delivered @ FFX
Good quality chisels suitable for trade or DIY use. Supplied in a wooden storage box. Price includes delivery. The set of 6 contains 1 each of: 1/4in / 6mm 3/8in / 10mm 1/2in / 12… Read more
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My son now has these after I advised him... he is a chip off the old block.


Does the king belong to the chisel?


Shows £49.95 for me ;(


Damn, probably would have got this if I hadn't just picked up a VonHaus set. But remember, any chisel set is only as good as how sharp you keep it. You can get a 42 piece wet/dry automotive sandpaper set on ebay for around a fiver, best cheap sharpening system by a mile. All you need is a piece of glass or MDF or something flat to mount them on, and maybe a honing guide of some sort.


I've a 20 yer old set some of the first tools I bought, I wish I had bought quality with all my tools, great price!

DeWalt DCK2059D2T-GB 18V 2x2Ah XR Li-Ion Brushless Drill Driver/Impact Twin Kit + Free Delivery £189 @ FFX
Posted 19th JanPosted 19th Jan
DeWalt DCK2059D2T-GB 18V 2x2Ah XR Li-Ion Brushless Drill Driver/Impact Twin Kit + Free Delivery £189 @ FFX
Good deal apparently (y) FREE delivery

Toolstation are selling this in a 2.0mah brushless version great deal for 189


£241 now.. deals expired


Not older, just their new low end range for home and light trade. Their top end brushless range are not much more when bought individually as 'bare' tools on Ebay etc and vastly superior to these budget models.


These are the older models.


Too right they do....they hold a charge for ages as well...I have the 1/2 drive impact wrench,using it today,it was last charged over 6 months ago and still showing full,changed alot of wheels today and some heavy suspension work and it was still showing 3 bars.

Silverline 868500 Margin Trowel Set 3pce 13 - 51mm for £3.71 at FFX
Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
Silverline 868500 Margin Trowel Set 3pce 13 - 51mm for £3.71 at FFX
Silverline 868500 Margin Trowel Set 3pce 13 - 51mm for £3.71 at FFX https://www.ffx.co.uk/tools/product/Silverline-868500-5060012956424-Margin-Trowel-Set-3Pce-13--51Mm
Avatardeleted1782801Get dealGet deal

Not that I'll use them everyday , but a good price for a handy once in a while set. Cheers op

Radiators gone cold? Bleed them yourself with these: 4 Silverline 671754 Radiator Bleed and Vent Keys £1.59 FFX (free postage)
Posted 5th JanPosted 5th Jan
Radiators gone cold? Bleed them yourself with these: 4 Silverline 671754 Radiator Bleed and Vent Keys £1.59 FFX (free postage)
Silverline Radiator Bleed and Vent Key 4pk 671754 The Silverline Model 671754 Radiator Bleed and Vent Key 4 pack, Zinc alloy radiator keys for bleeding and draining most radiator… Read more

"Stick around"


Highest radiator in the house by any chance? I used to have the same problem at my old house. Never got to the reason why though.


It depends if your heating is tank fed or filled by a mains filling loop. Pressure will drop on pressurised system ie filling loop fed and you will have to top up the system via the filling loop. If it's tank fed you won't have to do anything bar vent the rad as the system will top itself up.


Is it easy to bleed radiators and will it not cause pressure to drop? I am a complete novice to this btw but remember seeing a video sometime back which said that it may make pressure drop a lot.


Anyone here know what would cause one radiator on the system to always accumulate air? It's now a daily thing when the heating is on.

Sealey PK10 Multi-Tool 10 Function £6.18 FFX
Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
Sealey PK10 Multi-Tool 10 Function £6.18 FFX
Ten tools in one. Manufactured from top grade, high quality stainless steel. Fully hardened and tempered for long life. Lightweight aluminium handles with PVC grip. Supplied wi… Read more

Mine arrived this morning, great tool for £6 thanks again op well worth it at this price must have been a miss-price and FFX hiked it back up to £12 but they honoured my order.


It'll be interesting to see if they honour it, just doubled checked and I've been charged £6.18...


added to basket at £6.18 after paying with paypal it went through at £12.07. I raised a case with paypal now


Grrr! Added to basket, checked out, paid and it comes up to £12.07! Went back to product page and it's now £12.07. Now the fun starts on cancelling the order. Quite cheeky to be honest!


Thanks, just got one, price seems to have risen to £12.07 now :/

Bahco BAH3149OR Orange Metal Cantilever Toolbox 22in £25.27 FFX
Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Bahco BAH3149OR Orange Metal Cantilever Toolbox 22in £25.27 FFX
Seems like a good price for a decent branded toolbox

Toolboxes have a one year guarantee, the latest industrial type have 3 years.


£18 for halfords own.


Bahco is a fantastic brand. Used their tools a lot and never had an issue, far superior to your Stanley, Halfords, etc.


A good price and a good make. I think a better deal would be a Halfords cantilever, I bought one last year and to be honest it's quality is superb and extremely sturdy and it's currently only £18 and included in their Professional range so has a lifetime guarantee. https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/storage/tool-boxes/halfords-professional-cantilever-tool-box?cm_mmc=Google+PLA-_-Storage-_-Tool+Boxes-_-730402&istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istItemId=-mlmmitaam&istBid=tzwt&_$ja=tsid:94971|cid:1537737348|agid:57846659999|tid:pla-330848070916|crid:291898457459|nw:g|rnd:9832354497194176143|dvc:c|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:9046541&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlcKR8sXR3wIVDJztCh0ewgjeEAQYASABEgJEC_D_BwE Still voted your deal hot though!


Thanks OP. Heat added as looks decent, with okay reviews. It's also available for a similar price from one particular seller only on Amazon, if anyone prefers that:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B006XBULUY

Silverline 633653 Long Nose Pliers 160mm for £2.34 at FFX
Posted 23rd Dec 2018Posted 23rd Dec 2018
Silverline 633653 Long Nose Pliers 160mm for £2.34 at FFX
Silverline 633653 Long Nose Pliers 160mm for £2.34 at FFX https://www.ffx.co.uk/tools/product/Silverline-633653-5055058151896-Long-Nose-Pliers-160Mm
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Good price.well spotted