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Posted 20 July 2023

MANNOL 5W-30 C3 (7715) **BMW LL04** 5L FULLY SYNTHETIC** - cmgoilsdirect

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Good specs synthetic oil, even matches the strict VW 504 / 507 specs.
Can't be too bad for the price.


Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:
SAE 5W-30
ACEA C3-16
BMW Longlife-04
MB 229.51
VW 504.00/507.00/502.00/505.00/503.01/506.00
VW 505.01*/506.01**

Synthetic engine oil of the new generation, specially developed for use in all petrol and diesel engines. The high-tech additive package (low SAPS – low content of sulphur, ash and phosphorus) ensures optimal operation of the environmental protection systems as well as of diesel particulate filters (DPF). Effectively protects from wear and ensures exceptional cleanness of the engine separate parts. Recommended for all modern petrol and diesel engines, among these such meeting the environmental standards Euro 4 und Euro 5. It is used in engines with extended oil change intervals (up to 30,000 km) and without.
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  1. slipd's avatar
    Any oil experts here able to tell me how this oil compares to Castrol LL and the like? Seems like a pretty standard web price but I have some Nectar points to 'burn' so this could be handy

    Heated OP!
    rlszer's avatar
    As per my earlier comment. It's a good oil, comparable to Castrol - it's passed VW inspection. I use it in my 02 TT.
  2. rlszer's avatar
    It's a good oil. I use it in my TT, without any issues.
  3. arrowhead's avatar
    Use it in my Audi A4 tdi and BMW 325d. Meets both manufacturer specs. Never had any issue. Great value for money although I usually get the 2x5 litre option for roundabout £38.
  4. JamieCoats's avatar

    Since BMW LL-04 is in the title, this oil is only £17.09 and still meets that spec. I've just bought 4x5l for around £52 on a separate eBay listing
  5. Nicebob's avatar
    Is this ok for my sit on lawn mower, don't want to void the warranty. 2L turbo vertical take off. Mark 2.
    sparkykev's avatar
    No. you need snake oil for the 2L.
  6. BKji's avatar
    I just had my service done otherwise it's really good deal. Thanks
  7. Karld1989's avatar
    Would this be alright for a 1.6 Seat Leon MK2 facelift? Or where’s best place to find out? Thanks
    saitama_fan's avatar
    Be overkill but fine
  8. memolii's avatar
    Would this be good for my 14 plate passat tdi
    saitama_fan's avatar
  9. bmbratz's avatar
    This oil good as the big brands or not as ?
    antsgame's avatar
    I duno if would put this in my bmw... any reviews guys?
  10. Wieczor's avatar
    Would that be OK for Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 2009?
    Mirola's avatar
    Check the manual and compare the specs I'd say.
    As your car is an older type I'd say fine. (edited)
  11. MDog0101's avatar
    Very nice price this and tempting for the BM.. Sick of having to buy 2 x 4L castrol because engine needs 4.8!
  12. Psxgul's avatar
    Wouldn't trust Mannol
    MDog0101's avatar
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