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Proform 8.0 Treadmill - £799 delivered @ fitness-superstore
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
This was £799 with John Lewis a while ago, but then the price went back up. These guys still have it at a decent price, all the others seem to be refurbished ones.

That's a shame - I did some work for these guys when they first started out in Northampton - really nice people and couldn't do enough to help customers.




Fitness superstore are not to be trusted. I bought a faulty treadmill and they refused to take it back. The lady kept on trying to get me to say that I had changed my mind about it. Total crooks!


Great for hanging clothes for the rest of the year.

Universal 4-45lbs Dumbbell Master Pack with Stand £269.10 @ Fitness Superstore
Found 1st Jun 2018Found 1st Jun 2018
Universal 4-45lbs Dumbbell Master Pack with Stand £269.10 @ Fitness Superstore
£269.10£29910%fitness-superstore Deals
Weights in the UK are expensive, Been looking for decently priced adjustable dumbells after moving here from the USA Don't know when it ends.

Dumbbell weights can be very expensive but if you are not a pro weightlifter and you just want to add some cast iron to your bars have a look at Aldi's Crane brand .................... very inexpensive and one lump of cast iron is pretty much the same as another lump. (strong)


sorry bud ice cold..Hello though (highfive). Welcome to Great Britain.

BH Fitness SB1.15 Indoor Cycle £187.06 @ FitnessSuperstore Free Delivery
Found 23rd Jan 2017Found 23rd Jan 2017
BH Fitness SB1.15 Indoor Cycle £187.06 @ FitnessSuperstore Free Delivery
List price £499 Save: £300 Enter: New17 code for 6% off The SB1.15 Indoor Bike has been designed with both indoor cycling beginners and fitness enthusiasts in mind. With dimension… Read more
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Both can be adjusted to find perfect poisoning for a comfortable workout. Sounds great, indeed (_;)

NordicTrack E11.5 Power Incline Folding Elliptical Cross Trainer was £1299  now £699 at Fitness Superstore
Found 23rd Aug 2016Found 23rd Aug 2016
Was £1299.00, save £600 NordicTrack are a well known brand in this area and this seems to be a good spec machine for the money. I looked around for a while before ordering this and… Read more

They don't,,that's why I only paid £499 from Costco.


​Used it once so far for 30 mins and it feels pretty good. Not quite gym quality but probably 80% of the way there for 10-20% of the price. Certainly a lot better than most 'home' devices. Time will tell how it holds up but so far, so good.


​31 reviews over the last 12 months. Why are you shouting?


​You're on the wrong forum if you think a discount means a poor deal!


Not surprised, WD40 is a degreaser, not a lubricant so probably made it worse, not better

BH Fitness SPin Bike £249.00 @ Fitness Superstore
Found 16th Sep 2015Found 16th Sep 2015
BH Fitness SPin Bike £249.00 @ Fitness Superstore
just had this bike delivered and its great and reduced in the sale
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249.99 and free delivery


​Another vote for Powerhouse. I reckon they'd match it anyway. Great customer service.


I hate going into Fitness Super Stores. The staff are so pushy! They want you to sign up to buy something as soon as you walk through the door. Powerhouse Fitness are so much better to deal with and always willing to do a deal too.


How much?! oO X)

58% off Bodypower Vinyl Coated Kettle Bell Set (Was £119.97, NOW £49.99) @ Fitness Superstore
Found 21st Jun 2014Found 21st Jun 2014
58% off Bodypower Vinyl Coated Kettle Bell Set (Was £119.97, NOW £49.99) @ Fitness Superstore
Bodypower Vinyl Coated Kettle Bell Set was £119.97, NOW £49.99 - SAVING YOURSELF £69.98 :)
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I suppose the bell never worked either?


I bought these kettles but they wouldnt boil the water


Yeah I agree haha


4, 8 and 12kg set. This price is about the going rate, RRP was mega inflated.


If it's just one of each weight shown it's not a great price.

Life fitness bike  for £1495 at the fitness superstore
LocalLocalFound 21st Apr 2014Found 21st Apr 2014
Life fitness bike for £1495 at the fitness superstore
Life fitness club series bike for £1495 at the fitness superstore in junction32 outlet store near escape looked online at the fitness superstore website it's at £1895 thought I wou… Read more



Its gonna get cold up in here


They mess your bike up! I have a £2200 bike and wouldn't dream of putting a turbo trainer on it... Your gears and back wheel get mangled .. Also I am reaching to people who want to workout from the comfort of there home and want to monitor there performance... I bought one and I am an out door cycles


Don't want to be out in all weather? Buy a turbo trainer. Less than £100.


Ha ha ha yes there is about a minute away... Happy shopping

Tri Grip Olympic weights from £1.35 per kg @ fitness superstore
Found 17th Mar 2013Found 17th Mar 2013
Tri Grip Olympic weights from £1.35 per kg @ fitness superstore
Tri grip Olympic weight plates at a very reasonable price - seen them going for more than this second hand. These are standard 'cheap' plates, but I like the tri-grip design which … Read more

anyone know if there's a better deal than this on an olympic set with a similar amount of weight?


Im going tobuy this just because the weights in the picture look like the USS Enterprise.


Just to confirm - we were discussing standard sized weight discs at Argos at that point. For example here: Further down that page it says >> 1 Special offers 1) Save £20 on Pro Power cast iron weights when you buy 3 sets. Offer ends 26 July 2013. << Not sure about free delivery codes - have to check elsewhere on here. £70 (+delivery) for 60kg not too bad a deal still.


Where would that be the 20 pounds off and do you have a code? also is there a free delivery code at all?


Where would that be the 20 pounds off and do you have a code? also is there a free delivery code at all?

Nordic T9 Si treadmill £599 @ fitness-superstore
Found 16th Aug 2012Found 16th Aug 2012
Nordic T9 Si treadmill £599 @ fitness-superstore
Runner's World" Best Buy Award 2010. I Have been told the Nordic equipment is one of the better/trusted makes. Reportable this model lists at £1299 thus you Save £700 paying just … Read more

Try telling that to my boss who had nothing but trouble from his and the service was fairly diabolical too. After countless attempts at getting it repaired under warranty and having to wait weeks at a time, it was packaged up and taken away for full credit and never to be seen again.


Pavements may be free but no where near as comfortable as running on a treadmill. I hate road running but can run for hours on a treadmill


I would not go for this one, I have one from PRO FORM I bought it for £1000, and wthin 6 months of my purchased the console needs replacing, and I was lucky enough it happened wthin the warranty period, but again it went as soon as the warranty expired, and I call the customer services and they said to replace the console will cost me £424 +labour or they said buy a new band from them which was replced the old PRO FORM to Nordic.,they said they will give some discount b,coz I already own one from them, I said leave it, and now it is in my garden. customer services are really bad.Never again !!!!!


Pavements are free

Horizon - Elite 507 Folding Treadmill £999 @ Fitness Superstore
Found 24th Jan 2012Found 24th Jan 2012
Horizon - Elite 507 Folding Treadmill £999 @ Fitness Superstore
I have had this model treadmill for nearly four years, running between 600 and 1000 miles each year and I thoroughly recommend it. It has a long deck (good for tall runners) with … Read more

Why is this expired? The deal is still on.


I can't comment on the Nordic Track, but if your budget is £1000 you will not be disappointed with the 507. When comparing, look closely at the warranty, because when I bought mine the Horizon warranty was second to none. Also, I'm pretty sure that it was the only treadmill at that price with a 4KW motor, though things may have moved on with other treadmills in the last few years.


defo. i read the reviews when buying mine and heavily researched into it. I can't remember why but the horizon 507 is better in my opinion,


Could anyone comment on whether this is better than the Nordic Track T14 treadmill - both are about the same price.


Boxed weight 140kgs, I will not be able to get that upstair easily!

Tunturi - C45 19" Front Drive Crosstrainer down to £649 save £550 @ Fitness Superstore from Boxing Day
Found 25th Dec 2011Found 25th Dec 2011
Tunturi - C45 19" Front Drive Crosstrainer down to £649 save £550 @ Fitness Superstore from Boxing Day
This looks like a good deal to me, it's the cheapest I could find it. Very good for getting rid of the excess kgs built up over Christmas. Save £550 in the January sale from Boxing… Read more
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I was gonna buy one but the build quality wasn't great. I'm sure it was at this price (so not really a deal). Went for a cheaper and smaller but better built Fuel model. Used it loads.


I think this is the problem with a lot of fitness stuff, at these prices its often cheaper to go to a gym


I bought a vision fitness model (think it was an x6100). Works a treat and think it was 600 quid or so


I think I'll keep my Gym membership for now :)


£649 appears to be the standard price for this bit of kit:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1024&bih=694&wrapid=tljp132485610015400&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=10835286067472169891&sa=X&ei=JrP3Tr_NHtTs8QPywNWpAQ&sqi=2&ved=0CEoQ8wIwAg# Reviews suggest it isn't a good buy even at that price.

Reebok i-Trainer S (Blue) Cross Trainer - £189 Delivered @ Fitness Superstore
Found 15th Dec 2011Found 15th Dec 2011
Reebok i-Trainer S (Blue) Cross Trainer - £189 Delivered @ Fitness Superstore
£400 @ Argos Product Features Brake: M-Force… Read more

when they say 'cross' does that mean that you have to be angry or do you need to wear woman's clothing?

Golds Gym - 5ft Punch Bag - £41.49 @ fitness-superstore
Found 27th Nov 2009Found 27th Nov 2009
Golds Gym - 5ft Punch Bag - £41.49 @ fitness-superstore
This seems an excellent deal for a 5ft punchbag. At argos they do 4 feet pvc/fake leather ones for slightly higher price so this can't be bad and certainly better than prices I ha… Read more

Still need a chain and a frame, but tempted. Thanks.

Bowflex - 2-21kg SelectTech Dumbbells Free Delivery £239 @ Fitness Superstore
Found 4th Aug 2009Found 4th Aug 2009
Bowflex - 2-21kg SelectTech Dumbbells Free Delivery £239 @ Fitness Superstore
As title - pretty good delivered rice. As site has a physical show room, John Lewis will price match and give a 5 year guarantee. Good deal either way - RRP £299.

Thanks for support !


Good post - have some rep!


Guys, I am new to this and don't want to teach anybody how to suck eggs but this deal is now cold for the wrong reasons. It's retail price is £300, Deal is £240 or so - representing a discount of 20%. A good deal in my book. Regardless if you think they are too expensive, too light etc - please restrict voting and comments to the deal not the product. If you can find them cheaper elsewhere vote cold, if not either vote hot or don't vote at all. If I had listed a ferrari at a price of £80,000 showing a 20% discount would this have been voted cold as well because you could buy a BMW which is just as fast for half the price. Something not right here. If I'm wrong tell me ... Rgds


Having a bigger build isn't bad and you can get clothes that fit. Rubbish in a fight, that's just a laugh. Women don't seem to care about how big or small you are. As far as weight goes, you need as much as your comfortable with, too much too fast = Hernia. too little = why bother As far as shopping channels go I'm sure they only do that to try to get your money, but I've never really seen a shopping channel, gyms obviously have better facilities than you would get in a typical house, but you can exercise every muscle group with a set of dumbells, they aren't just for bicep curls.


I dont know whats he's got but he's definatly paying in the region of £80 pounds give or take a tenner. Iv told him it a rip off

Weider - PRO 290 Weight Bench - £0.00
Found 8th Jun 2009Found 8th Jun 2009
Weider - PRO 290 Weight Bench - £0.00
List price £299.99 You Save £299.99 Our Price £0.00 General Information The Weider Pro 290 is a multi functional workout bench. The seat gives you the option to sit in an inc… Read more

Thank you for your order of the Weider Pro 290 bench. Unfortunately there has been a technical error on our website and the price of the item should be £279.00. If you would like to proceed with the order, please respond to this email and we can amend the details. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


i just want to clarify that i havent ordered 20 and i have not phoned them up! just in case any one thinks i did!


Use your brain


loool :giggle:


You can still place orders so why expired?

Reebok i-run+ treadmill at £249 delivered @ Fitness Superstore
Found 4th Jan 2009Found 4th Jan 2009
Reebok i-run+ treadmill at £249 delivered @ Fitness Superstore
For those in need after an indulgent Xmas, or seeking to keep a New Year's resolution. The Reebok i-plus treadmill is about as good as you can get at a reasonable price - and fol… Read more

The OPs link now says This item has been discontinued Have gone for the Argos one as this is also the plus model (using the specs given and Argos photo). A few weeks wait but will give me time to cancel if a better option comes along. Good reviews, a decent price £240 (if Quico pays out 1.5%) and using the free delivery code. A good resale price if/when dust starts to gather and because I will be fitter than a butchers dog. :roll:


are these expensive to run (no pun intended)?


There must be 2 versions of the I Run Plus The old £249 which the OP refers to and the New £319 model with the higher weight limit (18st) The Argos one looks like the old plus model for £244 As you say a little confusing, a call or email to Fitness Superstore should sort this out for anyone interested.


Yes I know what your saying with the 1.75hp motor but if you look to the lefthand side of the fitness superstores ad from the op link it shows the irun + as reduced from £599 to £319 ???? Clicking this link gives the correct spec for the irun + ??? Very confusing but I think a web pricing error is looming ?


From my searches so far the plus has the improved 1.75HP motor not the 1.5HP one. But I have seen the max weight of 114kg (18st) for the plus model mentioned on one site. Really need to view the specs in the manual to find out for definate

NordicTrack - C2000 Folding Treadmill - £599 @ Fitness Superstore
Found 19th Dec 2007Found 19th Dec 2007
NordicTrack - C2000 Folding Treadmill - £599 @ Fitness Superstore
For all you fatties out there, treat ur self to this HOT HOT HOT deal. Easy to set up and convineant, this is a snip at, wait for it.........£599
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who's this hazlzter fella then? Is he a new member? Sorry if i made the mistake of thinking that this site was about good deals and even better people, damn it I got it all wrong, my mistake, what I should really start doing is posting **** deals and hurling insults at people, does it work for you crank_that does it make you happier throwing random insults and trolling? If you are referring to me I'm a hater yes, of timewaster's and people who insult others. Would you do this type of thing to peoples faces? I doubt it, you like the security of being able to hide behind a keyboard, you feel safe in your own cocooned protection of anonymity. Be happy in your little world as you are obviously unhappy about something in the real world and I feel sorry for you for that. Go out meet people and get a real life learn how to socialise and you may find happiness. Gouranga my insecure friend gouranga.


i think that hazlzter is a dirty hating ****


Wouldnt surprise me they both seem to have a personality dysfunction, really need to get out more and get a life other than that of a keyboard warrior troll.


or work for fittness superstore

Weider - Sparring System £249
Found 8th Jul 2007Found 8th Jul 2007
Weider - Sparring System £249
One for the fitness folks there Domyos used to do one cheaper but they dont supply that to the uk and this is a good deal considering the its around £100 more expensive in other p… Read more
Pro-Form - Genesis 650V Treadmill Reduced to £599.00
Found 15th Aug 2006Found 15th Aug 2006
Pro-Form - Genesis 650V Treadmill Reduced to £599.00
This really is a fantastic machine - with essentially a commercial grade motor running at 2.25 HP you'll be exercising at speeds of up to 10 MPH and inclines of up to 12%, and both… Read more
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I'm just imagining you in your Vicky Pollard Everlast tracksuit on this ... :lol: