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£9.99 Manchester Airport parking for 1 week
Found 6th May 2016Found 6th May 2016
  1. Found 6th May 2016
Just booked for next week. Cheapest by around £20 if you don't mind the transfer. From 4am 4th May 2016, if you're booking for any arrival date up until 30th September 2016, look… Read more

Hmmmm, Fab offer and I've found it at £9.99 for when I need it but the problem is I'm going away for 2 weeks - I can get the £9.99 deal for both of the weeks but not sure if I can merge the bookings? Any help appreciated!

Great find, just booked a week in June, great deal

Booked. Thanks for this i've been needing to book parking for a few months now. I used Jetparks last year at manchester airport. The buses were 24/7 every 10mins. Not too crowded and found a parking spot easily. Everything was so swift and easy.

Thanks , nice find !!

Does anyone know if you can change your car registration at a later date? If so is there a fee?
Cars just broke and not sure if new one is needed yet.

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Found 5th Jul 2015Found 5th Jul 2015
  1. Found 5th Jul 2015
Updated - see link for new info If this helps one family guys then happy days Children with autism can be fast-tracked through security at Manchester Airport to make travelling e… Read more


1) it was over a year ago.2) yes. You're obviously far more travelled … 1) it was over a year ago.2) yes. You're obviously far more travelled than I.

Sorry didn't mean to sound flippant.

I should have said try Delhi airport!


I've found this debate very interesting - it's surprising how many … I've found this debate very interesting - it's surprising how many people feel ADHD doesn't exist and how many people feel that those with an invisible disability like autism should just suck it up.My dad was recently diagnosed with ADHD by a brain specialist - it's not just naughty little boy syndrome as he'll be 60 on his next birthday - it's plagued him through his life, contributing to low self esteem and depression. How does it manifest itself on a man this age ? He has poor concentration, he seeks out danger in various forms and if I went into full detail of things he's done during the time I've known him your hair would curl just reading it. Did he go through the the process to get DLA ? No, he did it because he has tried to commit suicide twice last year and he wanted to get to the bottom of why he wasn't like 'normal' people. Is ADHD over diagnosed ? Probably, I would say like autism some day soon they will have to set a limit on how far up the spectrum you are before your diagnosed as we are all on the spectrum somewhere and it we all get diagnosed the people who are moderate to severe will miss out in help as all services will be oversubscribed.As for autism, I have 2 boys on the spectrum, the oldest could queue without too much distress, his diagnosis is aspergers and he is on the mild/moderate side, is he running around feral, no he'll stand quietly, a little bit nervous and he'll shift from foot to foot as he finds standing still a challenge. My younger boys is 4, he finds it much more difficult, he didn't talk until he was almost 4, when he is excited or anxious he will check his knuckles until they are red raw, he still requires a buggy as he finds walking difficult - a place like the airport ( new, noise, bright etc ) will having him walking on his tiptoes and that makes him tired, even on a normal day he finds walking an effort and he cannot seems to simply walk, he jumps, skips, hops on one foot, this doesnt sound like a problem but can you imagine how tired you would get if you, jumped, ran, skipped and hopped everywhere you went ?Will he be noisy ? While me and my husband will try to keep him calm and reassure him it is likely he will be noisier than an 'average' child, at home it's like his volume switch is stick on high, he is unable to whisper and finds it challenging to use an indoor voice - it's like he is totally unaware or unable to speak quietly.I would use this service if it was available, if I was travelling with just the oldest I wouldn't feel the need.To respond to the more controversial commentsBruce - I can totally see what you mean, people think it's unthinkable to imagine that people seek out a diagnosis to get access to benefits, I think it is unthinkable that people would pretend they are from a broken relationship to get another social house so they can both claim they are single and maximise the benefits they get but unfortunately it happens daily. People would do anything for 'free money'As for northerndave, I'm hoping your just a troll, trying to stoke up some hatred from hiding behind your keyboard. If this is a view that you would express in a crowded room full of actual, real people I fear that if we ever where to meet things might get unpleasant to say the least.As for the other snobs who feel these feral children are ruining my holiday and imagine I actually paid to get fast track - all I can say is let's hope you are blessed with a child with autism or similar difficulties, perhaps it would give you a different outlook on life. If having more people fast tracked is such a massive Inconvience you feel the need to come on Internet boards and berate those living with an invisible disability all I can say is wow, you really are shallow.And to all those others who have made abusive comments I would say would you say it in the real world, if not please don't say it here, behind our keyboard we are all real people, and it would seem quite a few here live with these trials every day - don't judge us and our children ( and fathers in my case ) until you've walked a mile in our shoes.

As a dad with a child with PMLD/severe special needs, all I can say is AMEN to that. I am not as eloquent as you, you've put down exactly how I and many other similar parents are made to feel on a daily basis by the vileness of some members of our society.


Wow you really need to get out in the world there are much much worse!

1) it was over a year ago.
2) yes. You're obviously far more travelled than I.

For anyone flying to Larnaca, ask your airline or holiday reo to organise special assistance for you, its great also even if your child is able bodied we've found using an airport wheelchair keeps our son much calmer.

The wristband is great, we used it last time we flew from Manchester with our autistic son Heat added . We fly again next week so emailed for the wristband again and got this response:

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Autism Awareness scheme. This scheme has now ceased and as from the 1st April 2017, Manchester Airport working in partnership with OCS will introduce their None Visible Disability Initiative- Sunflower Campaign.

This service can offer you a special lanyard, pin ribbon or badge to wear on your journey through our airport. This will identify you to staff as someone who may need additional support or understanding. Our staff have been specially trained to recognise the lanyards and act accordingly.

To pick up a lanyard at Manchester, please go to one of our Assistance Reception areas which are situated in the check in halls of all Terminals. OCS will be happy to give you a lanyard, even if you haven't requested or need special assistance. Alternatively these lanyards can be requested via OCS by emailing. [email protected]

I trust the above information is of some help to you. If you require further assistance please do not hesitate in contacting me.

We will be picking up a lanyard from the airport on the day we fly, seems like a good option really as the wristband was easily missed under jackets etc.
Edited by: "srobbo71" 26th Jul

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