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Posted 1 December 2022

Free sample of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar - 2 x 150ml cans @ Coca-Cola / Amazon

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Update 2
21/12 - Available again - refresh the page / hit return key once you go to coca-cola.n2osampling.com/?or…top
Free sample of Coke Zero. I found this link was on my Amazon homepage...
Coca-Cola More details at Coca-Cola
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Refresh the page once on it and should work


Coca-Cola Sampling via Amazon Campaign - Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions apply to the Coca-Cola Sampling via Amazon Campaign (the "sampling promotion"). These terms and conditions prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials. Entry instructions part of the terms and conditions, and by participating or accepting the sample(s), you will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the terms and conditions.

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Update 1
Back in stock 6/12
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    Cheap way to sell your details
  2. Avatar
    Mine said = This campaign is not currently active.
    Please try again later.
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    You're given away your address and contact details. The world is flooded with this data already, get your free cokes and don't worry
    Terrible advice. On par with saying "I've got diabetes already, I'll just continue snacking on doughnuts and Starbucks coffee and not worry"
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    2 x 150ml cans for all my data? That's a bargain
    specially when most people give it away for free
  5. Avatar
    Shame the taste is awfull, they have to give it away now. Treat your self buy the "REAL THING" but drink less
    Taste nice to me, each to their own... Prefer Pepsi Max though!
  6. Avatar
    Arrived today
  7. Avatar
    Doesn't look legitimate to me
    I thought the same, plus it was blocked by our security at work. It does appear to be genuine though, it's provided by this company - n2o.co.uk/
  8. Avatar
    It's real, I just got mine delivered today!
  9. Avatar
    Mine delivered today
  10. Avatar
    ^was just about to post the same, just arrived in a royal mail damaged item envelope. Cans in tact though (edited)
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    Arrived this morning
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    Not Free
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    If you're paranoid....

    A) put your name as John Smith
    B) use a disposable email address

    Your only genuine detail is address.

    Or even better, just don't apply if you're not sure it's for you. Not mandatory.
    I always do A and B for any sample. Not sure why people are complaning for selling their details when they give it away to facebook and google
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    Is it the real thing? (edited)
    Try it and tell us
  15. Avatar
    My two 150ml cans arrived today. Thanks
  16. Avatar
    Just received mine
  17. Avatar
    All worth it for getting all my personal information.
  18. Avatar
    So it does seem that it takes more than 2 weeks as some people received their samples.
  19. Avatar
    Just got mine magical lol
  20. Avatar
    its dodgy.. now I read after filling it in lol
    All those here saying it looks dodgy are just guessing. Your guess that it is a genuine offer is at least as valid as the doom-mongerers.
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    waste of time, it never arrived when done last year
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  23. Avatar
    Done the form but wondering now if its legit
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    Very strange link "https://coca-cola.n2osampling.com".

    I wouldn't trust it unless proven.
    They did something like this last year, i think. You had to go through some website that eventually let you go to a greggs to pick one up.
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    Not active
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    This campaign is not currently active.
    Please try again later.
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    As woth Google maps, Facebook etc... if your enot paying for thr product... you are the product
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  29. Avatar
    Never, even for free
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    Sampled it already and know it's rubbish/ flavourless compared to Pepsi Max.
  31. Avatar
    Unexpire? It just worked for me.
  32. Avatar
    Another 4 ordered. Cheers OP.
  33. Avatar
    Just ordered, thank you for posting.
  34. Avatar
    Tried this last time but didn’t get my bottle so I’ll give it a miss. Heated though
  35. Avatar
    All gone
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  37. Avatar
    Arrived today. As I obviously don't use my real details in things like this, Canny McCann was very happy to receive it
  38. Avatar
    It says to come back at 9am