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72 cans 330ml Coca Cola diet zero mix and match 3 for £20 @ Farmfoods
LocalLocalFound 22nd OctFound 22nd Oct
Cheaper so far Normally £10.99 for 24 cans
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Unfortunately, full of sweeteners.


The price is still significant higher than what it used to be. If someone wants something cheaper and taste comparable to big-players (Pepsi, Coke) then you may consider trying Barr Cola. It is being sold 4 (330ml) cans for £1 at Poundland, Asda and Morissons


Cheers OP. Bought 2x Zero & 1x Regular for £20. And £5 of rubbish for my wife to take it to £25 for the £2.50 off I know bottles are cheaper but much easier to plonk a can in front of someone than open a whole bottle that'll go flat


37p a can still think its over priced, my target was always under 25 but think them days have gone under 30p a can and your doing well. this is for a straight buy with out vouchers


About the going rate atm 😥 A little bit cheaper from Asda, but still £8.50 for 24.

Coca-Cola ORIGINAL 1Litre Bottle - £1.00 at Sainsburys
30/10/2018Expires on 30/10/2018Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
I'm not sure the sugar levy is working out too well in terms of health when you can buy a litre of coke for less than a 500ml bottle of coke but there you go! In store and online … Read more

Wow, talk about conspiracy theoriests! Total drivel! Aspartame is the #1 most tested food additive in the US. And if you look at the huffpo (lol, what a rag) article it talks about evidence from "Dr" Betty Martini, probably the person most responsible in the world for scaring people into believing it's unhealthy. She isn't even a doctor, despite using the title. Just google her to see how much of a nutjob she is. If you want evidence of what *does* cause cancer, it's obesity. If you want evidence of what causes your hormones to get whacked up and your insulin to spike, it's *sugar*, a chemical with no nutritional benefits at all yet changes body physiology and causes obesity and thus all the other diseases. The fact you're bashing the taste is also ridiculous, people like different things if it isn't for you then starting to accuse people of not having a 'half-decent palate' is just ridiculous. You sound like a conspiracy theorist nutjob. Anyone looking for real information should read the wikipedia article and consult the referenced sources , not this nonsense. So much crap about people talking about things 'tricking the brain' and your body thinks x y z, it's all made up nonsense. I'll give you 100 quid if you can find a peer reviewed article proving any of it.


As long as you know it can lead to fatty liver as fructose as the number 1 cause of fatty liver disease. Better if eating the whole fruit as the fibre balances of the poison


Sorry, I don't speak "senpai".


Fruit juice contains natrually occurring fructose. Not mass industrially produced sucralose. Fruit juice is fine in moderation.


sorry mighty one, language was never my strong please teach me senpai.

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Limited Edition - Cinnamon Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 1.25L £1.25 @ Tesco
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Limited Edition - Cinnamon Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 1.25L also available in 500ml. Released this week. This will likely be available everywhere but just a heads up as I think this wil… Read more
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i am against the sugar tax as i was a bit addicted to Pepsi, but i can't deny it's saved me money, because now the only decently priced cola with sugar in it is Asda's one. It doesn't taste as nice as Coca Cola or Pepsi but it's not bad especially loaded with ice and it's only 44p for 2 litres so i can get my sugar/caffeine fix at about 20% of the price. FYI I also tried their sugar/caffeine free cola, which is actually quite nice, nicer than coke zero or pepsi max (which makes me gag) IMHO.


Surprisingly good actually. Light cinnamon taste. You can find it at Sainsbury's as well but it's slightly more expensive.


I quite like it. Not overly cinnamon but just a hint makes it a nice change.




I got a bottle of this to try but really these zero sugar drinks are absolutely vile


Exotic Mango is my favourite after i tried this and Peach in Sainsburys last week.


Fiesty cherry, bought this by mistake once and it has chilli in it. Felt like I had a sore throat afterwards (lol)


Think these were 3 for £1 in heron.. Tastes like cherry and ginger.. not for me..




Love this stuff <3

20 pack of Coca Cola Classic (330ml) in store Tesco Newtownbreda £6.50
LocalLocalFound 27th SepFound 27th Sep
Saw this in store in Newtownbreda Tesco today, doesn't look like it's available online. Full fat Coke.

Mmmm sugar. (y) J. Oliver. (poo)


Pizza express chicken and pepper, it was excellent 8)


I’m guessing pizza express. The Tesco extra past the city airport also has stacks of these 20 packs. Bought one today too.


What pizza did you go for?


ordered 2 original 20 coke packs yesterday . they didn't deliver . said out of stock ... I think my deliveries come from Newtonbreda. Tesco... you must have taken them all ( ha ha) got my 3 packs of 24 diet coke though.

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24 cans of Coca Cola £8.50 @ Asda
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
24 cans of coke £8.50, - best price so far...
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I love how people are saying this isn’t a deal then comparing this full sugar product compared to the zero sugar products selling for much cheaper. You guys are morons. Hot deal from me.


A mistake by asda i believe. Original the same price as zero & diet @ £8.50 - sugar police wouldn't be happy with that, that's probably why the offer only lasted about a day or two. NOT happy...


i see the sugar police are out in force XD and all the people quoting diet and zero it is not the same. or even the same quanities normal coke pack sizes have been reduced. keep the false sugars they are bad in there own ways if people bother to read up. i like drinking the regular when i like and the sugar tax will not change that for me ever, just another tax that the goverment take to line there pockets some more. does anyone think it actually gets spent on the nhs (lol) anyway heat op best price around at the moment which is what i thought this site was about! not whether people like the product or think it is right. if anyone can show me this product under 10.7p per 100ml in a can 33oml size then let me know. basil :D


Maybe if no one buys they'll have to take the hit themselves.


well done to demba for getting the post in.i would not have considered this in a million years.until i see the 18 cans go through the roof the other day.simple thing is.with the sugar tax no more cheapies.we have to move the goal post now.and this post will get hot.

£7 for 18 cans of coke, cheapest I’ve seen since sugar tax at Tesco
Found 26th SepFound 26th Sep
Considering the second best is 24 cans for £12 you can buy two boxes and get 36 cans for £14, that’s 12 extra cans for £2
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yes sugar tax is a joke we should make protest wtf is this? its not pushiing me away from buy this iyts make me me just more poor in money ! i hate sweeteners ugly haha i saw MARS drink without sugar World is ending


Why should people who fancy something they want to drink be penalised by salad dodgers who cannot stop stuffing the faces! They need exercise not my cash from something I want to drink once or which a week!


Last time I checked Yorkshire is in England pal if your point is way I type (y)


Not on regular coke at my ASDA. But it could be that us poor Londoners are expected to pay more sugar tax?


Good price but Morrison’s are doing 2x 24 cans pack for £17

EUROSPAR Diet Coke coca cola and coke zero - 10 cans for £3 instore
LocalLocalFound 25th SepFound 25th Sep
EUROSPAR are doing coke zero diet coke and coca cola 12 cans for £3.00 Cheapest deal I've seen so far for these. Deal starts from 8th October-14 October Not sure if this is just… Read more

No I'm in Egypt why????


Are you in Northern Ireland?


What is the postcode


5th comment.


Where is eurospar

Diet Coke/Coca Cola Zero 24 Pack £6.50 @ Tesco Online and Instore
Refreshed 27th SepRefreshed 27th Sep
Offer starts tomorrow but available online for deliveries tomorrow. Save £1.50 Was £8.00 Now £6.50 Offer valid for delivery from 26/09/2018 until 02/10/2018 Other weekly Tesco… Read more

It is £8 don't know where you are getting £6.50 from


I was pretty close with 1427°, unfortunately that deal expired then! :( Make the pub quiz loser pay for all the Diet Coke! (lol) Oh wait.... :|


Congrats shabs on your new badge (y)


Woohoo thanks Jamie (y) you will get it as well although it took 4 years. Some people get it in their first deal. A can of Diet coke to everyone . Wonder where I can get it from? XD


@shabbird just heated this over 1500° for you, get that heatwave badge that I really want!

Coca Cola zero x 8 for £2.99 @ Lidl - Bulwell
LocalLocalFound 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Found it in store in Bulwell, plenty left at the entrance on a pallet. For me is a very good price

24 for 7 in Asda and 12 for 4 in Dunnes


£2.99 for 10 @ Poundstretcher if you can find some. also 12 for £4 in Tesco, Waitrose. Equvilent to £2.66 for 8


Will be happier when Asda get their own brand coke eventually ! Been a month now with no supplies, absolutely ridiculous in this day and age :(

Diet Coke Case 15+3 £2.75 Tesco George Street CR0
LocalLocalFound 26th AugFound 26th Aug
The staff said possibly more stock coming in or they might put out more today. Diet Coke is a sugar free, low calorie soft drink. No Sugar No Calories Gluten-free, dairy-free an… Read more
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recently gave up Diet Coke after being pretty much addicted (easily 7 cans a day), and now I feel great!


Exactly - on the odd occasion when it drops to £7 then great, but those days seem to be long gone. It'll be interesting to see what they do in the lead up to christmas with the pricing


Saw a 30 pack in ASDA for £10. Nope!


I've pretty much given up drinking diet coke due to how expensive it's gotten - i never see offers like these.

Coca Cola UEFA Euro Football Highball Clear Glass SIX PACK Coke Drinking Glasses £5.43 (£4.49 non Prime) @ Amazon - Set of 6 x 300ml/10oz Large Strong Solid 14cm Tall Glassware Party Drinks Set for Juice, Water, Cordial or Cocktails amazon warehouse
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
yes it has been and gone.but just for the coke glasses alone a good price.(only 1 set) Official Coca Cola UEFA Euro 2016 football drinking glasses. Decorated with the Coca-Cola lo… Read more
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Coming up as £10.99??


£10.99? where does £4.49 or £5.43 come from?


Where you seeing this price? I can only see £10.99

Coca Cola Classic, Diet Coke & Coca Cola Zero 330ml 18, 24 & 24 cans mix & match 3 for £20 @ Farmfoods
LocalLocalFound 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Coca Cola Classic, Diet Coke & Coca Cola Zero 330ml 18, 24 & 24 cans respectively mix & match 3 for £20 @ Farmfoods
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Also still had this deal in my local store (Clacton) Works out at 27 ish pence a can but if you use the printable vouchers from the website and need to buy a few more bits, then you can get this even cheaper. I got some Heinz beans from then too and then could use the £5.00 off if £50 voucher making it even cheaper. Still a great deal


yep same as that.still ok for diet/zero..,but didnt have any multi deals on regular, Coke seem to be using the sugar tax/co2 shortage to hike prices way beyond inflation....need to get the £4 billion they are paying for Costa back :{


Not sure they're doing this anymore :( 24 for £9.99 now. at least in the Swansea shop


I remember a couple years ago it was 2 for 9 or 4.95 each so 3 would be 15. A 5 quid increase is ridiculous, even with the sugar tax. Plus the rich soda companies could easily absorb the cost themselves rather than put it onto the customer. The price of coke not the horrible diet stuff is shocking now.


Loving the drama (lol)

Coca Cola 24 pk - £5.99 in food warehouse Iceland
LocalLocalFound 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Coca Cola 24 pk 5.99 also Coca Cola zero 24pk 5.99 this is the stacked box 12 above 12 but they had a flat pack of 24 for 5.49 in my local food warehouse today (Wakefield

Coca Cola is far from natural.


I went in regardless and picked some up. Cracking find op.

Do they have online site ?


Yes I meant zero but they do have Pepsi max at same price


Max coke? Do you mean zero? As max is pepsi.

Coca Cola Zero Cherry (1.75L) @ Heron Foods - 79p
LocalLocalFound 26th JulFound 26th Jul
Serve ice cold for maximum refreshment.
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79p on Monday, But i know its not the first time they put the price up on products.


it's a pound in my local heron near me


yeah agree, switched to coca zero , it masks the taste very well!!


I hate this zero stuff, tastes awful. Give me sugar any day.


Serve ice cold to mask the (poo) taste

Heron Foods - Three bottles of Coca Cola Vanilla 500ml for £1 (40p each)
LocalLocalFound 26th JulFound 26th Jul
Hi everyone I spotted this in our local Heron (Priory) yesterday. Three 500ml bottles of Coca Cola Vanilla for just £1. Sorry I forgot to check the use by date, but might be of … Read more

Old thread but no they will not be as it will be the last of stock before sugar tax had came in. I think full sugar Vanilla Coke is being discontinued. The tax itself is paid for by the manufacturer at the point of production in factory.


Are they breaking the sugar tax law with this? Just wondering.


If you don't find these they have the 1.75ltr bottles in Stockport Poundland for £1.


Vanilla Coke is okay, but it isn't great. I got some free Vanilla Coke Zero and it tasted good, but normal Coke Zero is just better. I tried Coke Zero Peach too, tasted like Lipton Ice Tea.


Bought a few bottles of Vanilla Coke from a discount store for 10p each the other day. They were completely flat and tasted awful, I wouldn't go for this.

Coca Cola Diet or Zero 18x330ml for £5 at One Stop Shops
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
One Stop have a 15 pack of Coke Diet or Zero in their current offers leaflet for £5. BUT our local shops have '3 cans extra' packs so it's 18 for £5. Less than 28p a can.

Great price. Asda currently £10 for 30


Oooppssss....thanks! Edited. I should have put 0.7 pints then we'd all understand it! (NOT!)


They’re big cans at 330cl! Minor typo I think. Supposed to say 330ml.


Understand artificial sweetener drinks cheaper but did they have the decent stuff in?


No Heron or Farm food near us. Voted hot. Good price. I just discovered we have a one stop near us so I will go look. Thanks

Coca Cola 15+3 Coke Zero £4.99 @ Home bargains
LocalLocalFound 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Great price with the sugar tax now
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Shouldn't the title read +FREE COKE ZERO? I mean they still can't give it away so they have packaged it with the decent stuff


I do :p not too bad a price, I usually aim for £6 per 24 or under,so 25p per can.


Dumb comment for someone who has created multiple drink deals


but who will drink the Coke Zero?

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