Unfortunately, this deal has expired 7 June 2023.
Posted 28 May 2023

LG GSQV90PZAE American Fridge Freezer - £1099 @ Mark's Electrical

£1,099£1,1998% off
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Key Features
Product code: GSQV90PZAE
InstaView Door-in-Door
Colour - Shiny Steel
Capacity (Net) - Fridge 416 litres/Freezer 239 litres
Wi-Fi Connectivity - Yes
Total No Frost
Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)
1790 x 913 x 735

Warranty - 2 year parts and labour with 10 years compressor Warranty
Mark's Electrical More details at
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  1. grant0r's avatar
    Possible 10% statement credit on AMEX also…50265007-pSs1Q.jpg
    yeababyyea's avatar
    Also heathservicediscounts 10%
  2. fish323's avatar
    Just thinking ahead. My local council will not collect, or recycle, these when they reach end of life. It makes them a nightmare to dispose of.
    wsm's avatar
    20£ - ao come the next day
  3. chrispaps12's avatar
    If I paid that much for a fridge freezer I would want filtered water and ice.
    what’s the point of paying so much for a fridge freezer and then continue to buy bottled water.
    SmartDoc's avatar
    Issue is that the ice machine and water part takes up a lot of freezer space

    Quooker tap will provide filtered chilled water. Not cheap but better solution
  4. CNCboss's avatar
    Cheaper from lg.com/uk
    grant0r's avatar
    That link is to a different fridge?
  5. sparkyy's avatar
    Great freezers, don't mention their washing machines.
    goldenshepherd's avatar
    I'd also agree with the above. Had our LG American style fridge freezer for about a year and a half now and it's been great. The LG washer dryer which is just under two years old has been terrible. Front door seal is beginning to leak, occasionally leaks from under the machine, and the dry cycle doesn't dry properly. It came with a 5 year guarantee, which isn't much use, as the repairs are outsourced to a company called Pacifica who are awful, I've had about 4 no shows for repair appointments. The LG service helpline have been outsourced to the Philippines and although they're friendly and helpful, they have limited scope to help. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but be warned
  6. wendy07's avatar
    Looked at this and decided a separate fridge and chest/upright freezer worked out around half the price. Looks nice tho.
    Kay135's avatar
    Can you share any upright freezers that come up in your research. Any decent ones I’ve found are quite expensive
  7. pantaiema's avatar
    8% discount ?? How come the temperature is 647 Deg ??
    Rado16v's avatar
    Rado16v Author
    It's very misleading when you submit the deal. That price of £1199 is the next cheapest price which is on ao.com. Currys etc have it listed for £1599.
  8. andisitadeal's avatar
    If you've got an amex card, worth checking if you've got a 10% cashback offer on spend at Marks
  9. Nicolas's avatar
    Cold not 4K
    118luke's avatar
    It is cold, but no it doesn't go as low as 4 kelvin (-269.15 degrees celsius). What on earth are you trying to freeze that needs to be so cold??
  10. pdug175's avatar
    do you plumb this in?
    rev6's avatar
    What for?
  11. chrispaps12's avatar
    No I have an American Fridge Freezer which has filtered water and ice.
  12. kamar.zaman's avatar
    Brilliant deal, Rado16v excellent one for people looking for an American fridge freezer. 
  13. MattThommmo's avatar
    Looking to buy a Fridge Freezer.. is LG a good brand to go for, or are there more reliable options?
    L33TL33's avatar
    LG and Samsung generally are the market leaders in the UK for these
  14. Sub555's avatar
    I've got non plumbed with ice and water dispenser from marks last year for £1100. Knock knock bit of a gimmick but door in door is fantastic.
    Mebster's avatar
    Sorry what's knock knock and door in door?
  15. teessiderang's avatar
    Knock, knock - what’s in the fridge!!!!
    AWard911's avatar
    You should always knock before you open the fridge door....
    ...there might be a salad dressing.
  16. Daaave's avatar
    Alright deal. Got the same version plumbed with ice dispenser for about the same price a couple of weeks ago from AO. Excellent fridge freezer
  17. azza452's avatar
    Question, Depth of these is 735mm
    How do people get these into standard UK kitchens? As the doorway width is less

    I'm guessing, with difficulty. Needing to take both, doors off the fridge and kitchen
    androidavis's avatar
    You can upgrade the Panther delivery options the day before to have the delivery guys remove the fridge doors. I did this, but actually it wasn’t needed in the end. The item was wheeled to the garden, packaging removed, back door removed (where the kitchen is) fridge was able to fit through the back door to the house
  18. madhouse77's avatar
    Total Bargain
  19. wsm's avatar
    great fridge i bought the same with the water and ice , I wouldn't buy without it personally for that money , interesting as well , hotukdeals.com/dea…273
    this deal got voted cold , was actually brand new forget the comments , cost 100£ more , anyway ....
  20. Ijoejoe's avatar
  21. Eddy19's avatar
    Showing as £1,199, how do you get it to £1,099?
    androidavis's avatar
    Just click on the link
  22. candyman86's avatar
    Placed the order on Sunday but still unable to arrange delivery, anyone else having this problem?
  23. Eddy19's avatar
    This works out perfect. As I have a quooker cold water filter but it’s not chilled. But I hear sink water filters are better than fridge filters?
    Anyway it’s now £1,199. But you also get free installation or a free 24” HD TV worth £179 with code.
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