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Posted 30 April 2024

Garmin Instinct 2X Solar watch via Perks At Work (with code)

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Go via Perks At Work and use code PAW-SPRING2024 for an extra 10% off.

You need a Perks At Work account (usually via your employer) but people have been able to just sign-up using their own email address and picking a random company name.

In-depth review: dcrainmaker.com/202…tml
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  1. sashforth's avatar
    That is some price for a 2X solar. There must be different pricing across the different discount affiliate platforms as it is £305.99 on TOTUM.(339.99 minus 10%)
  2. low_level_devel's avatar
    These watches are brilliant....I have the non X version. So good I sold my Epix 2. These are just so much more comfortable to wear and the battery life is tremendous.
    blake_7's avatar
    Love the idea of the torch in this X version!
  3. -LG's avatar
    I would love it, but not until Garmin fix their notifications. It's sad to see that this issue that's been present for years is still there. It's regarding the order of arrival of notifications, for example when you receive a message from whatsapp or telegram the new messages are not shown, only the oldest one first. I don't know how they can cock up something so simple.

    I'm sticking with the Galaxy watches - they have many issues of their own but at least they can do the extremely basic smart watch stuff properly.

    Just a warning to others, take it as you want - if you want a watch for receiving notifications properly, this isn't the one for you. (edited)
    FishAndCats's avatar
    Or simple weather forecast or showing steps per walk, or syncing steps to Google fit ... all these required fiddling and extra apps on my garmin. £20 mi band had all these out of the box.
  4. blake_7's avatar
    Not sure how long this deal is gonna last as Perks At Work price shows £279.99 so with 10% code should be ~£251. Yet when I put in code it reduces price to £214.20!

    Seems like a glitch. Don't hang around if you are thinking about pulling the trigger on it... (edited)
  5. gta15's avatar
    I currently have an Instinct Solar 1 and chose this over the the Epix gen 2 deal, not because of price just because I love my Instinct and this is the perfect upgrade and I'm sure its just as bullet proof, Epix looks vulnerable for someone like me who is likely to scrape it off stuff etc. plus it does everything I want well and more! :-)

    Anyway, cheers OP! (edited)
    low_level_devel's avatar
    I have the IS2 solar and also had an epix 2. I sold my Epix a few weeks ago as found myself wearing the IS 99% of the time. There's just something about the simplicity and the buttons that I like....and of course the crazy good battery. (edited)
  6. abeuk's avatar
    Great watch been using the tactical since release
  7. UltraValue_Tech's avatar
    Good watch ,apart from the terrible stepcounter .
    Btw instinct 3 is about to launch, hence the price drops
    -LG's avatar
    I couldn't find anything much on an Instinct 3 at all - a little about a possible 2024 launch with no details at all. Do you have a source?
  8. dberrypro's avatar
    Great deal. Just upgraded from 2.
  9. low_level_devel's avatar
    I've cracked and ordered....pretty much only for the 🔦
  10. Chippy8's avatar
    I like the look of this. Does that make me a bad person?
    PizzaCake's avatar
    It's a great looking watch face, day/date, time, sunrise/sunset.
  11. nutrialex's avatar
    I cannot understand why the price I get is 279£?.
    I went to the garmin site via perks and I get that price with the code: PAW-SPRING2024.
    Do I need another code from perks? (edited)
    blake_7's avatar
    Have found it can be fiddly sometimes, try logging into PAW in an incognito window
  12. tascheman's avatar
    Been waiting for this to come back round again - missed it in January by one day.

    I have the Instinct Solar which I love - 2X is basically a 2.5 version, I will be going for the tactical model as I prefer the way it looks
    tascheman's avatar
    Just ordered Instinct 2X Solar Tactical in Black for £240.96!!

    Hopefully it will be fulfilled but I was part of the Christmas Enduro debacle a few years ago, so won't be surprised if it isn't...
  13. leoattwood's avatar
    That’s a cracking price. I paid £299 for my instinct crossover a few months back - which I’m finding a great watch (although it’s just gone back to Garmin to be fixed 🤦‍♂️) hotukdeals.com/sha…235
  14. mishutz84's avatar
    Real user here. Beware of the fact this is not very accurate. Caught it saying stairs goal reached and I was just moving my hand. I'm questioning it's value per buck somehow
    low_level_devel's avatar
    Never seen that myself, but have seen it saying stair goal reached after going up my stairs which tells me it's doing what it should. Maybe yours has a faulty sensor or something.
  15. chrisshein's avatar
    Is this worth upgrade over solar 1?
    blake_7's avatar
    Yes definitely.
  16. Cristiano's avatar
    It says you can use this for golf. Does this mean it does distance to green? Anyone else use it for golf?
  17. cupraBBD's avatar
    Showing 359 with the discount
    OllieB96's avatar
    Still working on mine, through Perks at Work
  18. OllieB96's avatar
    Is there a limit on how many we can buy with the discount, thinking of placing a few orders and selling them? But not sure if it's one per customer?
    cupraBBD's avatar
    The price has gone up and not showing for me the code I ky works on 1 watch
  19. thunderstruck14's avatar
    I'd love to try this on for size. I'm concerned about how large it might feel on the wrist.

    Does anyone know what Garmin charge for returns? I couldn't find details on their website without having an Order Number already.

    From their Terms and Conditions of Sale:

    "You will have to bear the direct cost of returning these goods. You may be liable if the value of the goods returned diminishes due to the handling of the goods (except when it was necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods)."

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