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MAN - HKG return on Turkish Airlines £271 @ kayak
Found 10th Mar 2015Found 10th Mar 2015
MAN - HKG return on Turkish Airlines £271 @ kayak
Normal round-trip flights, no need to do stupid things like fly to some European city to open-jaw it. Also no ridiculously long connection times. Its getting cheaper and cheaper … Read more
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It is and any other time I would be booking it, but as we are going Dubai and Maldives in June we werejust looking to get something for about a Grand for 10 days flights and hotels


£354 is still an insanely good price for this tbh.


Coming up at 354 now


Really, you would? I've travelled BA & Turkish Airlines & I can safely say the gulf in standards was staggering. Also, this is a struggling airline, their standards although good now may start to falter.


Go to avherald.com and search for Turkish if you want some light reading. Just last week an Airbus A330 left the runway at Kathmandu after landing in very marginal fog conditions. Other airlines were diverting to other airports. Turkish held for 2 hours and then landed. The 737 at Amsterdam a few years back was an avoidable tragedy. With one of the most senior training captains in the airline on the flight deck. They seem to make a habit of scraping aircraft tails on the runway during take off in recent times. Oh and landing on a taxiway instead of the runway at Bodrum is pretty embarrassing.

Flights from London to Beijing and Hong Kong for £389  Air China @ kayak
Found 10th Mar 2015Found 10th Mar 2015
Flights from London to Beijing and Hong Kong for £389 Air China @ kayak
Two Centre Flights only You will have to use chop sticks on this trip!!! Very Flexible on dates and times as well these are Late April/ Early May I have just put 4 days in Hong … Read more
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Thats a good point I have had that problem in Dubai before now However there seem to be later Flights to Hong Kong on the day of arrival in Beijing at 18.30, 19.30 and 20.30 If there is a delay I am sure you will be on one of them


Good find. If planning a trip like this you might be advised to allow a bit of extra time for connections in China - there are a growing number of delays for domestic and regional flights due to air traffic congestion, you can either book to leave yourself enough time, or take a chance with some fun at the transfer counter.

Two Centre Flights London-Hong Kong-Hanoi-London  £457.46 Cathay Pacific @ kayak
Found 10th Mar 2015Found 10th Mar 2015
Two Centre Flights London-Hong Kong-Hanoi-London £457.46 Cathay Pacific @ kayak
£457.46KAYAK Deals
Flights only to Hong Kong and Hanoi with Cathay Pacific (Good Airline) Have about a week in Hong Kong and Two weeks in Hanoi (Vietnam) Seems very flexible on dates too. These a… Read more
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What isn't there to see? Guide book or TripAdvisor app are great.


what is there to see in Hong Kong? after Tibet I'm working my way there from Beijing in May and I'm wondering if I should go at all with the pollution problem. I'm going to the states when the China visa runs out.


few days is enough for Hanoi, but you could go out to Ha long Bay for a couple of days then fly down to Hue, some great old emperor tombs, nice beach resorts for a chill out. then take the train from Hue to Danang (very scenic), but get a local or hotel staff to buy your train ticket it will cost only a few pounds, much cheaper than if you buy it as a tourist. Danang is interesting for a day then spend a couple of days at Hoi An, it really lovely. There are many great places in Vietnam, friendly people and the food is superb!


Comment Thinking of 2 or 3 nights in Hanoi.... Any tips would be appreciated!


Don't think I could have made a better suggestion. If you have more time Sapa in the North of Vietnam is very interesting and relatively easy to get to as well now by Train or New Posh Bus or Car.

Winter sun Kerala and Dubai two centre £409 @ kayak (Sri Lanka cheap too)
Found 7th Feb 2015Found 7th Feb 2015
Winter sun Kerala and Dubai two centre £409 @ kayak (Sri Lanka cheap too)
Very Flexible put in what dates you want split the journey in Dubai Emirates 3 flights a day from Gatwick-Dubai Also from Heathrow 5 a day (on the 380) Manchester 3 a day (2 are… Read more
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very disappointed. I read through every comment and not a single Delhi Belly gag!


£376 for Manchester to Kochi (Kerala) return, depart 2nd of March, return on the 9th of March. 25 and 30 min flight with one stop in Doha.


India is somewhere I really want to go, I love clear blue ocean, sun and I am a big foodie. I can imagine myself with a Paneer Dosa and a Thumbs Up Cola chilling on the beach :). Those houseboats look amazing. I think I will go in the near future thanks to deals like this.


Empty beaches. Hire your own autorickshaw chauffeur for a fiver a day. Beautiful hills and mountains. The smiliest people around. The occasional miserable tourist who should just stay indoors and not venture past the gate.


Great deal....Curry Heat added

Sydney Return 1STOP Emirates A380 -Dublin £617.00, London £708 Plus £12 Quidco @ kayak
Found 8th Jan 2015Found 8th Jan 2015
Sydney Return 1STOP Emirates A380 -Dublin £617.00, London £708 Plus £12 Quidco @ kayak
Looking for flights and came across these in April. I've done this route a lot and these are the cheapest I've seen with a decent airline and decent flight times / duration. No mes… Read more

You can blag your way into Bangkok lounge if you are persistent enough, they don't like a scene! :{


I went to Nz twice last year with emirates and only one leg of the journey wasn't up to their usual standard which was on a 777, probably not down to the plane but there was a lot of turbulence which meant the trolley dolly's were strapped in for longer than usual which resulted in moaning people upsetting their routine and delaying the non-moaning people even more . All the rest were on a380s and were fine. Also if you book Heathrow and its a Qantas flight and you sign up for the frequent flier scheme you can get access to the BA lounge suite for free, much better than sitting in the halls and the Rioja was quite acceptable. Most other airports you need to be silver or gold and they swipe your card but Heathrow is a bit behind the times and only asks for your FF no and boarding pass and they write it in a book. :{


Emirates were awful. Don't expect any empathy from them when you complain about their mediocre service and not even if you complain about being left at the airport when they were supposed to pick you up . If you try to escalate they just ignore you. That was after paying them £10,000 to fly to Oz and back, so I would avoid, avoid, avoid - or take the risk and regret it afterwards as they seem to be going down the pan and relying on an undeserved and old reputation. .


The only A380's I have been on have been BA and all their economy seating seems to be comfortable. Combination of good seat design and adequate spacing. Long legs just outstretch under the seat in front of you. I don't know if Airbus fit exactly the same seat design for others airlines.


I've flown DUB->DXB a few times... It's a 777-300ER on that route. They are old planes with lumpy seats and entertainment systems that regularly don't work. The layover for the Sydney flight is about 2 hours. The DXB->SYD flights are on the A380's and are pretty good. Food on both legs is good. If you're flying from Dublin, look out for some really great deals with AirFrance /KLM.... I was in Dubai over Christmas for £296 each and was in Singapore in November for £1000 in business class. (Economy was £326). Jo'burg in Feb was £404 for a while but isnow £444, which is still good. It's actually cheaper to fly from Dublin than fly directly from CDG on the same flight.

Manchester - Moscow round trip Easjet  direct flight £56 @ Kayak
Found 4th Jan 2015Found 4th Jan 2015
Manchester - Moscow round trip Easjet direct flight £56 @ Kayak
Even after paying a little bit extra for an extra-legroon seat the price is still fine with me, I'll have quick mooch around Moscow in Feb Edit, I wasn't tough enough to book … Read more
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America are flooding the open market with oil to bankrupt russia anyone who can't see this is stupid, at war with no bullets fired.


I spent most of my life in exUSSR Countires: Ukraine, Russia, Baltic Countries, Kazakhstan, etc..and know situation from inside rather than from Media, Wikipedia and couple books. I just don't want to debate on this subject as it's going to be on going and more people will get involved and it will be trolling rather than discussion...however I have to comment on following: -Soviet way of thinking? dominion over lands and people?..read this silly statement in SUN magazine. No one invaded Crimea,Russian troops haven't occupied Crimea and haven't took with force. Crimea had public elections and people voted to join Russia (if you know history, you should know that Crimea used to be part of Russia anyway) and after Russia gave permission to join RF. -comments about GAYs made me laugh, no one is making their life difficult, there are many gay's including Russian superstars,millionaires and in government. Same-sex marriages are not legalized because it is against religion (which is strong) and morals. I, myself have gay friend, but I totally agree with RF decision. Kids should have mother and father, marriage: men and woman!..If world going to continue like this, than in 20 years will be legal to have sex with 10 years old kids?! -you: they blew an airliner out of the sky! DID THEY? Ukrainian president blamed Pro-Russians within couple of hours after it happened. UA government said they had proof and evidence, same did US government... however after 1 week on conference they still couldn't show them, and another week later..! Meanwhile Russian government made statement that their satellite showed different fact that it was Ukrainian jet, and they where asking US to look at their information and make an investigation (BBC news or SUN magazine never showed this???), UE, UA, US just ignored it! Answer is simple: Russians haven't done it! ( if US and UA had proof they would show on a first place as it's in they interest). -I just read you other comments, looks like you are from US government, trying to make people hate Russia, LOL! I don't want personal insults, however I have to agree with other people...Your knowledge is based purely on Media, Internet and US brainwash, I followed UK, EU, US news about Ukrainian conflict since day one, and it's shame how they made "pro-russians", Putin real evil...and never showed they point of view, how innocent people died from UA bombing and still are, how it's all started and why, etc. I have friends on both sides in Ukraine: Kiev, Crimea, and other place you will not know... While for "you" it's just another story on a TV, for us it's big tragedy...Own people killing each other, dividing and this Revolution only made Ukraine 100 times worse. EU say they wanted independence? They had it ever since USSR stopped existing. They wanted none corrupted Government? Well, maybe it's good idea, but they place took Bandits, leaders of racist parties and Millionaires who sponsored "maidan". Plus 100's of gangs developed all over Ukraine...Killing people, stealing, etc. So you keep watching what Psaki says...however you have got no clue on most topics you are trying to convince other people. P.S.I have to say bravo to US, they are epic in their game! With super-powerful Media and couple brains in Pentagon they can change world in no time..and most important, people will believe them!


I think for once you and I are in complete agreement. The username alone was enough to convince me of that. X)


You can't claim I am dumb then write such incoherent nonsense. Bye for now Comrade ;)


It is amazing how dumb you are sir.. obviuosly you watch news and red newspapers and has been involved in other self-brainwash methods. All what is conspiracy is truth, apart that **** part where they insert fake conspiracies, to make look them like a fools.. all your reality is fake. Slaves always was kept in dark, so are you - obviuosly. You all are pathetic ignorant asxholes. Speak eye to eye, with peoppe who lives in parts which media makes youvhate or be afraid of, tbey all will tell you the same - its all LIES.

Found 15th Oct 2014Found 15th Oct 2014
This is an amazing business class fare. The outbound transatlantic flight is on Virgin Atlantic. This means travelling Upper Class with use of the amazing Virgin Clubhouse. Return… Read more
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I found this one :- £1205 Depart Sun, 23 Nov DUB to JFK – non-stop 7h 29m KLM Royal Dutch – Flight 6191 Operated by Delta 7h 29m Take-off Sun 11:30 DUB Dublin, Ireland Landing Sun 13:59 JFK New York, NY, United States Boeing 767-400 (Wide-body Jet) | 7h 29m Return Sun, 30 Nov JFK to DUB – non-stop 6h 32m This flight leaves on Sunday (30 Nov) and arrives on Monday (1 Dec). KLM Royal Dutch – Flight 6192 Operated by Delta 6h 32m Take-off Sun 20:58 JFK New York, NY, United States Landing Mon 8:30 DUB Dublin, Ireland Boeing 767-400 (Wide-body Jet) | 6h 32m


People don't like things that they can not offord, I learned that when I posted a great Business class deal as well...


And yet it's gone cold. Any reason?


Very good find great price.


That's a VERY cheap deal, VA's clubhouse is awesome and you're getting a good layover to make the most of it. Not only that but the Delta BC Elite flatbeds on the 767 are more than comfortable (I actually prefer them over the VA UC product) - the foot on Delta, if you get the Steak and Mac is a tasty meal too. And its into the better NYC airport no less :)

Madrid - Hong Kong with British Airways on A380...Mid Apr via  London. £381 @ kayak
Found 14th Oct 2014Found 14th Oct 2014
Madrid - Hong Kong with British Airways on A380...Mid Apr via London. £381 @ kayak
Me again....sorry......worth it just to jump on an A380 two times with BA...Good connections to SE Asia...done it a few times. Cheap flights to Madrid and great weather too. Normal… Read more
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If you live in UK this is a terrible offer. London - Madrid return is about £80 + hold luggage, so you're looking at over £500 for flights. By the time you add 2.5hrs flight to Madrid and 3hrs to make the connection you are looking at overall flight times of more than 21 hrs. If you want to try the A380 try Emirates at £462 with flight times of 17 - 18hrs.


Great price but 16 hours one way if you could find a direct flight for that amount be an amazing deal

Open Jaw flight to Manila (Philippines) £332 at Kayak
Found 15th Sep 2014Found 15th Sep 2014
Open Jaw flight to Manila (Philippines) £332 at Kayak
I know this will be a limit deal as it's mainly for people in the South and who want to visit the Philippines - though i wanted to share this.. Normally a return flight to the Phi… Read more

The Philippines really does not have hostels, apart from in Manilia and a few other places in the PI... They have cheap hotels around 500-1000php per night - or you could rent an apartment?? I have also stayed in private homes when i go more remote and they don't have hotels...


yeah that would be good, i think 2 months might be enough but always a chance i'll want to stay longer. Anyone got any tips on accomodation? usually go for hostels if anyone can reccomend some good ones


Open return ? If so then no... i would at a guess be looking at well over £1k for an open return to PI... depending on the fare rule you might be able to make one change for say £50 or so... i have done that before


Fantastic price, I want to go in January is there anyway of getting open tickets for similar money?


Enjoy :) You will love Palawan :) Stay away from the cities and spend the time on the beaches / islands and you will love every moment..

MAN-SIN Manchester to Singapore return flight with Saudia £418 @ BudgetAir
Found 2nd Sep 2014Found 2nd Sep 2014
MAN-SIN Manchester to Singapore return flight with Saudia £418 @ BudgetAir
£412 if booking via Expedia.ie and have a fee-free credit card. Otherwise £418 via BudgetAir. 04/11-24/11. Other dates available.
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Very very? Why not very very very?


very very sad


Why does that make you sad?


Thanks for Sharing qwerta I have voted hot as it's a great deal for those looking to travel this route x


yes the full burka :-/

London to Baku (Azerbaijan) return Flight £118.02 @ kayak
Found 21st Jan 2014Found 21st Jan 2014
London to Baku (Azerbaijan) return Flight £118.02 @ kayak
£118.02KAYAK Deals
London to Baku (Azerbaijan) via Budapest return Flight for £118.02 This ticket requires booking two separate return tickets with Bravofly.co.uk. kayak search engine need to be u… Read more

Sounds intriguing....I'm getting visions of Indiana Jones here


Well Id be very interested to see how you got on. Do you have a blog or something I could read? PM me if you wish. Did your reserch throw anything up regarding a Wall around the Garden? Ive read of Gold items that were supposedly from the Walls of the Garden of Eden.


[quote=trigger_andy]Im curious about your expedition to find the Garden of Eden. :) Did you have any success? I presume you took into account the four rivers that supposedly flow into or out of the Garden. Of course... I spend many months, sometimes years researching potential expeditions... The heads of the river Tigris and Euphrates and the unidentified rivers Gihon and Pishon were the key identification points, along with the Sahand volcano, to the south-west of Tabriz. There are many theories and ideas, most of which you can find on the internet. My research was self motivated (and funded) using everything at my disposal.


Don't ever use Bravofly! Absolute shower of ****


I like that you've acknowledged the fact that this deal wont be for everyone. Good deal nonetheless. Heat added. Wont be going any time soon though.

Open-jaw flights to SE Asia via Amsterdam and CDG (Paris)
Found 17th Dec 2012Found 17th Dec 2012
Open-jaw flights to SE Asia via Amsterdam and CDG (Paris)
A month or so back there was a similar deal discovered by holiday pirates using the Expedia site, though they didn't mention any Eithad flights. I was gutted when the prices seemed… Read more

anyone ssen anything like this for july/aug.... cant go until i get rid of the kids as im a teacher, so cant afford the high prices either. Its a hard life


you looked about 6 months too late


does anyone no were i can get cheep flights for next week on the 28th orn 29th december for week to bangkok flying from aberdeen.kind regards.have looked at all companys and its all crazy prices.


Thanks for that. The available dates won't work for me so will keep searching, nice route though ;)


A very useful tool but not instinctive ! Almost gave up trying to get open jaw out of it today before working it out, or maybe I was having a dumb day. Anyway cracked it now :) very useful for fare rules so you can see restrictions etc and then tailor your search accordingly. Nice one.

Flights DUBLIN > NEW YORK - NEW YORK > LON for £350.00 @ kayak
Found 10th Dec 2012Found 10th Dec 2012
Flights DUBLIN > NEW YORK - NEW YORK > LON for £350.00 @ kayak
Hi, Have been constantly checking flights the past few weeks for New York and found some brilliant prices for April (could work on other months also) Changing the start airport … Read more
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--- http://d.pr/i/JQl5 - Direct flights still less than £400 - note the website is broken... connection time of a week lol


so its £400 return .... Was it just me or was it normally £300 return when booking in advance (none direct) I am still getting sub <£400 via YUL with short connection times... http://d.pr/i/uf3T - Just look well in advance...


ohh and your "Duty Free" shop will be Dublin...good luck with there prices UK duty frees far cheaper!!


pass about the Different London airports although did this myself once between the two Belfast airports...unless getting a lift its annoying flying out of one airport and coming back into another by the time and money we spend on taxi's and in the "extra" airport waiting on the other flight the £45 each we saved at that time wasn't worth it. Think I'll stick to flying direct when we can. Although heat for finding anyhow.


faffing to change plane, extra time, extra risk, to save £65 ish? no thanks. cold.

Return flights to Bangkok from £414 (September - July) with kayak
Found 10th Sep 2012Found 10th Sep 2012
Return flights to Bangkok from £414 (September - July) with kayak
If you're looking for a cheap way to get to Bangkok, check this out: Omain Air offers open-jaw flights from Milan to Bangkok with return to London Heathrow from 365 GBP. All flig… Read more
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?? the return flights goes to London! Read it again please!


sneaky to omit flights are from milan in title too if you ask me


way too much hassle for having an extra stopover on a long journey. you havent even factored in the return leg from milan so probably costs even more!


Thanks, Holidaypirates! This is great, really helpful for me.


lot of hassle for less than £60 saving on an ok airline... The same route to MNL can save you hundreds...

Open jaw Flights Milan-Hong Kong-London for £373 with Air China on Kayak.co.uk (+add your own way to Milan)
Found 5th Sep 2012Found 5th Sep 2012
Open jaw Flights Milan-Hong Kong-London for £373 with Air China on Kayak.co.uk (+add your own way to Milan)
This deal will set you back £373 pounds for a multi-stop flight departing from Milan to Hong Kong via Beijing then back to London. Yes, your travel choice to Milan is yours to dec… Read more
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Air China.....mmmm NO!