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Posted 13 February 2024

Free Womens Wilkinsons Razor (At Tesco With Clubcard) 10,000 Vouchers Available

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It's turn for the ladies for a change!

Free 2 in 1 ultra moisture Wilkinson razors for women. Free from Tesco when you use the coupon and your clubcard.

Click deal link and enter your details and they’ll text you the coupon.

Usually costs £5.65. It’ll be free if you scan both your clubcard and the coupon you receive

Please note that the promotion runs from 00:01 BST 7th February 2024 and ends upon redemption of all 10,000 coupons or at 23:59 BST 19th March 2024, whichever is sooner.

You’ll need to use your coupon within 4 days of receiving it by text

Wilkinson Sword More details at
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  1. shatster's avatar
    If it’s like the men’s free razor it is a moving barcode which can be problematic. With the men’s I went through the self serve and it had to be approved by one of the staff and had no problem at ours. Previously I had a moving barcode for a bottle of Victoria Malaga and Tesco wouldn’t accept it.
    waftycranker's avatar
    I noticed the other day when I redeemed the men's razor there was an option to view the barcode number.

    Maybe try that next time if the barcode isn't working.

    That's wrong of Tesco staff to refuse it though. I found when the staff are scanning the barcode, patience is the key (edited)
  2. russ2606's avatar
    Think this may be a scam, I tried the mens one and the code would t work in Tesco, I asked someone there and they just re nothing about it! I then got a warning on my phone e saying the url was pretending to be e Wilkinson Sword! Be wary folks.
    NeverBagHolding's avatar
    Hi I just used it 1 hour ago definitely not a scam
  3. MOeg's avatar
    Thanks. I did it but didn't receive any coupon to my phone.. how long does it take?
    nik1's avatar
    Unlike the men's one a few days ago a bit of a lag 20mins
  4. tariq.muhammad's avatar
    Mens link??
  5. TheCrackInTime's avatar
    None on the shelves in my local, but they did have them in the back. Worth asking if there’s none on display. Barcode scanned fine at the self-service, just needed to wiggle a bit of paper in the coupon slot. 
    anaxom's avatar
    Even when app says out of stock?
  6. Petranella2's avatar
    There were two left in my nearest Tesco but like a previous 'poster' when the links were clicked on it came up with a flashing barcode and the scanner at the till would not accept it. The assistant tried to enter the code number manually but it wouldn't accept that either and when I pressed the 'need some help' link nothing happened and then the time ran out so I wasn't allowed the product. Very disappointing as I had to travel 6 miles to the nearest store. Thanks for posting anyway as several people were lucky enough to get one.
    bruce287's avatar
    At least they tried for you...the donkey staff at my local just said its a scam and won't accept period! No listening...no nothing !!
  7. namGB's avatar
    good valentines present lol
    sparky_'s avatar
  8. Chick21's avatar
    This worked at the self-checkout.

    Visited a non-participating Tesco express as I didn’t want to trek over to the larger store. Scanned in at a higher cost with clubcard cost of £6.50.
    Participating superstores (you can check on the coupon website) may be cheaper price hence cost £0.85 instead of being free as the coupon is for £5.65.

    Scanned the product, then clubcard, then went to the voucher site to get the moving barcode, scanned that in, but asked to deposit the coupon, had to wiggle a card in the coupon slot to “deposit” and discounted from £9.60 to £0.85. (edited)
  9. Jagron's avatar
    Thank you!
  10. ApolloCreedXXX's avatar
  11. sparky_'s avatar
    Nice one 👌 👏
  12. Unassailable's avatar
    Perfect valentines day gift
  13. renbi's avatar
  14. rocky74's avatar
    thanks a lot
  15. helenadean9's avatar
    Thank you
  16. navster's avatar
    Thanks OP it worked. 'Call for assistance' - the tesco staff member approved it at the self-serve counter.
  17. Julie_Holmes's avatar
    Wouldn’t accept my coupon in Sealand Road, Chester, even though it was on the list of participating stores. Checkout lady was rude, she made a big deal of getting on her headset; asking if they accept flashing barcodes, then shooed me out the way for the next customer 😳
    Granite123's avatar
    Complain to management, totally unacceptable behaviour. I work in customer service and even if the customer is rude you have to show professionalism
  18. Tanker11's avatar
    Brilliant. Just had the last one in a Tesco store.
  19. colin7777's avatar
    Worked for me , checkout person thought my phone was broken with moving barcode but worked 3rd attempt
  20. paulandvicky's avatar
    Almost got into an argument with a rude customer service assistant in Braintree who was adamant they wouldn't be accepted then when both the male and female vouchers beeped and reduced the price went on to moan that she had nothing to offset against the discount (for the accounts dept).

    A little perseverance is needed and the vouchers will eventually scan.
  21. renbi's avatar
    Worked with any problems.
  22. rocky74's avatar
    i have used self service and for a change it worked. (this is the first time moving barcode worked
  23. Janine_'s avatar
    Got one of these already they are great
  24. Rachael_Stevens's avatar
    Got the mans one Monday and they messaged me with this coupon straight away.
  25. sox5's avatar
    Thanks received coupon
  26. starshinesbright's avatar
    Thank you 🙏
  27. GM1954's avatar
    Thank you, worked perfectly at Customer Service desk.
  28. namGB's avatar
    Got mine, free yea
  29. ge52001's avatar
    Last one with men's razor and last one with women's razor. Looks like stock is very limited on both so it's pure luck who finds them sitting on Tesco shelves.

    Both worked without any issues at self checkout. Just need approval from assistant but no questions asked both times.

    Thanks OP
  30. گوگل's avatar
    Thanks for sharing
  31. LNiceone's avatar
    Worked for me. Free razor. Scanned at the till
  32. ciaravella's avatar
    Lots in Colchester branch
  33. andypandy698's avatar
    Thanks OP, this is a great deal.
  34. Beki100588's avatar
    Got the voucher thank you. None in stock at the moment but will keep an eye out.
    Matthague's avatar
    They only last 4? Days... so as we went on day 3 we missed out as there wasn't any restock due
  35. starshinesbright's avatar
    Got mine today with no till issue s, thank you.
  36. Markov's avatar
    Unfortunately, I had visited 3 Tesco express (participating stores). No such men's razor on the shelf...
  37. bisto44's avatar
    Says expired? I just got it
    nik1's avatar
    Fickle these offers. One said expired and I checked no more coupons now active again. Thx
  38. nik1's avatar
    Easy peasy
  39. packard's avatar
    Great but pointless Tesco have literally no stock or even space on shelves
  40. R1992's avatar
    Am I doing something wrong but when I tap the link from my text..the coupon apparently, I can't see any barcode?
    nik1's avatar
    Tap link. Scroll down and you'll see tesco. Click that when in store with your WiFi on. Don't need to connect
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