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Posted 6 June 2023

Google Pixel 7a 128gb (Charcoal/Sea/Snow) - 100gb data - £26pm x 24m £624 (Poss £75 enhanced trade in) £192 cashback @ Vodafone @ Mobiles

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Google Pixel 7a 128gb (Charcoal/Sea/Snow) £433 @ Vodafone 100gb data. £26pcm with £192 cashback at mobiles.co.uk

Also not able to confirm but potential further £65 top cashback potential saving on top. This could get to £368 (plus the additional mid-contract prices rises vodafone will make).

*Update. Mobiles.co.uk confirmed it can be any working phone less that 10 years old.

This can also be traded in direct with Currys - although the Topcashback element obviously cannot be claimed if done via currys. The enhanced £75 extra trade in in addition to the trade in value of the phone.

For example, my Pixel 4a was valued at £45 so with the additional, I would receive £120 total trade in (£45+£75).


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Meet Pixel 7a, engineered by Google. Bringing you super selfies, all-day battery life, and super-speedy 5G connectivity. The Pixel camera takes amazing photos and videos, even in low light. And no need to worry about security either – the Tensor G2 chip and built-in VPN by Google One help protect your personal data. Pixel 7a is fast, secure, and built to perform.

5G capability
Say bye-bye to buffering. The super-fast 5G-ready connection zips through downloads at record pace. Stream, browse, and watch whatever you want, wherever you want. Waiting forever for your Instagram feed to load up will be a distant memory.

Brilliant cinematic screen
The Pixel 7a’s screen brings you gorgeously lush visuals. Its 6.1 inch OLED display comes HDR-enabled and supports up to 90Hz refresh rate. Put in plain English (don’t worry, we had to look up half of that too), you’ll get rich, real-world colour and contrast, and smooth scrolling on a clear, bright, cinema-aspect screen.

The brains behind Pixel 7a
The Google Tensor G2 chip makes it faster, more efficient and more secure than the previous generation (Pixel 6a), with improved audio on phone calls, great battery life, and amazing photo and video quality.

Security a priority
With Google Tensor G2 and the certified Titan M2 chip, Pixel 7a is built with multiple layers of security to help keep your personal info safe.

At a glance
At a Glance shows you useful info at the right time, like weather alerts, when it's time to leave for a flight, and your boarding pass at the airport (requires the Gmail app).

Simply touch to unlock
With face unlock and the on-screen fingerprint sensor, you can instantly log in to your apps and websites without compromising on security.

Perfected Pixel photos
Pixel 7a's dual rear camera system with advanced image processing can take amazing pictures in low light, fix blurry photos, and remove distractions thanks to Magic Eraser (requires Google Photos app). And you can get up close without the need for an extra telephoto lens with 8x Super Res Zoom.

Real Tone, great looks
Real Tone represents more skin tones beautifully, authentically and accurately in photos, videos and Meet video calls.

Dust, drop and splash resistant
Whether it’s a quick dip in the bath or just checking out the streets (literally), our phones go through a lot. Thankfully, the Pixel 7a safeguards you from any little oops, with IP67 water and dust resistance. The screen also comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, so it’s tough, less prone to scratches, plus it’s resistant to those pesky fingerprints.

The battery that lasts
Pixel's Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours. Turn on Extreme Battery Saver, and the battery can last up to 72 hours. And your Pixel supports fast charging.

YouTube - Review

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Mobiles.co.uk More details at
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  1. hornets's avatar
    I think the trade in checker is here: mobiles.co.uk/sel…one

    you get the trade in PLUS £75 extra. Pixel trade-in terms are at the bottom
    emptypocketz's avatar
    Anyone know a cheap phone that works for mobiles.co.uk for trade in?
  2. mrbone's avatar
    How do you check trade in eligibility for enhanced rate? Thanks
    ravengate27's avatar
    I am struggling to work it out myself. It is advertised but I was offered an initial £45 for my pixel 4a. There doesn't seem to be a list what they accept or a link. It could be any workings phone but I will speak to mobiles.co.uk and find out. Could be a cracking deal if they do!
  3. Wheresmylaptop's avatar
    Has anyone figured out the process for the £75 extra trade in?

    My daughter has a P30 lite, valued at £35 on the their site, but no idea how to get the extra £75 if I buy the Pixel.
    hornets's avatar
    'For online, your promotional amount will be paid as a separate transaction once we have assessed you qualify for the promotion, your trade in device payment will be paid on receipt of the device'
  4. Afrim_Ramaj's avatar
    Total should be changed to £624 then added cashback. Misleading
    ravengate27's avatar
    Unable to edit but it is clarified below if you scroll down
  5. Andy's avatar
    Thanks for sharing, good first deal
  6. ravengate27's avatar
    Should clarify as unable to edit. The £433 is including the cashback. There is a possible further £65 with Topcashback into bringing it to the £368 mentioned
  7. Swizzels's avatar
    Looks good to me. Heat added.

    How did you check if your handset was eligible please? Do I have to fill in all my details? Thx
  8. emptypocketz's avatar
    extra hot nice deal but more so if one can get that topcash back to make it £368.

    Apparently the 7as were £360 with £10 top up so £370 at launch over at three website but never seen such deals ever again so really the 7a should be much cheaper really!
  9. blackanchorage's avatar
    £192 cashback by redemption would be a pain. But the SIM contract is worth £240. (edited)
    emptypocketz's avatar
    I just checked the cash back video here it does sound like a pitta tbh

    Even looking on ebay I can see several people selling pixel7as for £360 but some no warranty or some with, its headache either way.

    I don't think I will go for this offer although still tempted, its a shame to have missed the £360+tenner top up deal for the 7as while ago, hopefully they come back again since £399-450 is still overpriced they need to drop the 7a pronto back to £360 or offer cashback and promos on £360 to compete with Samsungs a54@£250 with promos/cashbacks.
  10. gram333uk's avatar
    the 7a deals dont seem as great without the buds included, missed that boat
    emptypocketz's avatar
    Just want it back@ £360 +tenner top up if not lower
  11. deleted2891849's avatar
    Deal is ok but I paid only £90 for Pixel 7a.
    emptypocketz's avatar
    Trade ins and cash backs or selling older phone?

    Back of lorry
  12. Super7's avatar
    Will they increase price in April for Inflation?
    ravengate27's avatar
  13. spy_master's avatar
    Good deal but I'm leaning towards the Pixel 7 for £23 on 3 wirh 100gb data.
    ravengate27's avatar
    Yes that is an excellent deal if 3 networks works for you and I would also advise people look at that deal Personally, 3 is awful signal so wouldn't work for me.
  14. sjm198333's avatar
    Any recommendations on a cheaper than google £25 charger for these?
    Wheresmylaptop's avatar
    This dinky wee Anker one would work perfectly and supply the max 18W that the 7a can charge at. Good brand and under £10.

's avatar