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Last minute Xmas turkey (etc) hamper £47.93 delivered from Musclefood - only a few hours left!
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
I bought one of these last year and was very impressed. I've been holding off making a decision this year but noticed this morning that Musclefood have reduced the £65 turkey hampe… Read more
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Musclefood? lol :{


How is this overpriced a turkey that size of equivalent quality would cost nearly that! Sure you can buy a cheap Turkey but the point is these aren't mass produced from a cage they're generally free range animals. A 3kg free range farm turkey is best part of £30 again with similar quality meats sure you can but cheaper from supermarkets with added water & caged/barn animals but that's not what this is £44.99 is a bargain for all of that delivered saving you trip to the shops & probable disappointment as they've sold out now.


You tell that to the baby Jesus.


On any other website comments section id agree but as this is technically a money saving site this remark makes alot of sense.


Postpone Christmas dinner for one day just to get a cheap £5 Turkey.........I think I'll pass on those pearls of wisdom, thanks anyway! ;)

Xmas feast for 10 for only £39 from Musclefood
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
A two pan Christmas feast with all the trimmings for just £39 "ZERO stress, ZERO waste, ZERO washing up. Ready in 90 mins or less!" 2Kg+ Turkey breast roll 400g Free range ro… Read more
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It’s cold from me. Wasteful


You price this up and it will be cheaper elsewhere and you choose what you want and what quality you want, that's my take on it.


2kg Turkey breast is £12 the rest is not worth £27. Plus the quality at musclefood has mostly been crap for me.


There seems to be a real bias against Muscle Food on here these days. If you price this up elsewhere I doubt you'd get cheaper, plus lots of people really rate them. I don't use them much these days but never had an issue


Yeah, don't bother. Steaks are very poor, full of gristle. Sausages are tasteless and tough. Some of the flavoured chicken is ok but they sell cheap meat for a reason.

GRENADE® CARB KILLA™ BARS 12 bars for £12 + £3.99 del at musclefood
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
First 2 boxes are £12 each then £19.95

How do these negate the carbs you have already consumed?


Why not just adopt a Ketogenic diet??


They have the gingerbread limited edition ones in M&S


It's not mentioned that you have to buy over priced meat as well. Currently there is a 50% off sell at Grenade directly.


This works out £13.99 a box if u buy two and include delivery

Muscle Food -  Black Friday - Prepped Pots (buy 10 and get 4 free with code)
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
As part of the Black Friday deals available from Muscle Food they have added 4 extra pots (when choosing a bundle or using the code at checkout if chosen individually) as part of t… Read more

Customer services may have as well told me I was lying about the state of defrosted meats and chicken citing that their packaging was suitabel and the best or as good as. There was no chance I was eating any of it, binned it, got a refund after much ado and have never shopped there again. I value my health more than a mimicky promotion. I only support local butchers now anmd should have stayed that way instead of being lured by their promos. There's plenty of others in the same boat who post all over social media of their experience. Every company has its goo and bad days but to be fobbed off when it comes to unsafe meats is not on at all.


Bad experience? I haven’t had one but have seen a couple of comments on posts. Did the support react as you’d expect or did you have further issues? I’ve ordered a couple of times since summer without issues or poor food quality


lets see if this one stays. I'd rather starve than order from this company again. I would be less ill if I ate the stale old kebab meat in the bins down the local takeaway.


They do normally have a free delivery code or £5/£10 off which can be stacked. I did find one when I ordered this week (can’t for the life of me find it now) so would be worth checking around for any additional codes.


+ £4.99 delivery? or is there a code for free delivery please?

Muscle Food Mystery Hamper £9.99 + £4.99 del @ Muscle Food
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
Brilliant price available for the Muscle Food mystery box, contains items such as snacks, protein bars, drinks all which would be normally price individually or in small packs for … Read more
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You might get one for 'free' -


I used to order from them all the time but found the quality of their meat declined rapidly. I now use a local butcher I get 5kg of chicken breast for £26


I won't order from Musclefood the spam is unbearable.


They claimed there were no issues with it being out of date and tbh I couldn't be bothered in sending back a £2 spread (reduced from about £8). I just choose not to buy from them again. check their page Clearance Food "Don't miss out on these crazy prices! We have a wide selection of Short Dated and Past Best Before date clearance items with some of our tasty high protein products up for grabs for low, low prices."


I personally haven’t received anything out of date but I would expect the to acknowledge a refund or reorder if any products were out of date. They have pretty responsive support in place I’ve found when contacting them about delivery issues or order changes.

Muscle Food Black Friday Hamper £56.99 delivered
Found 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
It is often hard to know if a muscle food hamper is a good deal or not but I thought this was a great one. 3 hampers for the price of 1 AND I found a £5 off code making it even che… Read more

Code Says expired


I think you can stop the texts. This is way better than getting your meat from the supermarket.


The price you pay for spam I suppose never leave you alone text all the time


You might as well spend £75 for free delivery... instead of wasting £5 on delivery.


£57.99 with code

2 huge food hampers for £60 in total! with code @ MuscleFood
Found 29th Sep 2018Found 29th Sep 2018
Muscle foods order a £55 hamper worth £108! and get identical one for £5! That's two hampers for £60 and free delivery! Automatically adds once you add to basket Contents on l… Read more

That's true can't please everyone no two minds think alike although they say good ones do (lol) have a nice evening


Soz, can't make this deal any warmer ;( Don't be too disheartened, there are quite a few sad keyboard warriors on here who vote everything cold.



Hahaha respect for the honesty (highfive) thinking myself for all that meat for 60 quid can't go wrong that's that I'll be the freezer full for 3 months now for only 20 quid a month :D I hope your going to turn your cold into a hot (y) as everyone voting my first post cold Boohoo (:I


More likely than being for vegans. (highfive)

30x Wonky Rump Steaks £33.99 delivered @ Musclefood [UK & Irish Steaks / Grass Fed & Free Range]
Found 5th Sep 2018Found 5th Sep 2018
I didn't actually know Musclefood did "Wonky" products, it seems all the rage and means you can get perfectly good products cheaper, because they aren't as pretty. I thought for 30… Read more

I read about wonky steak a couple of days ago. It's usually the cuts that are used for mincing, the under weight cuts. For grass fed and free range this is a good price. Unfortunately I found muscle foods quality went down hill when I used to order from them.


This is either a wind up or a ridiculous attempt at marketing


smaller packs posted yesterday and got the heat it deserved, ignoring the quality using wonky as an advertising term is stupid, you only get wonky cuts if the butcher messes up anything else is trimmings nothing more. Jumping on the wonky veg bandwagon only the gullible with no clue of meat cuts should buy this.


I would still take my chances with what I can see though - sorry


Couldn't see if it was grass fed or matured at all on the page, so compared it to the closest I can see. which works out £12.58 per KG at Asda. I think the Bosswell Farms stuff is the Tesco Value range re-branded? Although I might be wrong they seem to have different farm names on a lot of their items now. Such as Redmere Farms Carrots, Rosedene Farms Strawberries and Willow Farms Chicken

10 wonky free range sirloin steaks £14 + £4.99 del @ MuscleFood
Found 4th Sep 2018Found 4th Sep 2018
We believe that no matter how imperfect or odd looking - every steak deserves to be given a good life. With your help we can save Beautifully Wonky™ Sirloin Steaks from the u… Read more
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Cheap prices, cheap meat. Typical Musclefood. Binned them off years ago. Spend a little extra and get straight cut steaks from your local butcher


Sorry, what did you say ;)


The photo looks like a tray full of ears.


Had some steaks from them recently - total rubbish


Only had muscle food steaks once as part of a bbq pack. Inedible. I'd like to think their other cuts are better but it really put me off. Wouldnt try them again.

Meat Hamper @ MuscleFood for £55
Found 31st Aug 2018Found 31st Aug 2018
Meat Hamper @ MuscleFood for £55
£55£108.1949%MuscleFood Deals
Hamper Includes: - 10-12 x 200g Premium Chicken Breasts (2.5kg) - 2 x 170g Free Range Sirloin Steaks - 2 x 113g Free Range Steak Burgers - 200g Extra Lean Steak Mince - 200g Southe… Read more

Much prefer bellyfood


It's all awful! I've had it before.


Just had the lean steak burgers. Ive got to say they are well qorth the money!


Good research MGowan - well done


You're a brave soul posting this! Did you search for 'Musclefood' deals before posting?

Muscle food offer -  August Summer Selection & extra hamper £65 plus free delivery
Found 26th Aug 2018Found 26th Aug 2018
Muscle food offer - August Summer Selection & extra hamper £65 plus free delivery
Add to your basket and then use the code FYFAUG and it automatically adds the £5 hamper and adjusts the price and free delivery! For £60 you will receive: 24 x 200g Premium Chic… Read more

I think it was a joke.


Thanks this 1 was oos but ordered the double up hamper for £55 (+ £5 to double) & free delivery x


Poor quality! I once had chicken that had come from Poland... never again 👎🏻




Had to come back to this, the site has a whole vegan and vegetarian section - Why would they do that??

Protein Mars Bars - Past BBE - £9.95 / £13.94 delivered @ MuscleFood
Found 17th Jul 2018Found 17th Jul 2018
Protein Mars Bars - Past BBE - £9.95 / £13.94 delivered @ MuscleFood
£9.95£30.4567%MuscleFood Deals
Not my cup of tea but for those of you that don't care about best before dates and like protein bars, this is a good deal. 18 pack of protein Mars Bars for just under a tenner. Con… Read more

I know they're OOS but do you still have to spend the ridiculous £25 before they'll deliver?...even though you have to pay for delivery... (annoyed)


How likely will they be back in stock?


Oh bum, I didn't notice.


Says sold out unfortunately.


Sold out :-)

Pea Protein Isolate 90 - 1 KG £5.30 @ Muscle Food
Found 25th Mar 2018Found 25th Mar 2018
Pea Protein Isolate 90 - 1 KG £5.30 @ Muscle Food
Allergen FREE, protein packed and bursting with BCAAs – our superb Pea Protein is a bona fide powerhouse of a protein!

I have to mix pea protein with a flavored whey because the taste is awful!


Here you go. Stumbled across this while studying. and then if you go to 7.2. The article is written by Jorn Trommelen who is a lead scientist studying muscle protein synthesis. As you can see plant based proteins don't trigger the same response as animal proteins because although they do have all of the essential amino acids, they simply don't have as much. You can offset this by simply consuming more of it though.


No offence but I'm not taking time out of my day to back something up which has been widely accepted at least as long as I've been body building. That's why almost all protein companies offer a blend of pea, rice and soy. Rice contains a lot of what Pea lacks so they make a good combination. You could chug down a pea protein shake with your dinner as you're suggesting, but most people use shakes as a supplement for when they don't have access to real food, at the gym, or work. if you're at home and access to real food you should be eating that.


Can you back that up with any scientific studies? If this was true, the only way the protein would "go to waste" is if you consumed no other food containing the low amino acids that you haven't detailed, which would be highly unlikely


​yes, technically it does contain all essential amino acids. however, its very low in some of them which means alot of the protein goes to waste.

24 Grenade Carb Killa bars for £24.95 + £4.95 delivery at Musclefood
Found 25th Mar 2018Found 25th Mar 2018
24 Grenade Carb Killa bars for £24.95 + £4.95 delivery at Musclefood
2 boxes for £24.95 - Chocolate Mocha or Banana Armour flavour available. Looks like this offer ends tomorrow. These are one of the best protein bars and are rarely reduced.

13g of carbs? Any protein bars that are carb free?


Dark chocolate mint and jaffa quake are amazing <3 not keen on this flavour


I vote hot for the price but not a fan because of the maltitol. Also won't order from musclefood again as they pretty much stalk you via email and text.


HNEW28723 - £10 off orders over £60 Also delivery is £4.99 DPD or £3.99 Standard.


Oh man these are good!

Musclefood - Dr Zaks - short dated protein peanut butter £2.99 + £4.99 delivery - tastes amazin
Found 20th Mar 2018Found 20th Mar 2018
Musclefood - Dr Zaks - short dated protein peanut butter £2.99 + £4.99 delivery - tastes amazin
I love this stuff! super good and lots of difference flavours but they have an offer on the crunchy - normally quite pricy at £4.99/5.99 - £2/£3 saving if your like me the jar wo… Read more
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I had to buy some chicken so added a few in the basket, thanks


So one jar is 7.98??


Short Dated or Past Best Before!, taste amazin normal assumes it is it its best, not voted.

protein flap jack 29p each!! - CNP Pro Flapjack - 48 Flapjack bars £13.99 / £17.74 delivered @ Muscle food
Found 14th Mar 2018Found 14th Mar 2018
protein flap jack 29p each!! - CNP Pro Flapjack - 48 Flapjack bars £13.99 / £17.74 delivered @ Muscle food
£13.99 for 48 aka 29p each, they taste alright!! cheap 18g of protein if you ask me.
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for 29p?


You better be, otherwise I'm gonna cut your pocket money so you cant buy sh*t.... you son of a b*tch.... now where is that useless mother of yours I want my dinner!! 8)


Sorry Dad


you threw them away wtf!! like there was no other option you could have possibly had, someone else to give to... an animal ... anything! threw them away,, man like ahmark you know!! likes to save money, and throw money!


Aldi sardines 34p for 20.7g of protein + omega 3 & 6 - sugar Better value if you don't mind fish IMO. I do a lot of cycling and running, never had a protein shake/bar. Still put on plenty of muscle.

82 pieces of meat for £55 with code @ muscle food plus £3.95 p&p
Found 13th Mar 2018Found 13th Mar 2018
82 pieces of meat for £55 with code @ muscle food plus £3.95 p&p
Buy one box for £45, and they throw in another for an extra tenner. Now I buy from muscle food quite a bit and this is a great deal. If you spend over £75 delivery is free. Much … Read more

Never again last lot of chicken smelt rancid threw it ou


auto correct on a phone :p


works out at about £6 a kilo, poor value, ive just ordered 18kg of mixed meat, including steak from a local butcher for £100


Keep fighting the good fight you rebellious chickens.


Spam? Emails (y)

Muscle food deal - 	Simply The Best Fresh Lean Meat Hamper £39 + second hamper for £1  - £44.99 delivered @ Muscle foods
Found 9th Mar 2018Found 9th Mar 2018
Muscle food deal - Simply The Best Fresh Lean Meat Hamper £39 + second hamper for £1 - £44.99 delivered @ Muscle foods
Musclefood on Facebook have a reduced hamper for £39 and newbies can get a second hamper for £1. First Post so excuse the basics but thought it was a good deal. Ordered mine for £4… Read more
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Albeit in great shape he's not quite 'elite' level.


There are certainly people successful in those fields who are 100% plant based. For example Karl Bruder - “I have put on 6kg since I have been vegan in 20 months. I never achieved this amount of muscle prior to being vegan in 6 years in competitive bodybuilding. So when someone says you built most of your muscle on animal based products I tell them I have made a lot more progress and faster on a plant based diet. I have never been in such good shape and conditioned all year round as I am now. So the fact is, being vegan has massive benefits to my sport and my health.”


So disappointing. But the chicken is hands down the best. And they have great service too.


Funnily enough just had one and had to throw it away! Tough as hell.


-185° to this space.

Buy muscle food meat bundle for £45, and get a second bundle for £5
Found 19th Jan 2018Found 19th Jan 2018
Buy muscle food meat bundle for £45, and get a second bundle for £5
Limited stock available! Find a friend to share this deal with and it’ll only cost you £25 to fill your freezer with good meat XD

I had a look on here the other day for a similar offer and they kept adding stuff to my basket that I didn't want. Is this what they normally do? Put me off tbh, didn't order in the end.


I use this company, I have to say I have always been happy with my orders. The chicken breast is the best I have ever bought. Their meat is all low fat. I can only recommend them


Looks good, price for what u get is good, but reading about others that bought im on the fence with this deal.


Admittedly it was over a year ago but I tried a similar bundle back then from this place and was disgusted with the quality of the meat. Hopefully they have improved their supplier chain.


i bought this the other day and have had other hampers from them. i think the quality is really good. the chicken breasts are alot nicer than the supermarkets. only thing i dont like that they do are the meatballs. they are weird