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Posted 3 December 2022

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro GPS Smart Watch - £329.99 with click & collect @ Argos

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Save £12.75 using top cash back taking the 6x pro down to £317.25 and the 6 pro down to £286.25


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    I've had my fenix 6 Sapphire for a month now m, I like it, getting about 5 days with everything on. However surprised how many little niggles I've already found.

    No useful starter guide that I could find to set up and understand how it works, mainly learnt through trial and error.

    Weather wouldn't show up, googling it seems to have been a major problem over the last few years for a lot of people

    If you forget to manually start an activity and it detects it automatically it does not record it as a activity in your activities summary, but shown in your daily timeline, no way to convert it to an activity and the data recorded is minimal. Apparently some other Garmin watches prompt you to start recording if it automatically detects, but not the fenix.

    Had to set up my weights routine manually myself, process is not that clear (dumbbells are you putting in weight for each one or for both).

    You can't import weight related stats from scales other than Garmin ones unless you come via other apps like myfitnesspal. If you manually enter your can't put in body fat percentage etc, just weight.

    So be prepared to invest a fair bit of time to get the most out of it.
    I would check out DC Rainmaker. He does the best reviews, including videos, of all the Garmin watches. They are so detailed that they act like tutorials.
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    Got my 6x pro last Black Friday and 1 year on it’s gone down as one of the best electronic purchases I’ve ever made.
    cracking watch.
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    I have the 5 Plus Sapphire and 6X Pro that I bought on a previous deal via Amazon. Not used the6X Pro as yet as I’m not sure about the 6X Pro glass/screen, is it easily scratched? What about the casing itself?

    The 5plus has been brilliant with not a scratch but as it’s getting older the GPS pickup signal is not the best. Keep having to go into system files to delete a file as as a workaround which I don’t want to keep doing.
    Get a screen protector for the glass. I have the solar version, which I think has the same screen as this. There is a Sapphire version with a tougher screen but it dims the display and reflects more so really is just like you have with a screen protector and I have seen people with sapphire still scratch them. I had mine for a year with no protection and got no scratches. Have had a protector on it for 2 years now and really happy that it gives me peace of mind but still no scratches on the protector either.
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    Excellent, albeit huge, watch at a good price.

    However this, and the other versions of the Fenix 6 Pro, have been at, or around, this price at most retailers for most of the last couple of months so a lot of people on here have probably got one if they are going to get one.

    Still a decent deal if an Argos near you still has stock. (edited)
    Agreed, this is almost becoming the new standard price. But at the end of the day, what a price and is easily better value for money currently than what’s replaced it.
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    Does this one have maps.... I was after the solar powered one with maps... Them models are so expensive. (edited)
    Yes, all the Pro variants have full maps for nav.
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    Difference between 6 and 6x please?
    Watch size 47mm Vs 51mm rest is the same (and of course bit bigger battery on the 6x)
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    Brilliant watch if you run it has so many features. One of the best upgrades I've ever made. Well worth it
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    48963980-Htofq.jpgWoohoo! Must have been the last one anywhere
    329 nectar points too
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    Hell of a watch for this price
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    Got the 6 Pro for £299 plus 15% staff discount plus topcashback and airtime rewards. Great watch at a great price !
    How is it keeping connected to the phone for notifications, I have the vivoactive 4 and constantly have to open the garmin connect app, to reconnect 🙌
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    Had this 2 years and is a great watch
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    Can anyone recommend any good apps to install on this?
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    When are Argos going to their £5 voucher for a £50 spend
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    Worth upgrading from fenix 5? I am starting to find the connection at the back a little dodgy to charge watch up now
    I had that on my 5s but with also having the 6X I found it was the cable that was causing the dodgy connection after trying the 6X cable, probably wear and tear on the pins. Wish they'd move to USB-C or something more universal and robust.

    Got a puck charger cable off Amazon but it doesn't do the data connection, which is annoying. So will need to get another official cable if the 6X one starts acting up, or rely on wifi connection as an alternative.
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    Awesome watch. I got it for the same price from Amazon last month. I sleep with it, swim, do MTB do weight training, run with it, hike with it, all notifications on, battery lasts forever.
    48913994_1.jpg (edited)
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    If you want to start a run activity automatically simply start the activity but have it set to only start when a certain pace is reached.
    for example start of a race set to say 15 or 20 mins per mile so as soon as you start running it kicks in.
    however I find easier to simple press the start button at least you know its on.
    I have this watch its brilliant and the wrist heart rate is identical to a heart strap I've got both.
    nice big screen for easy view and although big is unnoticeable even wearing at night.
    I paid 499 about 2 years ago at Argos
    The maps I've only used a couple of times there are easy tutorials on you tube but I find its usually not worth it.
    For park runs you can save your barcode on it in widgets and easy to use.
    I go for a run or bike most days and battery last from a week+ to over 2 weeks (edited)
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    Fantastic price! Tempted to upgrade my Fenix 5 Plus, but need to hold out for a Fenix 7X deal I think as the 6 doesnt have massive improvements over the 5 Plus.

    Whichever model though, checkout Stretch+ in the app store, one of my favourite apps and plugs a gap in Garmin's built-in activities.
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    I have the Vivoactive 4 and love it, but it’s forever dropping connection for notifications, is this phone better at staying connected? Or is it just the VA4 issue. Thanks😄
    I haven't used the Vivoactive 4 but I can confirm that my Fenix 6 Pro is prone to losing connection with my phone but it always reconnects again. Not sure why it happens.
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    I bought the 6 pro last Friday for £299 when Quidco were offering £25 in addition to the standard £14, so in effect I paid £260. I also have an unopened 6s pro from Amazon as I'm not sure whether the 6pro will be too big.
    I like big watches. I love my 6x pro, it could have been even bigger, controversial. I know.
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    Thanks for the reply. Out of interest, what's the reason for using the smaller one for runs - is it weight? My current watch is a forerunner 35 which is just under half the weight of the 6pro.
    I was suprised how much lighter 6x pro is compared to my s3 frontier. This is really suprising as frontier is lighter. I think maybe because 6x pro is bigfer weight ia distributed better. I run with 6x pro and I dont think about it when I run.
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    With Argos are you allowed to break the seal on the box and still return it?