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Posted 10 July 2023

Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes 400g - 6 Pack - £5.50 @ Amazon

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I find these to be the best tinned tomatoes. Great flavour.

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Product Description
Mutti has been processing tomatoes with passion for over 100 years. Its products are made exclusively of Italian tomatoes, with scrupulous supervision of the entire production chain: from selection of the most suitable varieties to inspection in the field, up to harvesting and bottling.

  • Ingredients tomatoes 99.8 percent and salt
  • Premiumness The best tomatoes are picked when perfectly ripe, cold crushed, and processed with our patented technique to capture the flavour of just-harvested tomatoes
  • Characteristics It keeps all the freshness of just-harvested tomatoes. It is a unique product that combines the finely cut pulpy part of the tomato with the juice
  • How to use Ideal for cooking long at high temperatures, but also suitable for using uncooked, thanks to its fresh, fragrant flavour. Excellent for sauces, stews and soups, or even bruschetta
  • Mutti From Italy’s No 1 tomato brand. Since 1899 Mutti has been processing tomatoes with passion and a scrupulous supervision of the entire production chain

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  1. dvdvicar's avatar
    Usual Amazon price.
  2. gordon.johnston's avatar
    Most tins of tomatoes contain 60% tomato, whether it’s supermarket brand or Napolina. The rest is water or juice. These tins are 99% tomato. Yes, more expensive but more tomato. This is a decent price for them.
    john_n3MU's avatar
    that worries me .......bet it is not all top grade as with all brands and mushed toms in a tin. Well, at least you know what you are paying for. Enjoy.
  3. Zapp8rannigan's avatar
    how are these for blending into a tomato sauce on a pizza? just bought a pizza oven the other day and looking at getting a decent tomato sauce going.
    rcsambrose's avatar
    Don't even need to blend them, they're already the perfect consistency. Open them up and add some salt, garlic, oregano, chilli, olive oil and pepper and it's good to go.
  4. dragonballz78's avatar
    Thanks. Will try get the whole peeled one!
  5. Paul_Lawless's avatar
    Could you not just buy 2 tins of cheap ones, drain then of the water and voilla......more tomatoes for same priceI I will try them though and if they aren't no better than Aldi ones I will be back complaining! (edited)
    john_n3MU's avatar
    Your taking saving pennies too far.
  6. Shonk's avatar
    do they come with gold plated tins for almost £1 a tin
    Stephen_petrou's avatar
    Worth every penny
  7. flatlander's avatar
    I really like this brand of tomatos I think it makes a big difference in recipes
    john_n3MU's avatar
    I can't disagree with that..........'a big difference'
  8. john_n3MU's avatar
    I bought couple of dozen tins after a deal here. They just do not taste fresh in the mouth - nowt wrong with the product just not good. Napolina WHOLE PLUM are the best I have used(only tin grade 1)- nice fresh juice too. COLD and YUK! Not for me. Advise you try single a tin first - wished I had.

    Just accept that all tinned toms are graded, with only grade 1 going in whole - chopped are all the rough leftover pulp. (edited)
    DoubleUp's avatar
    I thought his point was pretty clear.
  9. Alex.Theory's avatar
    Amazing for making sauces. Worth every penny. Heat added.
  10. skiking's avatar
    Try San marzano tinned tomatoes by the same company. Waitrose sell then but they are 3 times the price! Tried a tin yesterday on homemade pizza - yum!
  11. MelissaParker's avatar
    This deal changed my life. Thank you OP. I can finally love again ❤️
  12. missslc's avatar
    might want to put the price in the header
  13. Bunnster's avatar
    £5.22 with 5% S&S Ordered.
    Heat added. Thanks OP
  14. whats_the_deal's avatar
    These are very fresh tasting, but not as rich as a Passata. What recipes are people using these with, as I struggle to know where they are better than passata...
  15. smile78's avatar
    Does anyone know how many tomatoes in a tin? Probably worthwhile just buying vine tomatoes and chopping or blending them.
    mrrsoles's avatar
    I've read it's 24 per tin.
  16. weeZl's avatar
    blend a tin of cheap toms and add a squirt of tom puree. works every time
  17. maxtesti's avatar
    Mutti, Cirio, ... have been making tinned tomatoes for Italians for decades. Probably the best quality tomatoes in a tin you can get. (edited)
    john_n3MU's avatar
    I like that brand. Watch Jamie Oliver..all he uses is Napoli a and they don't pay him.
  18. MusicmanJP's avatar
    plum > chopped
  19. daveh2k5's avatar
    Believe me once u start eating good whole food like this you'll realise what real food is and what all the sugar filled processed garbage your eating is doing too your body
    john_n3MU's avatar
    ha, ha. How very wrong can one be. It is processed gut rot.
  20. john_n3MU's avatar
    GoodOld Mutti..............taken for crushed tomatoes in a tin, but hey, same factory.

    Servingsize is based on 100g per portion containing 120mg sodium perserving. Total of 4 in 1 can = 480mg sodium(salt)

    Sugars2.8g per serving equates to 11.2g per tin of processed rubbish. N.B.Children aged 4 to 6 should have no more than 19g of free sugars a day (5 sugar cubes).
    1)Taking the mick: Ingredients |tomatoes 99.8% and salt - you assume it's all made up of nearly 100% Tomatoes - it is not. They mislead you into believing the first thing you read istrue.......
    2)Premiumness| The best tomatoes are picked when perfectly ripe, cold crushed, and processed..absolutely pointless, designed deliberately to mislead you.......Premiuness means naff all. The rest may be true(doubtful)but it does not say all that is in THIS tin it is simply a statement of how to get the best from any grown Tomatoes......GET THEIDEA TO MISLEAD YOU? ......

    It’s estimated that your body only needs 186 mg of sodium per day to function properly and you get 480mg of sodium in 1 tin of this gut rot, or is it implicated solely as a factor in hypertension? There, happy now. Or have you been mislead yet again?......enjoy your purchase of processed foods.......
    In order for a food product to be considered "low sodium," it can't contain more than 140 milligrams of sodium per serving. "Very low sodium" foods contain 35 milligrams or less perserving.

    Have I been suckered too? (Yup, possibly. I have no way of verifying the above). Have you? Yup - all the above is cut and paste. Don't blame me. Think of your children.

    Wished the above was taught at schools today.
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