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Posted 15 December 2022

James Pond Codename: RoboCod (Nintendo Switch) £1.99 @ Nintendo eShop

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James Pond Codename RoboCod @ Nintendo eshop for Nintendo Switch

James Pond, one of the true gaming legends, returns for his greatest adventure yet in Codename: RoboCod. With scores of mind bending levels, cunningly hidden rooms, topped off with some of the best cartoon-style graphics around makes James Pond – Codename: RoboCod on Nintendo Switch a true collector's classic.

Urgent communication: James Pond – Codename: RoboCod has got himself embroiled in some very ‘fishy’ business indeed, involving his arch-nemesis, the notorious super-villain…Dr Maybe!

James Pond launches himself back into battle, to thwart the evil Dr Maybe and his dastardly plans for world domination. With help from his amazing new robotic suit, James Pond must traverse bizarre worlds, jumping, squashing, climbing, stretching and squishing Bouncing Bears, Crazy Cadillacs, Whirling Dervishes, Chocolate Mountains and not forgetting devious and wacky ‘end-of level’ Bosses!

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  • Released: May 2, 2019
  • Genre: Platformer, Arcade, Action
  • Number of players: Offline: 1
  • Developer: System 3 Software
  • Publisher: System 3 Software
  • Download size: 126 MB
  • Metacritic: tbd tbd
  • PEGI Rating: 3
  • Play modes: TV, Tabletop, Handheld
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian

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  1. Avatar
    Bought, thanks. Will probably never play it. Like every other Switch game I think I need. And the Switch.
  2. Avatar
    Bought, CHEAT works too!
    Came here to ask that very question

    Cake, hammer, earth, apple, tap.
  3. Avatar
    Good find, had this game added to my watchlist as I wasn't going to pay £10 for it and can see it had never dropped in price. Gonna hook it now
    Perfect timing, I felt the same @ £9.99 with some points I had, got for £1.31, love the Xmas feel to the game, brings back great memories
  4. Avatar
    Wasn’t this on PS1? Might’ve been one of the first games I played!
    Amiga, Amiga AGA, Amiga CD32, Atari ST, Sega Genesis, C64, Acorn Archimedes, MS-DOS, Game Gear, Game Boy, GBA, PlayStation, Master System, SNES, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Switch
  5. Avatar
    best to emulate the amiga version; the switch version has issues & is not rated highly
    I've played the Switch version a lot and found it fine. It's certainly worth £1.99.
  6. Avatar
    Ah, the days of the Amiga Heat🔥🔥
    This and Zool.
  7. Avatar
    son would like because has same name . would by physical or that reason but there quite a bit of difference in price
    You were a brave man calling your son Robocod
  8. Avatar
    Used to play this back on the mega drive as a wee yin, the trailer brings back so much nostalgia
  9. Avatar
    Wow this brings back memories!

    My mum used to buy a pack of penguin biscuits with the weekly shop, every week. In the early 90s, Mcvities were running a promotion, find a golden ticket under the wrapper and you win a Mega Drive with a copy of this game. Imagine my sheer delight as an 8 year old boy to find a golden ticket one day!

    In my hurry to set up the console, I was plugging in the scart cable round the back of the TV, and it fell onto the mega drive, breaking the power switch. I still remember to this day, my mum calling mcvities and complaining that the console was faulty and wouldn’t turn on. They sent us a new one no quibbles! That’s customer service for you.

    I spent many a happy hour playing this game. I remember there was a jelly level, and if you jumped at the right angle, you could make JP bounce infinitely off two walls. I think this was the first ever glitch I found in a computer game, you couldn’t escape without rebooting (and losing your progress). 

    Thank you for posting this. It brings back wonderful memories. Time to dust off the Wii and get RetroArch running. 
    That was an awesome story! That's exactly what my Mum would have done if my console tragically broke on day 1.
  10. Avatar
    Old school gaming..
  11. Avatar
    Had this on Amiga 500 and ate a lot of penguins that year!
  12. Avatar
    Oh my God! Immediate purchase!
  13. Avatar
    126MB! Wasn't this on a 720KB disk on the Amiga?
    You haven't taken into account inflation.
  14. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    thanks op
  15. Avatar
    I literally found out that it existed on the switch a week ago, but wasn't going to bother due to the price and play my Game Gear copy instead. Now I will be getting it. Thanks OP!
  16. Avatar
    Oh man....just started playing it and the port is not good. The sound effects and music have all changed and it feels like you're playing a flash game. 49063709-linMR.jpg
    Were you used to the MegaDrive version… that one had a better Christmas soundtrack.
  17. Avatar
    I remember playing James Pond 3 Operation Starfish on the Megadrive

    I think it's the best of the James Pond games
    Yes, the Super Mario World of the James Pond "franchise."
  18. Avatar
    £200+ on a console to play this? Yes!
  19. Avatar
    I’d buy that for a squid!
  20. Avatar
    Just beware that this is not a good version of the game at all.

    And on top of that they replaced the penguins.
    Penguins with seals I hope? (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Finally at a reasonable price!
  22. Avatar
    It’s a shame the physical edition is just a code in a box.
    I would’ve loved to have had this on cartridge.
    i asked me son earlier on phone what kind of things u like games etc as i bought him a switch but xbox wd been good as more games One of the things he said he liked is anything with same name . was thinking to by physical for that reason to.
  23. Avatar
    Any way of buying this without having to be on the Switch? It’s wrapped under the tree already!
    Just buy online from the Nintendo eshop
  24. Avatar
    Already is no?
  25. Avatar
    Excellent. This is on the 2 for £20 with Argos. And it's still a download code. No brainer. Purchased. Thank you
  26. Avatar
    Thanks Bought for price but preferred 1st one
  27. Avatar
    Been waiting for a deal on this!! Loved this game on the Amiga.
  28. Avatar
    I remember this in my sister’s Sega Megadrive. I’m sure I played it, possibly when I was about 3, but I don’t think I got anywhere. The images bring back some memories!
  29. Avatar
    Loved this game as a kid 🏻 deffo gonna get it
  30. Avatar
    Great old school game, heat add, recommended