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Grundig American side-by-side fridge freezer with water & ice and 5 year guarantee + 5% Quidco cashback £879 delivered @ Currys
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Grundig are owned by the same group that own Beko, so a rich heritage of producing appliances. Grundig is the groups premium brand and this particular model looks like it has a lo… Read more
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£900 expensive for a non plumbed water and ice with a 5yr guarantee????? You sure you're not getting confused with a non plumbed water model? Plus it's nearer £800 with quidco.


Made by beko plc group.


This will be a Kurrys special like the KENWOOD that has nothing to do with the said mentioned famed reliability manufacture, unfortunately Kurrys KENWOOD is a pile of poop


Expensive for a Grundig


Cold....after its switched on...

SAMSUNG RS50N3513SA/EU American-Style Fridge Freezer with 5 year warranty £764.99 with code @ Currys PC World
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Dispatched within 10 to 21 days Fridge: 357 litres / Freezer: 144 litres Total frost free Water & ice dispenser (requires plumbing) Same temperature on every shelf with All Aro… Read more

Honestly I’d avoid any curry’s groups atm although there delivery may be great any issues and you need to return it seems they don’t care. Still waiting for refund from cpw 2 weeks after DPD picked the parcel up. That doesn’t include the week spent trying to actually get hold of someone to arrange the return.


it better. come. with a case. of beer

LG GSL961PZBV 601L American-Style Fridge Freezer - Stainless Steel £764.10 with code @ Currys
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Fridge: 405 litres / Freezer: 196 litres No need to defrost with frost free technology Water & ice dispenser (no plumbing required) Food freshness feature to keep your fruit an… Read more

Brilliant thanks so much, was just about to purchase at £849 or best I could get elsewhere. Came in at £710.90 (£760 work voucher -7% plus £4.10) for me.


No plumbing? Such a faff refilling it my old Samsung never had one issue in 10 years, yet my parent's LG failed in 5 years.... it's the luck of the draw Recently moved house and have gone for a Haier this time, seems great value for money.


My Samsung one has had a fair few issues, so has my sisters samsung one. Will definitely be trying a different brand of American fridge freezer when I replace it


I bought this a couple of months ago from Currys and it’s a great Fridge Freezer. The delivery guys even unpacked it and delivered it straight into my kitchen. They did say that where they left it was down to their discretion (appreciate their policy may have become more strict since the early stages of the lockdown) Currys also have 10% TCB on all American LG Fridge Freezers at the moment too (not sure if using the discount code may void this though)


Great find OP. Ordered!!! Thanks Possible 10% cashback (TOPCASHBACK)

Samsung RS52N3313WW American Fridge Freezer - White + 5 Year Warranty £749.99 @ Appliance Electronics
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Fridge: 341 litres / Freezer: 179 litres Total frost free Water dispenser (no plumbing required) Same temperature on every shelf with All Around Cooling 178.9 x 91.2 x 73.4 cm (H x… Read more

Does anyone have an idea when this sale ends?


That was an unfortunate mistake I made in 2017. The fridge stopped working last year. 20 odd engineer visits still didn't fix it. Hotpoint customer service is terrible.


Yeah I wouldn't, why would anyone


Don't buy hotpoint.


Not the best deal for a non-plumbed water side-by-side, but if you're happy to refill the tank and not have ice then go for it. Remember a few years back when these were being pumped out for £599. I've added some good American fridge freezer deals here

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Fridgemaster MS83430FFB (black) or MS83430FFS (silver) American Fridge Freezer - A+ Rated £399
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Key Features 428 litre capacity - holds 23 bags of food shopping Clever tech stops ice build-ups in the fridge & freezer Rapidly freezes new food added to the freezer S… Read more

Been waiting for an offer on this for ages


Can I get a link for the silver one please. Whenever I click the link it gives me this price but if I click on it in the site manually it gives me the original price ;(


Looks in stock to me (the black one that is). Is this the fridge that scored very highly in Which?


Out of stock

Fridgemaster MCF95 A+ Chest Freezer (White) for £99 / +p&p £20 @ Boots Kitchen Appliances
202° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Think this is a good offer for this well reviewed chest freezer. (y) AO had it recently priced for £139.89, and now brought it back down to £119. However, if you purchase vi… Read more
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AO have this back in stock.


Just ordered thanks


Says no longer available


Bought one from a local Euronics dealer last week when they finally came into (and then immediately out of) stock!


Just called them and refunded me aswell. Cost in the end was £107 with NHS discount. What a good company

HAIER HB16WMAA 60/40 Fridge Freezer at Currys for £494.99
365° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Been working on getting a bargain price on this myself! At its most expensive its been £699 on AO but you can now grab this for £495 at Currys with the voucher code (or price matc… Read more

That’s deep man ... you little philosopher you :D


Last Wednesday, ordered Sunday


That's good news. When was yours delivered


The delivery guys didn't have a problem taking it round the back and bringing it in to my kitchen. I was surprised given the situation, I was just thankful they carried it to the back door, then they asked where it was going indoors... bonus! Obviously this wouldn't apply to everyone.


how do you plan to move these inside the house, when currys have a doorstep delivery only

ESSENTIALS C50BS16 60/40 Fridge Freezer - Silver £159.99 delivered at Currys PC World
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
- Energy efficient performance with an A+ energy rating - Reversible door makes it easy to fit the appliance into your kitchen Energy efficient performance The C50BS16 f… Read more

Cheaper fridge freezers only have one thermostat in the fridge section. When the temperature in the fridge is below the set level, therefore if room temperature also drops below this level, the whole fridge freezer turns off.


Was looking to put this in my garage so this is helpful thanks. Any idea why that is?


I ordered 5 days back for my tenant and delivered today. good price.


A lot of the semi-revered brand names of yesteryear and their licensing deals for their logo to be slapped on mass produced cheap crud made by Chinese or Turkish made goods. At least this fridge deal isn't pretending to have a brand heritage.


many companies unkown ones but rubbish components in the stuff and pay company x to put their name on it

Bush 60185FFWTD Fridge Freezer / Frost Free - White / FREE delivery - £259.99 @ Argos
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Overview Manufacturer's guarantee : 1 year Size (cm) Size H185.0, W60.0, D60.0cm Frost free : Yes Reversible door : Yes Rear panel material : Metal Star rating : 4 Energy rating :… Read more
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How did you the NHS discount?


It may just be my luck but there is a confirmed design flaw with PCB connecting wire in fridge door, over time it is being nipped and eventually cuts through wire needing replaced. But good luck with your choice.


I just checked my basket..and I have this exact model which I want to buy...has a good score on which? Now.. because of YOU I have second thoughts.... (mad)




Which model is it?

Fridgemaster MCF95 Chest Freezer - White - A+ Rated at for £139
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Key Features 95 litre capacity - holds 5 bags of food shopping Manual defrost needed Efficient A+ energy rating Works at room temperatures as low as -15 degrees Dimensions (cm) - … Read more
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Look for second hand on facebay or ebay and try confactless collection some may even offer to deliver. It’s just an idea, but freezers that frost up are a pain and if you’re opening and closing them a lot it’s going to frost up quick! Second hand for your garage doesn’t exactly matter plus it’s more eco friendly to buy second hand. I’m beginning to sound like some ECO warrior (lol) You get the idea


The best option for a garage (imo) is to get a used fridge-freezer off gumtree or wherever, easy to find one with a bigger freezer capacity than the one in this deal. It will use a bit more electricity but it's a fraction of the outlay, frost-free, and gives you extra fridge space which can be really handy at Christmas, etc.


genuine question: can you find a frost free chest freezer which can be kept in an outhouse/garage for this price point?...and thats also in stock.




What would you recommend? Links please?

HISENSE RQ689N4BD1 Fridge Freezer - 556L / Door Alarm / Convertible Fridge & Freezer Zone / No Frost - £679.99 @ Currys
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
A rather interesting Fridge Freezer here (Am I getting old?) It's not something I have personally seen before, but this actually allows you to extend your fridge space into the bot… Read more

Can somebody point me in the right direction to an informative blog or website about what technical details I should be looking out for in a good value American style fridge freezer? I am in the market, but haven't gone for this style before and therefore wonder what technical characteristics I should be looking out for. Thanks


You just can't go back to 🇺🇸 style can you. The space is amazing. Surprised others don't make it. Took us ages to find this but the moment we saw it, we knew it was perfect


Does any seller provide full delivery and installation of said appliances any more?


I have this fridge freezer with the water dispenser. Fantastic and well recommended.


Won’t buy anything from them, been burnt way too many times, not worth it.

Fridgemaster MCF194 Chest Freezer - White - A+ Rated £169 at
124° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Update 1
Update - Deal unexpired 09/0
In stock and at the better price of £169 Free 100 day returns Coronavirus Free delivery & timeslots for NHS workers! All customer deliveries are now to your doorstep. Fi… Read more

I got this the last time it was on offer - it’s ok but it has no light and the basket is very flimsy compared to the one I was replacing. You get what you pay for I guess. At least I think it will be more efficient than the old one!


Back in stock


In stock again. Just ordered.


Out Stock again... Think I night have bought the last one


Looks like its back in stock all..

Iceking CF131W 131 Litre Chest Freezer - £204.99 Delivered @ Hughes
17° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Fridge freezer - not a bad size and suitable for garages, outbuildings etc. Freezers are ridiculously hard to come by at the moment, so to find this for £204.99 and garage suitable… Read more
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He must’ve dreamt it


That was on my list but could never find it in stock there!


Next best is £139 delivered for a 95 litre chest freezer suitable for -15c on Check every morning as it is restocked very frequently. (Model is Fridgemaster MCF95)


Link pls.


That's the problem I found trying to get one, over and over (fierce)

HISENSE RS694N4TF1 American-Style Fridge Freezer - Black Steel - £629.99 @ Currys PC World
220° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Currently a two week wait on delivery but seems like a lot of fridge freezer for the money: Reviews seem good unless you're unlucky enough to get a duff water/ice dispenser. Fr… Read more

Fridge today stopped dispensing water. Pulled fridge out, took off the bottom panel 5 screws, disconnected the pipe in picture, got the missus to press for water and as soon as water starts flowing told her to stop. Connected pipe and all was good. Here is a picture of the pipe incase you buy this fridge


This is excellent to know thank you so much. We bought this from AppliancesDirect as delivery was quicker in April, tricky bit was getting it in the house as delivery dropped outside and this is 120kg packaged up.once on its wheels it slides effortlessly though. Excellent fridge so far, loads of room and isn't too deep.


We've got this fridge. And we are on our 3rd one. First one the water dispensor stopped working, the water would not makes its way from fridge side to the freezer side for water or ice. We had a repair man come fix it and all was good for a few months and then same problem again so Argos exchanged it for a new one. The new replacement developed the same issue and was replaced. Our 3rd one was fine for ages but again had the same problem after warranty period. Very very easy to fix however, the repair person wouldn't show me how he did it but I knew it was at the back of the fridge and took him 2 minutes to get it working. Turns out you remove the bottom panel. Unplug a pipe joiner and plug back in again. Fantastic fridge apart from that small problem which happens once every 6 months or so


I've had the fridge master, made by Hisense, over 3 year's now, It's been excellent. Paid around £350 on offer at the time.


We have this also, and it is great.

SAMSUNG RS3000 RS54N3103SA/EU American-Style Fridge Freezer - Metal £769 at Currys PC World
152° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Top features: - Total No Frost prevents ice build-up in the fridge - Efficient cooling keeps everything at the same temperature without wasting energy - Power freeze turns up … Read more

i thinks its expired now


Code not working



Hopefully this is an actual Samsung product and not a "Currys Special" Like their Kenwood fridge freezers which are crap and not made by Kenwood or their Jvc soundbars that are not made by JVC, Just BEWARE that Currys hold a lot of "EXCLUSIVE" products that borrow the Brand name but are noting to do with the brand, e.g. Kenwood- Fridges,freezers,microwaves etc, most of the products have inflated prices making you think you are getting a bargain, they also seem to magically obtain Dyson products that were discontinued years before then claim they are half price, Just check the box or product to make sure it does not say "produced under licence by DSG" or something similar because if something goes wrong the only support you will get is from Currys and judging by recent events this isnt something you would want to rely on.

Logik LSSBSS18 American-Style Fridge Freezer Silver (429 Litre capacity) - Frost Free £359.99 delivered @ Currys
845° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Logik LSSBSS18 American-Style Fridge Freezer in silver for £359.99 using code LKA10A . Logik is made by Hisense and this specific model has 57.5cm depth with inset handles so mayb… Read more

It has wheels. I would suggest 3 people to make it easier.


Does the fridge have any wheels on it or do I need to buy some dolly with wheels? Or is it manageable to be lifted by 2 people?


So to my surprise the delivery men told me due to some colleagues catching covid they could only take it to my front door. I had to enlist the help of my 66yr old mum and 5ft8 gf of my bro to help get it up 2 flights of stairs. They pushed i pulled.


@courtneyg or anyone please can you share tips on how did you manage to move this beast from door to your kitchen? I am due to buy one and delaying as I'm not sure how would I move this 80-90kg appliance


Delivered yesterday, beware currys are only doing doorstep deliveries. Does anyone think it's worth taking out the 5 year warranty?

Fridgemaster MCF194 Chest Freezer - White - A+ Rated £189 at
88° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
For anyone looking for a cheapish chest freezer, these are in stock now but they go quick... 194 litre capacity - holds 10 bags of food shopping Manual defrost needed Efficien… Read more

Is it big enough for a body, or would I have to remove the head and limbs? Asking for a friend.


There's some Hotpoint ones that claim to have a system that makes them less frosty but a long way from frost-free.


Out of stock :( missed out!


Out of stock


Are there any chest freezers available with frost free option? Edit: Found the answer to my question !

Hotpoint FFU3D.1W 70cm 3 Door Frost Free Fridge Freezer 450L £409 @ Sonic Direct
179° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
I haven't seen cheaper than this one. Bought it yesterday 3 Door Fridge Freezer Frost Free Electronic Control Holiday Function 3 Glass Shelves 2 Salad Crispers 3 Freezer Drawers F… Read more

£449 now...


I bought this in black around 5 years ago for £440 from Argos when it was on sale, I think it was supposed to be £650, it's still going strong and a lot quieter than any fridge freezer I've owned before, and it seems to have more internal storage space than my sister's 90cm American fridge freezer.


Ordered. I'd been looking for a larger white fridge freezer, but they're hard to come by, and expensive. This is smaller than the HOOVER HFDN 180 that I had my eye on, but this Hotpoint one has a larger capacity somehow, and is £300 cheaper. That'll do! Thanks, OP! (y)


The double doors are fridge only. So it's similar to a normal fridge freezer and not as I'd hoped some amazing American fridge freezer with huge freezer space. Only realised on seeing further photos so sharing here to help others with same thought as me.


£428.95 including delivery, but still a good deal.

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 - AIO CPU Water Cooler - £63.99 delivered @ Scan
397° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Pick cheapest delivery of £4.00 by dpd and total is £63.99. Credit to aleander from my previous thread :)… Read more
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Will depend on the case, I didn't have to, that being said it is a bear to install before you say screw it and tape the backplate to the board! It does use the standard AMD backplate, you just need to remove the retention clips, the manual on the arctic website is actually really good and helpfully animated! If you can't fit the 280 I would say it won't make a difference then, I'm not a huge 360 fan unless you top mount and as I like a full sized relatively sleek case(last two have been fractal, currently on an r7xl) I prefer font mounting and with a 280 it means I can use a standard 140mm fan below the rad that helps quite a lot on the general cooling for the rest of the system. Currently waiting on some new Arctic P14 fans so I can move the airflow fractal fans I have on the push side down for that purpose as the push pull lowers CPU temperature at the expense of my GPU temp in that config.


I've been toying with buying one of these for my 3900x, did you have to take the mobo out of the case to fit this cooler or can it all be done in situ? Thanks


Well I have a Astek Gen 4 AIO currently here with a 38mm thick Radiator (same thickness as the Arctic Liquid Freezer II). I also have the same fans. Running some benchmarks for my current cooler against the Arctic 240. I didn't want to mess around with a 280mm rad as it wouldn't fit my case. Also I can go push pull because I have another pair of fans which would give better cooling.


If anyone knows where to find the 280mm variant please let me know. Bought the last one from awd-IT and after it didnt arrive for ages it turned out they didn't have one for me. Now it seems out of stock everywhere.


Thanks as been look to get a AIO rad for the current build and this is well reviewed and a steal at this price

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