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Posted 13 May 2023

Google Pixel 4a 5G 6GB 128GB Fair Used Condition Smartphone +Free Alcatel S150 Headphones & Silicone Case £106.47 W/Code @ Clove Technology

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£106 for all three, should apply at checkout all three, otherwise code is ZYZ8920PMY47, fair condition description below, but from previous experience, they may come better than described, if not, you have that case to cover 80% of the marks

Fair Condition

The phone is pretty worn but continues to function correctly. However, there are significant signs of cosmetic damage, including scratches, dents, and worn corners. In addition, the item may arrive with a damaged box or alternative packaging.

Key Features
  • FREE Alcatel S150 True Wireless Headphones
  • FREE Silicon Case - Black
  • Android 11
  • 5G Connectivity
  • Dual Main Cameras with intelligent optical & electrical stabilisation
  • 6.2" Full HD+ 19.5:9 OLED display
  • UNLIMITED Google Photos storage
  • Snapdragon 765G processor & 6GB RAM
  • 128GB storage
  • eSIM support
Clove Technology More details at
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  1. sirmusclealot's avatar
    Using this phone right now. Won't part with it until it dies, because unlimited photo storage.
    realdeals's avatar
    That's no reason to keep a old budget phone, I have unlimited storage in my server.
  2. kevl's avatar
    Good phone but seems expensive when you can get the 7a for about £225.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    If you are a bt employee, not a fair comparison
  3. Khairul's avatar
    I too can vouch for the 4a 5G. Typing this on it right now. Been using since January 2021 and still haven't needed to replace the battery.

    Cancelled a trade-in for the 6a in favour of carrying on using the 4a 5G.
    sufy123's avatar
    What you gonna do once official updates end for the device?
  4. testing123456's avatar
    130 trade in against 7
    nav99's avatar
  5. hecatae's avatar

    No charge, couple of scratches on screen but apart from that looks pretty good.
  6. rpgmaker's avatar
    A cracked screen, phone makes a sound when plugged to charger so looks like the screen is dead are these guys serious
    hecatae's avatar
    Which delivery option did you choose, mine was bubble wrapped very well.
  7. Lee_lkw's avatar
    @MrSwitch Sorry to put this in a different phone thread but do you have any opinion on the Nord CE3 Lite MrSwitch? It seems like a good spec for the price but I only found it existed today.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    It's OK, there are better options I think
  8. Nav220's avatar
    I saw some offers for other phones from Clove Technology but after reading reviews on Trustpilot about a pattern of orders being cancelled an unfulfilled it put me off (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Cancelled because they've had some glitches / mistakes in the past, otherwise they're OK, of course when someone buys a fold4 for £200, then of course they won't send it out, and in turn, people will complain
  9. stec77's avatar
    Is this worth buying for playing with Graphene OS until I get a better deal on a 6,6a! Etc? How bad can fair be? Thanks in advance
    hecatae's avatar
    CalyxOS are offering updates until January 2025
  10. hecatae's avatar
    Should get Android 14, as beta images are available.
    DopeyDunker's avatar
    Yes, should definitely get android 14. Good phone, hated parting with mine. Pretty ideal as an everyday phone - great size / weight, quick enough for normal usage, battery should last all day if in decent condition, and obviously still got a very reliable camera. (edited)
  11. hatot's avatar
  12. E_Coutret's avatar
  13. Evouk's avatar
    I have this phone and tbh it's been no trouble. Battery life should get you through a day, depends on what you're using it for. Takes good pictures. Last 'A' series to have a headphone jack. But updates run out in November this year. (edited)
    sufy123's avatar
    My Pixel 4 XL has been like this as well. Has worked wonderfully since the time of owning it. Just the battery life not as good now
  14. nav99's avatar
    Thanks, just bought it
  15. Wieczor's avatar
    Can't recommend this company at all, sold phone as good condition with heavy marks and chippings on the back of the phone, glad I got it through amazon so won't be difficult to return it.
  16. bojackbawsack's avatar
    this company is garbage sent me a good condition pixel 4a with scratches and dents all over the place
  17. WillJoyce's avatar
    Best phone I’ve ever used. Had all the latest, but i always go back to this.
    realdeals's avatar
  18. SClub's avatar
    Still a great phone! Yes updates run out in November, but it should be safe for a while. Alternatively install Pixel Experience.

    Seriously considering going back to my very similar Pixel 5 as I'm struggling to get along with my second Pixel 6a. Just feels too chunky and the fingerprint scanner is gash. Gets hot randomly too.

    Can't help but feel Google has made a mistake persuing the Exynos based Tensor chips. (edited)
    londonstinks's avatar
    Pixel 5 is one of the greatest phones ever made. I will never part with mine!
  19. JungleBug's avatar
    Nearly bought it because I thought the title said + free alcohol.
  20. f3rritt's avatar
    Great phone. Wise I never got rid of mine
  21. nav99's avatar
    Same here, no charge out of box
    hecatae's avatar
    android 12 as well?

    I'm currently installing 13
  22. asificus's avatar
    This or Oppo Find X5 lite 5G 256GB (more expensive,good specs but always seems like a good deal but never gets Hot on HDUK why is that?
    Xxavier's avatar
    Pixel seems to be fav in HUKD
  23. stec77's avatar
    If the “fair condition “ proves too bad, how easy are these to return!? Thanks in advance!
    nav99's avatar
    Are there no 30 days return policy?
  24. D105620's avatar
    I bought one couple of weeks ago with same deal. Bargain! Heat
's avatar