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Hotel Chocolat Easter Sale

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The annual Hotel Chocolat half price sale.
Home delivery from 3.95

Extra-Thick Easter Egg – Exquisitely Nutty £14.72

The Easter Sleekster £12.97

Milk Chocolate Easter bunnies £3.97

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Sale items are only available for home delivery.


Nibbly Egg – White - Was £19.95 / Now £9.97

A Cup of Eggcellence – Milk - Was £22.95 / Now £11.47

10 Mini Chocolate-Filled Easter Cracker Decorations - Was £18 / Now £9

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  1. pukenukem's avatar
    These eggs were always overpriced, at 1/2 price I'd say they're about right.

    That said, the luster of this company has gone for me since they sold out to Mars...MARS! The whole ethos was about offering quality chocolate in a landscape that was hard to find it, because of the overly sugared stuff made by companies like Mars.

    I'm sure, however, that the previous owners are basking in their Scrooge Mcduck cash swimming pool.
    jon81uk's avatar
    I bet most people won't even notice the Mars ownership, how many people know Green & Blacks is owned by Mondelez (the snack food part of what used to be Kraft).
  2. cbates60's avatar
    “Sale items are excluded from Click & Collect”

    Standard delivery is £3.95 for 1 item, £4.95 for more than 1 item
    Badger888's avatar
    Absolutely ridiculous
  3. Ryo28's avatar
    There are a few Easter items available in store for the same sale prices, though neither store in Manchester city centre had any Extra Thick eggs apart from the dark chocolate one. Worth a look if you've got one nearby.52505378-ROSJK.jpg52505378-795gF.jpg52505378-A9WBk.jpg
    DoddsyUK's avatar
    The Seriously Dark Fix Extra Thick Egg is glorious, but always so quick to be out of stock in the end of Easter sale so missed out this year. Seems like in store they are not as popular as you have loads available there!!
  4. HOTPOT's avatar
    It looks very expensive at the new price.
  5. louds's avatar
    Agreed with many of the comments. Sale prices are pretty much what they should have started at.
    Still overpriced
  6. Hasn1244's avatar
    Prices are still ludicrously expensive even at sale.
    markgh's avatar
    Are they ludicrously expensive?

    They definitely cost more than your average Nestle or supermarket chocolates, but ethical sourcing, high quality ingredients and a more hands-on production process all contribute to that. There's good reason they cost more.

    This site is full of people who confuse cost with value.
  7. KoKane's avatar
    Meh. Still grossly overpriced. Especially when 50% of the ingredients is sugar.
    CardboardCutout's avatar
    Where have you plucked that number from? The nutritional content of shows sugar at 21.5g per 100g
  8. REIGNOFVENOM's avatar
    Comes with a free complimentary mars bar
  9. jheeks's avatar
  10. ELINDAMAR's avatar
    So if we are talking ethics now.. I had to wonder when I saw the sign over the door..."British grown chocolate" How does that happen if cacao is a tropical plant...
    greatnameuk's avatar
    really? you should took a photo as that would be clearly wrong....
  11. schmoog's avatar
    Half-price? Easter egg prices catastrophically implode immediately after easter, it's like a rule.

    These prices = like trying to make fetch happen. No. (edited)
    BlueCreek's avatar
    Even at £14 that’s still too much!
  12. rgtom's avatar
    They used to go on sale on BH Monday, for years we've always gone to our local one to pick a couple up. Went in yesterday everything was still full price
    J_Staunton's avatar
    Presumably the sale starts today as yesterday was still Easter...?
  13. Theruddz's avatar
    Price per 100g is an absolute joke for online orders, you could argue that it's worth paying for the in store experience if thats your thing but personally it's about the chocolate for me and this really isn't worth the premium price tag even at half the price.
  14. modmouse's avatar

    I purchased the two for £20 deal one egg one sandwich and used a coupon for £8.50 each.

    When compared to Lindt eggs priced at £10-£12 it was a great price.
  15. sjs31's avatar
    Only a few items in the Liverpool store today, but John Lewis had lots of H.C. stock at same reduced prices so I got an egg Sleekster there

    - could be worth a look in J.Lewis . Or use their "Check in-store stock" facility here johnlewis.com/hot…229 (edited)
  16. aryl1010's avatar
    Poor reviews on these products unfortunately. & a grand total or 6 items in the sale
    is disappointing.
    cbates60's avatar
    There were plenty more items earlier this morning
  17. Guy_With_Beard's avatar
    They look yummy!
  18. mark6220's avatar
    The sleekster box is sadly out of stock. It's a bargain £13. I got the dark variant for £21 before Easter and that's cheap. So 13 is a steal. It may come back in.
    Grab this great quality chocolate whilst you can as standards will inevitably fall because of new ownership.
  19. modmouse's avatar
    Glad I didn't wait for the sale seems they have a better grasp on how much to produce for seasonal selections.
  20. Youngy's avatar
    Ostrich eggs have been sold out for weeks
  21. rectangularcuboid's avatar
    An egg within and egg??? hmmm.
    Crossbow's avatar
    They could've made some like the Russian dolls, that would be more interesting & something different...
  22. Craig_Bayliss's avatar
    I like hotel chocolate but it’s still too expensive at half price for me to think about buying.
  23. Kittycat876's avatar
    Only a few items left
  24. shanklemail's avatar
    Great! Stocking up for next year x
    greatnameuk's avatar
    it will probably be going off by next year...
  25. optrex10's avatar
    Was there more than 6 things 1 of which is coffee capsules when people voted this hot?
    PraxxtorCruel's avatar
    Yeah when the deal was originally posted there was a laundry list of items to choose from. What you're seeing now is stock that is left over that isn't the most desireable. Then there were those stating they'd wait till it hits 75% off haha. There's barely anything left while its at 50% off. (edited)
  26. reystar's avatar
    overpriced should be 3 or 4
    ben.cordon's avatar
    Nobody is asking you to buy quality….
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