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Posted 3 November 2023

Haibike Trekking 4 Mid Electric Hybrid Bike

£1,299£1,69924% off
£19.99 ·
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The Trekking 4 Mid has everything you need for cruising in the city, or for extended rides in the countryside. The Yamaha PW-TE motor allows you to accelerate smoothly and with power, the integrated 500Wh battery providing ample reserves. Equipped with a luggage rack, lights, mudguards and a kickstand, this eBike is truly ready for everyday use and compliant with German traffic licensing regulations. Your entry into the eTrekking bike world!
House of Fraser More details at

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  1. sausagepot's avatar
    Cheaper at Evans with code;

    EXTRA20 51348442-1G7vk.jpg
    Madzon's avatar
    Evans above
  2. Hazy247's avatar

    Same price on Evans....

    Use code Extra20 for a further £259.80 discount bringing it to £1,039.20
    sausagepot's avatar
    Haha must be a satellite delay as your post wasn't there when I just posted the same thing
  3. Aznar's avatar
    Nice bike, but will be expensive in long run.
    Ewen_Bruce's avatar
    How? I've had a Haibike for years. Costs me nothing.
  4. MLD9's avatar
    Compliant with German traffic regulations that's good news
  5. DavidW007's avatar
    I bought the Trekking 7 Mid from house of Fraser last month for my wife. They sent the Hi model by accident that was way too big. The refund process has been a nightmare, for a week they sent a man in a car to collect a 30kg bike. Over 3 weeks later and I'm still waiting for a refund.

    The bike was amazing though! (edited)
  6. tawse57's avatar
    The top bar on these Haibikes always look uncomfortable to me - they are not a real step-through or low bar which makes it still ruddy awkward to get your leg over.
  7. jasee's avatar
    In the light of what's been said regarding hub bikes being preferential. This would seem to be a good buy and it's folding, 24KG
    And greatly reduced ATM
    leoncycle.co.uk/ncm…te? (edited)
    bonzobanana's avatar
    Looks ok but certainly lacks a certain macho appeal. I would still hold out for something better in the Black Friday sales. It really depends on what you are after though, that doesn't appeal to me but it could be perfect for someone else. There is little or no info on the hub motor so can only assume quite low powered. A decent size battery though. A yosepower ebike kit with battery is about £400 and you can pretty much choose the bike you want new or secondhand. That could be a better option if you have some DIY skills.
  8. MrPieUK's avatar
    Will be beneficial to apply for your works cycle scheme if they have one.
  9. LadyEleanor's avatar
    Bargain. Unusual to see a bike like this for less than two grand.
  10. KingAwKings's avatar
    Evans above
  11. westspeed's avatar
  12. Karl_Simpson's avatar
    I don't think it's available any longer.

    51354524-nQp9G.jpg (edited)
    pateo's avatar
    Ditto Evans link
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