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Interkosmos 2000 £10.49 @ Meta/Oculus Quest store

£10.49£14.9930% off
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Cheapest price this title has ever been (and the only one of this week's Weekly Deals that is). An interesting and fun looking game where you are in control of a capsule trying to dock with the Mir Space Station (I assume). Not just a simulator, but also a fun game where you have to fix things as they go wrong in the capsule.

Go to space. Save the Future. Try not to Die.

Welcome (back) to the world of Interkosmos for an even wilder, weirder and more wondrous adventure.

Experience the intense exhilaration of spaceflight. Explore the awe-inspiring interiors of a realistic space capsule.

Master the crucial systems that will keep you in orbit (and breathing). And while you’re at it, try your best not to die.

Should you complete your mission, you just might save the future – and yourself. Should you fail? Let’s not think about that.

With more challenges, more stunning visuals and more hours of replayability than ever, the year 2000 has never been so thrilling.
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  1. Dribbles_MacTavish's avatar
    There are also a few titles that are on sale, but aren't part of the "Weekly Deals", they're not easy to spot, but here they are...

    Eternal Starlight £10.49 , 30% off (Was £14.99) (Matches lowest ever price)

    ForeVR Bowl £9.99 , 33% off (Was £14.99)

    Shadowgate VR: The Mines of Mythrok £12.99 , 31% off (Was £18.99) (Matches lowest ever price) (edited)
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    There are a collection of ForeVR games all in the same kind arcade over realism style.
    The ForeVR Bowling game is probably the best of the bunch. It's good fun if you have a bunch of friends to play with, and well worth the price if you can make it a regular gaming experience.
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    Tempted, always liked the look of this

    Seems like "I expect you to die" ?

    My Oculus backlog is now huge, I really don't need anymore games, but cannot resist a bargain
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    Same here, I have the 256GB Q2 and I can't even fit half my titles on it anymore, but of the ones that are installed, I haven't played most as I keep going back and playing my favourites