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Posted 24 June 2023

MG Mg4 Hatchback 150kW SE EV Long Range 64kWh 5dr Auto with Metallic paint - £28229 @ Nationwide Cars

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MG Mg4 Hatchback 150kW SE EV Long Range 64kWh 5dr Auto sports a number of great features and technical specs.

10.25" floating colour touchscreen5 driving modes (Eco, sport, snow, custom, standard)7" Full digital driver information displayAdaptive cruise controlAndroid AutoApple CarPlayDriver attention assistE-callIntelligent speed limit assist with traffic sign recognitioniSmartLane keep assist system (LAS) with Lane departure warning system (LDWS)PASRear parking sensorsTraffic jam assist
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  1. davester2k's avatar
    EV sales have fallen off a cliff.....

    If you really want one, bearing in mind there are literally no benefits (including environmental ones) over owning a proper car, you would be advised to wait as they'll be giving them away in a year or two.
    paulde2007's avatar
    Nope they haven't.

    In fact they've increased year on year by about 70%

    Some benefits

    Savings to nhs
    Safer in crash
    Lower fire risk
    Easier to drive
    Easier to charge. (edited)
  2. rvp11afc's avatar
    i have driven one of these and being the owner of a Kia Niro EV , they are very nice and well worth it being nearly 10k cheaper than its rivals
    dberrypro's avatar
    The Kia Niro looks really smart (edited)
  3. jaypr's avatar
    I just recently bought a 2019 eGolf for £16,000, got £4,000 for my old diesel Golf so only really had to shell out £12,000. Bought from a VW dealer so comes with a 2 year warranty. I imagine in a few years time it’ll be worthless, but as an introduction into electric cars it’s fantastic. Once you drive an EV you never want to go back.

    I only do about 5000 miles a year and never really do long journeys. I get about 130 miles of range and I can get to Stansted airport and back, and the same with Heathrow, Gatwick, Brighton and in and out of London on a single charge from where I live which is all I really need.

    I don’t have a home charger and just charge it at my local supermarket when I go shopping every couple of weeks.

    The benefits for me are:
    £0 Road Tax
    £0 ULEZ
    £0 congestion charge
    minimal mechanical issues.
    No catalytic converter to steal
    No exhaust, water pump, injectors, spark plugs, alternator, cam belt, oil filter, engine failures to consider.
    Servicing is minimal and cheap. Only brake fluid and air pollen filter.

    I realise battery failure could be an issue, but with a 2 year warranty I have some piece of mind and bear in mind engines can always fail too. (edited)
    Trekman_1970's avatar
    I took a leap of faith and pre ordered an EV6. I was one of the first to get one October 26th 2021. The first time I drove an EV was when I drove my EV6 from the dealer.
    Fast forward 20 months and I have done over 23k miles and no regrets.
    It's fast, smooth, quiet, costs pennies to charge as I have a 6p/kw overnight rate so only spend around £15/month on electric which combined with zero road tax and zero ULEZ means mega cheap motoring.
    My car has a realistic 280 miles range in summer and 250 in winter. If you drive like a snail you can exceed the 328mile claimed range.
    I have zero range anxiety.
    I live in Chester and last weekend travelled 560 miles to Hastings and back with a bike rack with 3 bikes in my tow bar. Just had to top up each way at Cobham Ionity rapid charger on the M25.
    Last year we had a mini break in Central Paris, no issues charging with Ionity rapid chargers all the way.
    I had a Mercedes E250 before the EV6 and was worried I was making a huge mistake on 2 fronts, buying an EV and a Kia.
    No regrets on either front.
    The EV6 is supremely refined and very well built and packed full of tech that works.
    Anyway just thought some feedback from a long standing-ish EV owner might help the debate
  4. joaorosa80's avatar
    charleaward81's avatar
    Why are you sat on your car
  5. wonkothesane's avatar
    MG just launched 2 new versions.
    1: "Extended range" with 77kWh battery - WLTP range 325 miles.
    2: Dual-motor "XPower" - AWD, 0-60 in 3.8s. WLTP range 240 miles.

    Both start at £36,495. (edited)
    iainl7's avatar
    As with the ET6 GT though, motors that get you under 4s 0-60 make for pretty poor efficiency; once the novelty wears off the extra range of the RWD model is probably more useful than being able to embarrass Porsches away from the lights. The Extended range would be worth a look, but then you’re paying a fair bit extra for that last 50 miles; do you really need that either? Some do, but fewer than they think. 

    As with the ET6 GT though, motors that get you under 4s 0-60 make for pretty poor efficiency; once the novelty wears off the extra range of the RWD model is probably more useful than being able to embarrass Porsches away from the lights. The Extended range would be worth a look, but then you’re paying a fair bit extra for that last 50 miles; do you really need that either? Some do, but fewer than they think.  (edited)
  6. Hobbehodz's avatar
    If you are one of those people with a pathological hatred of EVs or if you are just too thick to understand how good they are, the best cure is to buy one. (edited)
    Set-Phasers-To-Stun's avatar
    * too thick… sorry I couldn’t resist that one.
  7. fishmaster's avatar
    This car looked great value at £24/25K and it was before we knew about the problems, but at £28K with all the software issues this car is plagued with, doesn't seem like a great deal at all anymore, in fact it's terrible considering the issues some people are having.

    1 day ago
    3:59 I've had my MG 4 Trophy for about three months,and I absolutely hate it ! The lane assist is a nightmare,in my opinion it is downright dangerous,it pulls violently to the right into oncoming traffic ! The auto braking reacts when it doesn't need to,it is so violent that it propels you with great force , I won't go into all the other electronic niggles, sometimes they work ,other times they don't.
    My hairiest moment was when the car (at low speed) suddenly and without warning stopped dead,I had just pulled out of a T junction when it died ,this has happened before so I knew how to get it moving ( even though it had previously been in my local MG dealership) how were weren't hit by approaching traffic I don't know.
    It is at this moment in time back at the dealership for this and other electrical faults.
    I can honestly say that I have never been concerned about driving any car until now - I'm convinced it's trying to kill us ,we have named her Christine...."

    If you hate money then buy this car, it has "Only worth £12K in 2 years time" written all over it. (edited)
    reddeviluk's avatar

  8. cdmudge's avatar
    Not a bad looking car, I will agree, and I haven't driven an EV yet, but I've not met one EV owner (and before you ask, I know a few) who readily say "yeah, it's what I'm after in a car and it does what I need it to". There's always something to say about range anxiety, cost of charging it, availability of charging points etc. I'm curious to see how the second hand EV market stacks up in years to come, when the EVs now being sold are being sold on. You can demonstrate that a combustion engine has been looked after, but a battery? Fancy a car with a ten year old battery in it, anyone? (edited)
    reddeviluk's avatar
    If you've ever bought a second hand car in the past, did the engine come with a status bar? EVs do. The metal will rust the same as a petrol car, but the heart of it, the engine/motor literally tells you how healthy it is......I think this simple fact will make them a popular used choice, which will probably keep the prices higher than ICE cars. (edited)
  9. plewis00's avatar
    Interesting to hear from someone who has owned one but didn't get on with it.

    Seems most of his problems were to do with appalling customer support (dealer) and quality issues. Did they really give him pre-production software? (edited)
  10. DiscoDave57's avatar
    Is it me or do they look like a Nissan Leaf. Hot 🔥 (edited)
    kokoroko's avatar
    They look way better in flesh and design especially back of the car is very unique imho. I would be all over this if they would offer petrol version 😜
  11. Sproutey's avatar
    I actually thought this was quite a neat car, but isn't it telling that we consider a little Chinese SUV at under £30k as a 'bargain'? EV's have helped car prices accelerate to ridiculous levels.
    cicobuff's avatar
    True, we lease one of these exact MG4 models, but one thing is for sure, both prices and battery tech are falling and improving in equal measures. It is the Chinese company BYD (Build Your Dreams) that have diversified from battery tech to actual automobile manufacture that are the ones to watch, prices are falling and second hand EV cars depreciating rapidly.
  12. Joe90_guy's avatar
    Or maybe wait for the BYD Dolphin which is swimming to these shores this summer?

    daddybr00's avatar
    Looks a lot smaller, the atto too. Boot not big enough for families most likely
  13. Amazonianman's avatar
    Paying this sort of money for a POS MG really boggles the mind! The number of issues and dead cars sitting at dealerships for months should be cause for worry for all but the most desperate of Uber drivers!

    insideevs.com/new…ly/ (edited)
    Hobbehodz's avatar
    This linked article/video is misinformation. The photos of EVs were taken in 2019 (a car sharing scheme that failed) and most of the cars seen are petrol cars. By some estimates, there are well over one million ICE cars sitting in fields because they don't meet China's new emissions standards and no one wants them, or can get a permit to use them on the roads, as a result.
  14. plewis00's avatar
    The looks can be a bit divisive but in the flesh it looks far better than in most photos, seen a few round here. Really great to see the gap closing between ‘normal cars’ and EVs so people have real choice.

    Still a bit undecided in my mind as EVs don’t suit everyone and they are not ‘cheap motoring for all’ as touted years ago - the free charging has pretty much dried up and electricity prices rising have massively increased cost per mile (am sure the govt don’t like low/no tax and will fix that soon), yes, doesn’t matter if you have a variable tariff and/or solar but not everyone can do.
    iainl7's avatar
    Really love our Trophy - just picked it up this morning. The bright orange is utterly ridiculous, in the best way. 
  15. shanklemail's avatar
    We’re y’all getting £30k from? Honest question.
    KlausVonCarpetbagger's avatar
    you know there's this thing called finance and that most people in the UK finance cars right? I used to be one of those grrrr how can he afford that Mercedes guys, until I found out I could have that same car for £500 a month. But I don't want to do that, I'd rather save up the money to be honest. The highest spec version of this car is < £200 a month (£189) with a < £10k deposit.
  16. jamiec2k's avatar
    I picked up a premium se 38kw Ioniq for under 15k a few months ago and don’t do that many miles but for now I’m sold. The efficiency has been way better than expected! If you can do nearly all of your journeys with charging at home they are really cheap to run.

    Joe90_guy's avatar
    So 6.32 miles/kWh? Yes, maybe over a 104 mile steady run, on one of the hottest days of the year, where the car doesn't exceed 40 mph & it's being driven by the Pope's mother...yeah, I can definitely believe that.

    As for the rest of the time & particularly in the depths of winter, nah!
  17. volksdub's avatar
    Some new MG4 models coming out in the next couple months. Extended Range version and a 400+bhp version with 0-60 in 3.8 seconds.
    Sandmannn's avatar
  18. Sandy1012's avatar
    Love the look of these, but this seems expensive compared to the many MG ZS's that were purchased for under 20k two years ago. I suppose everything has gone up alot since. (edited)
    Hobbehodz's avatar
    These are entirely different to the ZS and you get a lot more for your money with an MG4.
  19. Hobbehodz's avatar
    It seems everyone hates EVs except anyone who has ever driven one or who owns one. Most of the negative comments are spurious, to say the least. I am having an MG4 Trophy delivered on Tuesday and I can't wait. I got an 11% discount, will be paying 2p per mile with a WLTP range of 270 miles--still available on this app. The discount I got does not mean they can't sell them as most who have been to a dealer to try to buy one can attest. The Trophy is very well specified with many features normally found on much more expensive models. The MG4 has been awarded car of the year by several organisations and is the best value EV at present.
    KlausVonCarpetbagger's avatar
    don't hate em, but am sceptical. Is that allowed ?
  20. moggster2001's avatar
    I love reading comments from people who have never driven a EV! Whether you like it or not it's the future. Get over yourselves and step into the real world!
    Joe90_guy's avatar
    It's probably correct that EVs are the future but how much all they part of the near-future? I think that's highly debatable.

    We are now hurtling into a brutal, long lasting recession where the robustness of the UK power grid is going to be severely tested, as creaking coal & nuclear gen sets die of old age. Who can afford to buy these expensive EVs & power them when the alternative is simply to keep running the petrol & diesel car you bought 5 to 10 years ago? I know what I'm going to do going forward... (edited)
  21. Galaxien's avatar
    Laughable that everyone moaning they can't afford their mortgage payments but think buying a poxy car for £28k is a good deal.... No wonder the country's a mess....Priority's are all wrong!
    MCYounes's avatar
    Absolute tin can of a vehicle.
  22. rimz790's avatar
    I have a ev van for work...on a full charge around 120 miles...driving locally 30mph or less ok, the moment you hit 50mph the mileage drops quickly...not very good for long distance driving
    iainl7's avatar
    That’s down to the particular vehicle you have, though; this one (ours arrived this morning) will do about three hours in one charge at 70mph, and that’s more than my bladder will if I’m having a coffee at each charging break. 
  23. Joshfount's avatar
    Best value EV on the market currently ♨️
    plewis00's avatar
    It's exactly what the EV market needed. I expect there will be some compromises but suddenly at £28k, the choice between a petrol, diesel, hybrid or EV is far closer.
  24. indianajon's avatar
    Reasonably good looking but will make sure I order a new diesel before they disappear for good
    J1135's avatar
    naah a new petrol turbo
  25. reviewz's avatar
    So many experts LOL
    cicobuff's avatar
    Too many 'my mate Jims cousins Great Uncle' owns an EV type chinese whispers.
  26. low_level_devel's avatar
    If the figures work then go for it. Honestly, few teething issues on some, but we’ve had ours from the first batch and absolutely no regrets. In some places it shines over our vw multivan (example buttons that light up!!!).
  27. SexyKris's avatar
    I have a Model 3 but if I had to do it over again, I’d do this - great value!
  28. reddeviluk's avatar
    Test drive one, loved it... Looked at the boot space.... Bought a MG ZS EV
  29. Ross81's avatar
    This is a £20k car tops.
    gg1pl's avatar
    Good job you're not a car salesman or you'll be fired on your first day
  30. qprfanbideford's avatar
    See previous posting on recent MG EV deals regarding the various ways you can fuel your EV for very low cost or indeed for free
    hassamehmood's avatar
    Are you able to share a link to that if possible please? Thanks!
  31. jevgenij.cebotariov's avatar
    regular electric junk
  32. sparkykev's avatar
    I followed one today and that cheap piece of grey plastic they probably call a diffuser was making me feel quite nauseous. It's the cheapest ugliest part of any car ever.
    cicobuff's avatar
    I was wondering why my wife is getting so many tailgaters when she got hers last month.. To be honest we are getting quite nauseous with the increase of tailgaters (edited)
  33. returnofthemac's avatar
    I nearly bought the LR one and spent a lot of time on various mg4 forums, the fact that they seemed to have lots of issues put me off. Admittedly the majority were software related but there were build issues with things like the transfer box, undercarriage cover warping (no longer covered under warranty, which is also very limited)

    I wanted to buy one and was really disappointed to learn of the issues.
    newsgroupmonkey's avatar
    Bear in mind, people only generally say if they have an issue.
    If you had a car that was pretty much perfect, you'd just get on with your day rather than trolling forums telling everyone how much better yours was.

    I mean.... go visit the BMW Petrol forums, particularly those from 2000-2011 that suffer with catastrophic timing chain failure.

    Yet, there are loads of them on the road.
  34. Zameen's avatar
    Hydrogen will be the way market will change soon
    paulde2007's avatar
    Hilarious ha. At least I hope you're joking
  35. paulde2007's avatar
    Scary moment time. I was driving back home I'm my ev. Suddenly thr heavens opened. So worried as I've been told rhat evs don't work in the rain. I really wish I'd been told this when I bought it. After all, the uk rains a lot. I got home safe but now its charging in a thunder storm. ⛈️

    Just a joke to lighten the mood
  36. Lil6ix's avatar
    thanks bought 5 and I'm gonna sell 2
  37. paulde2007's avatar
    fishmaster's avatar
    They will get screwed by the massive depreciation this car will suffer though. There's great used EV prices so I wouldn't buy new as the market is very bad for depreciation on EVs currently as evidenced by the other comment I made below.
  38. ra11's avatar
    This is a fabulous car with loads of spec and performance. I test drove Tesla and facelift ZS EV and chose ZS as it wasn’t sufficiently different to Tesla and half the cost. Never regretted it. Facelift edition is defo superior to gen 1
  39. avinashvv's avatar
    Good deal 👌
  40. Kamil1982's avatar
    Would rather get Volvo EX30 for 33k 5.7 0-60 lol
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