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Halfords is one of the best-known names on the British high street. Both instore and via a comprehensive online website Halfords has, over many decades, become the go-to place in the UK for cycling, motoring and camping needs. The company also offers car servicing and MoTs through its many Halfords Autocentres. hotukdeals collects all the latest and best deals from Halfords on a dedicated page. Read more

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Free MOT with any purchase at halfords
Found 6 h, 18 m agoFound 6 h, 18 m ago
They had this offer a while ago and it looks to have come back. Buy anything in halfords and claim a free MOT in halfords auto centre. You can buy a sponge for £1 and get an mot fo… Read more

Please, don't do it. Anywhere but Halfords.


"All they have to do is find a dangerous fault....." It's statements like this that really do make my day. It doesn't matter if it's a council test centre, Halfords, local garage, main dealership - they are all covered by the same governing body. You start "making things up" and how do you think that will end? Car owner will appeal, item will be found to be not at all dangerous and the garage in question will get a heavy fine and risk losing their licence to provide MOTs. It has always been the case with dangerous faults that in theory your car is prohibited, it's nothing new, it's just now spelt out - 5 years ago if a vehicle was found to have a dangerous fault the existing MOT could be immediately invalidated. I truly don't get it - that Halfords are going to be somehow different to any other MOT location? That your local independent garage is going to be oh so much better? Free MOT or pay for an MOT - if my car needed one before the end of 2020 I'd have been so over the deal.


Maybe cos of all the negative dreary moaning.Get it,don't get it I honestly don't see what the problem is it's virtually for free.This is exactly the type of deal HUKD is for isn't it??!!


Why has this expired? If you click on the link it's still available.


I suspect this is the big con - if they "find" a Dangerous fault then legally you cannot drive it on the road, even if you have days, weeks left on your "old" MOT. All they need to do is find a Dangerous fault and they've got you by the proverbials, as in theory you'd need to tow it to an alternative garage.

Rolson 6 Piece 60cm x 60cm Interlocking Water Resistant Floor Mat Set (total area 120cm x 180cm) now £10 C+C @ Halfords
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
These were £12 but are now discounted to £10 with Free C+C - comparable seem to be around £14 - £20 elsewhere, you can find some for around £1 cheaper but they do not include edgin… Read more
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Trust me these are quite good. Bought about 3 sets over last few YEARS. For use in garage , workshop,and hanger. They keep your backside warmer than concrete floor when working on stuff at low level and reduce fatigue. No sign of any wear.


I just bought 10 packs of these for my garage gym last week at £12 per pack. They are a cheaper alternative to normal rubberized gym flooring, but honestly do the job at protecting you and your equipment. I have dropped a 90kg barbell overhead and they dampen the impact well.


It’s a place in Cornwall call macsalvers they have loads of different sizes and patterns


2 for 15 at argos thats 8 pieces for 15, much colourful for kids and all 4 sides interlocking. Quality seems to be better too. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/1587247?cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59156|acid:444-797-0832|cid:598623310|agid:28645206445|tid:aud-484139256461:pla-267483388978|crid:96091159045|nw:g|rnd:8072655138655710171|dvc:m|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:9045504&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8Iu9nO2M4QIVb77tCh0jTABZEAQYASABEgILEvD_BwE


These are terrible. I dumped these and bought similar but premium tiles from ergo floor systems in Leicester

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Halfords Single Child Bike Trailer - £85
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Hi everyone! I'm after child bike trailer. If anyone can find a better deal or a better product within £100 range I will appreciate it. This one has 3 reviews of 5 stars 🌟 … Read more
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These are perfect if you have 2 kids...one sits there nervous and the other one runs behind crying.....Bonus (y)


Not sure Halfords have got the description right. "Max load: 18kg (child 9kg, plus 9kg of luggage)" ...The child has to be over 12 months old but under 9kg? I'd expect it's designed for a child up to 18kg, otherwise it won't be useful for long if atall


I totally agree, I wouldn't take my kids near any traffic in one of these, BUT i think theyre a great idea for riding away from the road. What kid wouldn't love a ride in one?


I’ve found it excellent personally.


Hi @Besford . I had posted this 'deal' more to receive some opinions, ideas from the community, like yours. I didn't post it really as a deal. I only wanted something for some rides in the park, not on the roads or something similar wich includes traffic... Your comment is much appreciated and I did take a step back from purchasing this product only by reading your comment. I don't care about the votes...I value opinions, recommendations like yours and it's all that count in the end. So thank you!

10% free when you load a gift card into Apple wallet @ Halfords
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
It’s so easy- buy or use your gift card with a balance. Load it onto your Apple phone /wallet and they give you 10% on top for free. Did it today it was great.Free Money. You can u… Read more
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thank you


Nice of Halfords to get involved with a deal to help a hukd person :)


Hiya, if you email the Halfords gift card team your gift card number, and details of your issue we can loook Into it for you. We are not experiencing issues with the ‘10% top ups’ So I am sure we will be able to resolve it quickly for you. Giftcards@Halfords.co.uk Thanks


I can enter my gift card details and PIN but when I click on ADD to WALLEt nothing happens - anyone else having the same issue ? cheers


TCB sell Halfords digital gift cards with 4% cashback (TopGiftCards).You can withdraw cashback from TCB as a Halfords e-Gift Card with 6% bonus or from Quidco with 5% bonus. Schemes such as Xexec sometimes sell Halfords vouichers.

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Mongoose Scan R60 BMX,  (was £230, now £125 less further 20% with code) FREE Delivery @ Halfords
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
A great kidsbike for the money. Use code TRADEIN20 for this offer.

Got mine today, didn’t even ask for a trade in at all.


Damn it!!!MY PRECIOUSSSSSS!!!needs a pair of red mag wheels on it though


Been and gone man :-( but at 600 notes, the missus is glad im glad i missed out on it https://www.raleigh.co.uk/apbur18-chrome-aero-pro-burner


Superb (lol)


I was too lazy to remove a link from the stretched chain of my 1983 Raleigh Tuff Burner and paid the price several times when the chain would jump off the back sprocket and seize on the mag wheel hub. Each time this happened, when pushing down to pedal, I would be thrown nuts first onto the headset.

Muc-off MO94 Bike Spray - 400ml  £3.20 at Halfords - free c&c
TODAYTODAYFound 14th MarFound 14th Mar
4 00ml can Frees seized parts Disperses moisture to prevent rust and corrosion Provides light lubrication for moving parts Reduces metal to metal contact Prevents dirt adh… Read more
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all the mucoff products smell better degreaser - bublbegum and the yellow drivetrain cleaner is really nice smelling and it great at cleaning.chain


nothing can smell better than GT85. i get my GT85 from asda because its always £2.25 or when its on offer at Aldi :)


Yeah I alternate between the 2 brands got a few cans of gt85 for £2 a can at Halfords a couple of months back , this mucoff one has a purple tint and smells better :{


this is the same as GT85. but more expensive because of the Muc-Off Branding .

Muc-Off X3 Dirty Chain Machine for £3 @ Halfords (Free C&C)
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Cool gadget for cycling enthusiasts. (y) With the ability to clean your chain in a show-stopping 19 seconds, the Muc-Off X3 Dirty Chain Machine is a great time saving dev… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Bit late but thank you managed to pick one up. Always fancied one but not at price.


Reading comprehension not your strong point. I'll say it again. I don't have a car so don't have petrol. Obtaining petrol would be more expensive than buying degreaser. Using just oil and a rag works but there's a knack to it and you have to do it regularly. If you do, your chain won't be full of grit, won't be a sticky black mess and won't need degreasing. I do around 6000km a year commuting. I never degrease that bike's chain. It's as clean as new almost all the time. I use a decent dry wax lube year round. Grit doesn't stick to it because there's none on the outer plates. Who wants a sticky, gritty chain on a commuter bike? Using petrol will completely remove any lubricant including the thick stuff the manufacturer bakes in to the chain new, drying out your chain. You'll have to use more oil or wax to recoat the inside of the chain's o-rings. It'll cost you more. You'll get more wear on the chain and therefore the cassette and chain rings. Obviously you're not going to pay heed to my suggestion that you should consider the environment or your own safety. Others will make their own minds up. But you're just simply wrong about stripping chains with petrol being cheaper if that's your sole criteria. And going back to the chain device in this deal. If you use petrol or diesel in them, the plastic will be ruined in a couple of uses. You have to use degreaser.


Calm down Aegis take a chill pill its only 250ml of petrol lol If i left the bottle standing for a day it would all be gone in the morning so what do you think happens when you stick it anywhere - road, path, garden,up yer bum etc? lol (cheeky) This is a site for folks to save money gettit so using what you already have and saving the environment from more plastic is more important no? Well i have found just using an oily rag no use because all those nasty little bits of grit you never get out of the chain and when you cycle they get pulled around and will wear the chainset even more - besides i like to do every job 101% its my OCD so the petrol gets it clean as a whistle! Thanks for the comment anyway! (y)


You're complaining about plastic bottles but pouring petrol out onto the road? If you read back in the thread I suggested not using anything other than an oily rag. ie. Don't use petrol, diesel, degreaser. And I suggested not buying one of these chain devices. But if you're going to, and there are situations where you need to degrease a chain, Halfords citrus degreaser is £9.99 a litre. 1 litre lasts forever. Perfectly safe, clean and environmentally friendlier. Apart from that, what if you don't have access to petrol or diesel? I don't. Not owned a car since 2003. I'd have to go and buy 5 litres from a petrol station and then store it in my shed. Like a shed for instance? https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/shed-dramatically-explodes-petrol-fumes-10736883


Naw mate i have been using petrol for everything from dried gloss paint to bike chains to cleaning engine parts for 40+ years and never had a problem thats just paranoia dude i dont know anyone who has set fumes on fire unless its a numpty smoking a fag working with petrol - petrol fumes need to be in an extremely enclosed space to ignite it would never happen outside with a small nescafe bottle full of petrol lol This is a forum for peeps who are skint so why suggest paying more for something you already can use! This is why we have the waste throwaway society we do - so thats another plastic bottle of citrus degreaser that goes to the landfill or more likely the pacicifc ocean to wash up in Hawaii - come to eastern europe they use everything nothing is thrown out they are ecological by necessity! Man you really are paraonoid - I just pour my petrol on the roadway or path or leave it in the bottle with the top off and it evaporates within a few minutes! No offence meant but you need to get out more dude and enjoy life instead of worrying about every little thing - stop listening to the PC health and safety wan***s and have some fun! (horror)

10% discount on servicing at Halfords
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
10% discount on servicing at halfords

I took it in for a premium service.Think it was about £236.00 give or take a few pounds.it Was about 5 years ago. They phoned me up with the bad news.I went and collected the Car,they had a quote with the part all ready and waiting for me.Told me just driving it could cause catastrophic damage. The A3 was only 4 years old,i had not long had it. I decided to take it to Audi for an inspection check(second opinion),i think that was about £30.00 at the time. They told me my Car was in very good condition.That a Fuse that gives off an Oil Lamp fault had been deliberately removed.It was no accident .I went straight back to Halfords and asked them why a Fuse that gives an Oil Lamp warning had been removed,and they had diagnosed a faulty Oil Pump..Low and behold nobody knew who was responsible. I made an official complaint to their head office.They refunded me £100.00 of the £236.00 i paid for the premium service.And offered to do me 4 new Tryes at Cost price when i needed them. I never took them up on the Tyres. I think they must have thought i was good for the money driving an Audi.Obviously their cheap MOTs/services etc are to get you through the Door then hit you for all sorts.I learned a valuable lesson. Dont cut corners,you will pay more in the long run.


did you pull them up on it? did u originally take it in just for a service?


Took a fuse out of my Audi A3 and told me i needed a new Oil Pump. Quoted me nearly £1000 with labor. I was virtually distraught. Wife told me to go for a second opinion at an Audi service center.They told me a fuse had been removed to give an Oil Lamp reading.They replaced free of charge.Have gone back to Audi every time since.I was warned before i went to Halfords.Never again.You have been warned.


Perhaps the correct label would specie-ist... yes those rotten Pan troglodytes over charging us Homo sapiens.


I didn’t realise that Halfords mechanics were a race

Garmin edge 820 £175 down from £299 @ Halfords
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Halfords have the very well reviewed garmin 820 with £124 pound off.

Surprisingly, for such a sensible idea, I have never actually seen someone with a phone mounted to their bars........ :/


Who said the phone was worth 500 and i have a small power bank that is connected and store in the pouch the phone is on works fantastic depends whether those extra things are wanted and need


Huawei Mate 10 Pro. However, there is a new Moto out with a really big battery and it's cheap, a deal was posted yesterday. If it's got the right sensors and connectivity it could be a great bet.


Thanks - reserved.


Which phone do you use? Perhaps should buy that one only.

Halfords Advanced 90 Piece Socket Set £68 with code
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Extra 20% off with voucher code halfords advanced socket sets most already half price makes for a good deal. Free click and collect



Great with lifetime guarantee


I know, but still a 50p saving for anyone with trade


These codes never work for trade accounts



Falcon Monza Men’s Rigid Alloy Lightweight Hybrid Bike for £137.88 delivered with code @ Halfords
Refreshed 16th MarRefreshed 16th Mar
Earlier today I came across this hybrid bike at Halfords on offer. Was £242.99, now reduced to £172.35, and after using code TRADEIN20 reduces price down to £137.88 with free de… Read more

There is the Subway 1 as well which is £240 after the discount. That's a much stronger and efficient bike than the Crossfire 2. The Crossfire 2 doesn't really do anything better than the Subway 1 because it's a 700c wheeled bike and lighter frame which should be faster than the Subway but they have fitted it with a low end front suspension fork so the weight advantage and riding efficiency benefit has been lost. Also those forks often don't last too long, if you ride the bike a lot the seals could perish in 2-3 years unless you regularly service them. The Subway 1 has rigid forks with a strong freehub based drivetrain so is a low maintenance bike. Crossfire is also freehub based and both share mechanical disc brakes. If you do have problems with the forks or realise they aren't really doing anything for you I would replace them down the line with rigid 700c forks. The bike will be lighter and more efficient.


It was a play on the word carrera hence the insurance is expensive... (embarrassed)


Stolen lol , who cares,, we win lol


Well to be fair the deal is about a bike. Would you prefer the comments to be about a bus?


Just cancelled my order for the Falcon Monza and bought the Carrera Crossfire 2 Mens Hybrid Bike for £240 with the 20% off, just looks a better quality of bike, I wasn't sure to go for this or the Subway 2, so the extra £50 for the subway 2 decided it! Should do me for riding around parks and on country paths with my son. Can anyone recommend a decent car cycle rack for a hatchback?

Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
An electric bike is just like a normal bike, with the addition of an electric motor and battery. Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are the perfect choice if you want to ride faster, … Read more

fully electric vehicles are exempt https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-exempt-from-vehicle-tax Electric vehicles The electricity must come from an external source or an electric storage battery not connected to any source of power when the vehicle is moving to be exempt.


Halfords Condition #5 I accept that (i) I will be liable for any death or personal injury to third parties, damage to property or any other claims, losses, costs (including, without limit, all legal costs) or demands arising out of my participation in the test ride I'm not a lawyer but surely any liability for death is up to the Jury to decide? ...now where did I put that voucher for the Hawker Hunter Test Flight?


Who chooses which branches do this? None in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Dundee the four biggest cities in Scotland, but they have three in Scotland covering about 5% of the population.


Perfect for getting many of the cabinet into cycling.. They should lead by example... for once at least..


Doesn't fitting an electric motor to a bike make it an e-motorbike? PAY SOME TAX!!! :)

20% off all autoglym products at Halfords.
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Went into my local Halfords and saw all of the autoglym products had 20% off making them cheaper than elsewhere. I've been tracking the polar blast product and I believe this makes… Read more

Just a heads up, Halfords offer price matching for products sold and fulfilled by Amazon. Most of the time the products are cheaper on Amazon(y)


Cheaper at gsf car parts


Reserved some Polar Seal, been meaning to try this out (y)


Cheers, picked up some EGP (y)


In my opinion, yes. It’s the the ease/speed of use which just tops it.

Topeak Folding Hexus X Bike Tool Was £22.00 Now £10.99 Free C&C @ Halfords
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
The Topeak Folding Tool Hexus X is an award-winning 21 function multi-tool with updated design to store T15, T25, 8mm hex tool bits and side-mounted tyre levers securely. Includes… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Thanks to everyone that replied. Cheers guys. :)


Yes - it's a handy tool with tyre levers and a chain tool.


Curse you ZanyAngel you got me spending again :o :o :p


Search how to use bike tool on youtube, there are some good tutorialsreviews that will show you how it all works (y)


I've ridden daily to work for the last 6 years. This is is what I'd recommend for your son: 1. Decent puncture proof tyres. Schwarb Marathon are good ones. Failing this then carry a spare inner tube,tyre levers and spanner to get wheel off if not quick release. 2. Lights, lights and more lights. I have lights for seeing where I'm going in the winter nights and more importantly lights for drivers to see me in the daylight. Try to get lights that don't dazzle drivers. 3. Waterproofs for the wet days.

Redex Petrol/Diesel Treatments Buy One Get One  £4.99at Halfords
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Redex Petrol Injector CleanerThe Redex Petrol Injector Cleaner removes harmful deposits that build up in the fuel system, leading to fuel savings and reduced emissions. Redex Pe… Read more

Only actual effect i've heard about this is its effect on emissions. Apparently "mates" mechanics will use it to pass MOT by filling the tank with it before testing.


Waste of money unless you are decoking a petrol lawn mower or car and in this day and age I doubt anyone aged under 25 knows what decoking even means. This will do nothing for your modern fuel injected car.


£2 pound in poundland


4 for £9.98 using this, if you use it.


I think it works if you drive an old diesel that you fill with crappy supermarket fuel constantly but seems pointless with newer cars especially if they are filled with better BP/Esso etc stuff. The fuel economy bit is arguable but likely lowers emissions but doubtful anyone who drives an old smokey diesel really gives a toss about emissions (lol)

Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash 500ml £2.36 Halfords - free c&c
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash 500ml £2.36 @ Halfords ( £2.24 with Tradecard) he Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash is a highly concentrated formula that can be diluted to suit a range … Read more

i am thinking of getting the TRIPLE QX Concentrated Screenwash All Season (5 Litre) from carparts4less, i have decent quality for my own cars but sometimes have guests coming and they sometimes need the screenwash topped up :( they always know i have some at home lol


Yeah it has been a while. Still not bad value at usual price.


hasn't been on BOGOF for a while now or maybe i missed it


Personally I like Halfords own berry screenwash. £5 for 5l concentrate. Occasionally goes on offer buy one get one free. Link here


Bargain this is the best stuff around

Halfords advanced 36 piece socket set 1/4” £30 - free c&c
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Good at this price with Halfords half price deal on socket sets. An amazing set to have as it’s so versatile and handy.

The cases used to be also covered by the lifetime guarantee, About 7 years ago my case locking tabs broke off and they gave me a new case but I've noticed they are no longer covered by the guarantee so I suppose they had a lot of returns and withdrew the warranty.


Mine wasn't the advanced, but I imagine the cases are of the same quality. I've put a bit of duct tape from the bottom over the hinge and onto the top, to hold it all together, and that's done its job for the last 10ish years, so can't complain to much.


Got this about 10 months ago for £14. So the £60 RRP looks ridiculous and, £30 not such a brilliant deal, considering I also got a 1/2" set for £34.


The Halfords advance tools are cool for the most part but the boxes they come in always fall apart; they make them that way so they can get you to spend more money when you come to them for a replacement. (y)


£26 if you have a Halfords trade card.

Halfords Deal Stacking - 35% off with Gift Cards From Halfords (See Post)
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Currently you can get 20% trade in on a bike/scooter. With trade in of old or new helmet. Can can also use xexec to get 10% extra off. You you can also buy gift cards with 10%… Read more

I used it today it is awesome ! My £100 gift became £110 and the item was in the sale so it was win win. They also have the deal in Cycle Republic - looks like it’s running till end of April.




Your on next level ;) genius No you can't because the gift card code is same


If we get an extra 10% added to their gift cards, could we not buy one and use it to the buy another, in a kinda stacking?


Did you follow the instructions for 'Adding to Wallet' at www.halfords.com/advice/cycling/service/halfords-gift-cards ? It sounds like this should convert the voucher into a form of Halfords credit in your Apple account and show the balance.

Micro scooter Condor - electric scooter - £879.99 @ Halfords (+ 20% off with bike, helmet or scooter trade in / 10% off w/ Blue light card)
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Micro scooter condor v good electric scooter currently 20% off with trade in a cheap bike helmet plus another 10% off through blue light card or xexex (work benefit). If can… Read more

Super cold


Wtf are these really that much. Been trying to sell daughters razor for 2 months and know one even wants it at £45. They are £170. This is crazy for a crappy scooter


Gutted that I missed the xiaomi deal yesterday, would have got another as a back up https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xiaomi-mi-electric-scooter-black-31920-halfords-3192234?page=5#comment-37201427 Really impressed with the range considering my commute has a lot of up hills.


Shared on another thread. Thank you for highlighting it (y)


The purpose of this petition is to ask the government to change the law so that PLEV's (Electronic Scooters)can be ridden in public areas. Currently they are banned from both Pavements and Roads. PLEV's are a cost effective environmentally friendly emission free way of getting around a city. PLEV's also need a classification as a vehicle type as a part of this in the same way as Electronic Bikes are classified https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/230348

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