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Posted 22 March 2024

Frosty Jack's Cider 2l - Instore Loughborough

£1.49£5.3572% off
In store: Leicester ·
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Not sure if it's national but these are normally around £5-6 a bottle.

Found in Loughborough.

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  1. scottydogg81's avatar
    Who wants to go half's on a bottle and join me on a park bench
    BigJohnWasTaken's avatar
    I'll be there at 7!! ive splashed out on 10 Mayfair
  2. Jaws1973's avatar
    Bring me back to my childhood
  3. M_z's avatar
    Looks like something lorry drivers chuck out the window into the embankment of the M1 near Luton.
    JoShmo's avatar
  4. Mr_Happy44's avatar
    No idea what it tastes like, but this is a deal for somebody
    JoShmo's avatar
    Put some vinegar in a soda stream.
    Add a double vodka and that'll be about it.
  5. shotatdawn's avatar
    Reminds me of white lightening and special red from when I was younger
    jools19's avatar
    Where I was from it was turbo white when I was younger, don't know how I drank it
  6. gizzareth...'s avatar
    Memories, like the shadows of my mind.
  7. ccraiggould's avatar
    Cheaper than 2 litres of pepsi or coca cola lol. How much is a bottle of thunderbird in the same shop (edited)
    krustyeyeball's avatar
    Aw, Thunderbird! Such mad, mad memories flooding back! Diamond white was my idiot juice.
  8. DaddyPig's avatar
    Gut rot 🫣
  9. TheBigLwinski's avatar
    Proper nasty stuff this is
's avatar