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Posted 20 August 2023

Halfords 6pc Black Floor Mat Set - 2 for £20 / 4 for £31.50 with code and Motor Club Signup (Effectively £7.87 each set)

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Halfords 6pc Black Floor Mat Set is £16 each or 2 for £20

But if you buy 4, it will be £31.50 with 10% discount code MOTORING10 and £5 Motoring club sign up. If you need some of these well reviewed Floor Mat, £7.87 per set is a great price!

- Free Delivery or Free Click & Collect

Halfords Motoring Club Membership is free to sign up HERE

Halfords 6pc Black Floor Mat Set - 120cm x 180cm

The 6 Piece Floor Mat Set is ideal for workshop and garage use, but will also come in handy around the house and outdoors. The mats will protect floors, as well as absorbing shock when working on hard surfaces such as concrete.

Features & Benefits:
  • Easy to clean and water resistant for easy maintenance
  • 6pc 600mm x 600mm interlocking mats
  • 1200mm x 1800mm total coverage
  • Complete with edging strips
Halfords More details at

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  1. Ssooby's avatar
    Thinking of using these in my garage. Would they move when you drive over them?
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    I have these in the kitchen and bathroom. Great for walking on and insulating from the cold, but they are only foam rubber. The weight of the car would leave unrecoverable dips over time. Also, every turn of the steering wheel will shred the tiles. They won't move as you drive over, but you will waste your money. If you can drive straight into the garage, then perhaps lay the tiles leaving tracks clear for the wheels
  2. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Pay with a discounted gift card and save up to 20%, dependent on where you got the card
  3. Pomrick's avatar
    I have these in my home gym as a cheap alternative to proper gym flooring/stable mats. They're holding up better than I expected. For this price you can't go wrong
    MattB25's avatar
    Was about to comment the same. Decent quality for the price
  4. muradxs's avatar
    I don't need this now but I'm pretty sure I will one day, so I've bought 4, just in case.
  5. Proveright's avatar
    Thanks OP. Like all Halfords deals they come round in circle. I have these and their coloured version. They are ideal for your gym, under a hot tub and in the garage. The beauty of the Halfords mats is they are slightly thicker than other shops versions.
    The downside is they smell when first opened, but with an airing the smell eventually goes.
  6. lmc87's avatar
    I’ve just bought four of these for £31.50 thank you very much
  7. hero9989's avatar
    Thanks OP! Currently going through a house Reno so got no flooring! This will do help until we can get the tiles in! Can use it for the porch in the tent after that when we go camping
  8. Jukesy224's avatar
    didn't need them

    bought 4 (edited)
  9. dvavajiva's avatar
    Anyone knows the thickness?
    SlightlySaving's avatar
  10. teralin's avatar
    I've been waiting for this offer. Bought 4. Thanks to OP
  11. maakuji's avatar
    Bought 6 packs, received 1
    Random1234's avatar
    They come in multiple deliveries, I had the same situation, second Pack of 5 arrived after 2 days
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