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Posted 5 June 2023

Heineken Premium Lager Beer, 5% - 15 x 440ml £12 @ Amazon

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Born in Amsterdam in 1873 and raised by the World Dedication to quality results in 25 million Heineken's enjoyed each day in 192 countries. Open your world. Not just advertising, its in our genes. A distinctive yet balanced premium lager with subtle fruity notes and a crisp, refreshing taste. Heineken is a 5 % premium lager with a delicate hop and malt aroma. Best served: Extra Cold
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The Magic of Heineken
How passion, innovation, family dynamics, and a little thing called A-Yeast led the Heineken family to create the world’s most international premium beer.

Heineken heritage
How passion, innovation, family dynamics, and a little thing called A-Yeast led the Heineken family to create the world’s most international premium beer.

Beer. Made better

Brewed to be the best since 1873. Made the same way ever since. But that’s not all you need to know about Heineken. There’s more behind the star.

Brewing a better world

Green is our signature colour. Thanks to Gerard Heineken. Around 1900 he choose a green bottle, instead of a regular brown one, to express the fresh, natural character of his beer. Now, 120 years later, Heineken is still fresh, with purely natural ingredients, and becoming even greener.

Water, Malted Barley, Hop Extract

Package Dimensions
‎33.5 x 20.3 x 15.2 cm; 6.96 Kilograms

Alcohol Content
‎5 Percent by Volume

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  1. deleted2934594's avatar
    Voted hot for the price. However it's made in Moss Side - Manchester. Isn't as good as the Netherlands brewed which are in the 330ml cans. But it's still a good price if you enjoy.

    Personally I avoid any brewed under license lager and I don't have a problem with macro when you can get cheap I buy locally from a good off licence which sells Belgian Stella at 5.2% and Budvar Crates for £35 for 24x 500ml cans. However after drinking the imported 5.4% San Miguel since the first time since the late 90s recently I'm a huge convert, doesn't have the sickly sweet that Belgian Stella has. Welsh made 4.6% Stella doesn't taste as good, unrefined and more bitter.

    A good way to spot the brewed under license is just to read the barcodes the first 3 numbers, you'll get used the codes for countries. I did try San Miguel UK made and although it's another that isn't anywhere near as nice as the ones brewed in Spain it's still ok, Heineken was one that's way out of whack taste when you compare.

    In an ideal world we'd get cheaper German lager here but I'm looking over £70 for a crate v £30 San Miguel imports, too expensive. I buy pilsner Urquell on deals from Asda as my fav but I'm a convert to Spanish San Miguel for a solid cracking lager. Shame the supermarkets don't have it really but good off-licences do.

    gavin_daviesnsp's avatar
    How do you know it's a UK can. There's nothing on the can to say it is (or indeed isn't) sats brewed in UK and Netherlands.
    Is there some way to read the code on the bottom of the can or you work for Heineken?
  2. paul124's avatar
    But a lot less carrying

    also Amazon is better for areas were there is minimum pricing
  3. Royvedas's avatar
    There's nothing premium about Heineken. Tastes like water.
    ApolloX1's avatar
    Ahhhh, we’ve a beer snob.

    It’s the best mainstream beer out there (Netherlands brewed) and it’s not even close.
  4. TBC15's avatar
    S&S brings it down to £11.40, nice one.

    Min price North of the wall £16.50 (edited)
    kevin.nealon's avatar
    Same minimum price here in Drakeford country, makes this a great deal.
  5. scottswaha's avatar
    Good deal, £1.81 a litre, defeats North of the Border Nanny tax...even sweeter!
  6. Toneluck's avatar
    Wish it was brewed in the Netherlands but still hot!
    Rich069's avatar
    They are, says "brewed in The Netherlands and UK" on cans.
  7. jonnyclewlow's avatar
    Have to get my beer from Amazon because of the Draconian pricing regime in Wales. Thanks OP
  8. Steveo1's avatar
    Good price, thanks
  9. danny.kerr's avatar
    Great thanks
  10. CaptainP's avatar
    Great price, even better with S&S like TBC15 says.
  11. mel1408's avatar
    18 x 440ml cans Stella Amazon £13.99
    ultrak3wl's avatar
    Depends on personal preference; I used to like Stella but they reduced the alcohol content to 4.6% and somehow it's not the same taste (versus the Heiniken 5%)
  12. lestergunn's avatar
    I don't get the s&s discount. Still a good deal.
  13. skels99's avatar
  14. metalgario365's avatar
    Is this brewed in the Netherlands or the UK? You have to be sure as they taste very different
    scunny's avatar
  15. Grazz0r's avatar
    Great price, but I am worried the cans will be dented and damaged when they arrive, judging by the last time I ordered food from Amazon. Please can anyone confirm these arrived OK if they ordered them?
    Michaela_Worthington's avatar
    I have Heineken on a S&S delivery every few weeks for my Dad. They always arrive well packaged.
  16. Mark_McAj's avatar
    Thanks from Wales
  17. sallan12345's avatar
    Bought 2, thanks OP
's avatar