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Free or .uk Domain name for one year @
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Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Free or .uk Domain name for one year @£7.99
The following suffixes are on offer when registered for 1 year using the embedded voucher code - and .uk. The offer prices are: and .uk - FREE. (standard prices are:… Read more

Thank you


I agree , sorting out the family accounts is the pain point, and at £10 a year, going elsewhere simply doesn't make sense. My time has some (limited!) Value!


It is all Google you're using? (Bought via Google Domains, forwarding into Gmail?) Are you talking about the password for getting around 2 factor authentication?


Hi Nask, Thanks for this! I own my domain, but I keep getting stuck at the very last point where it asks to verify with a confirmation code. In my emails I get a Delivery Status Notification (Failure) email as they can't find my domain. Any idea? TIA


This is true, most domains stay put which is why they do these loss leaders. Especially when you buy multiple over a calendar year there's never a renewal date, loads of providers like 1&1 rebill every 2 years, you're never going to leave. But yes it's not a scam it's totally normal for domains, Google domains does the exact same

Free or .uk Domain name for one year @
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Posted 27th Dec 2018Posted 27th Dec 2018
Free or .uk Domain name for one year @
Get a 1 Year FREE or .uk Domain Name.... You do not need to buy a 2 Year plan like some other Rehistrars.... Simple 1 Tear Free !!! Free Sitebuilder Free Email

Tried to setup .uk domain name and had a email from the domain register said it failed because i don't own said it belongs to them. (mad) Not Happy i can't use it.


not sure sitebuilder is free


That's more than twice what I pay. I have my .uk domains with OVH. They charge £2.99+VAT per year for renewal. That's their normal price, not an offer.


Criminals to charge to transfer a domain


I would hope it’s tear free

.com and matching domain registration £5.99
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Posted 19th Oct 2018Posted 19th Oct 2018
.com and matching domain registration £5.99£5.99
Get a .com and a for 1 year for £4.99 (£5.99 with vat). Hope it helps someone
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Thanks for the info. I just wanted the cheap registration, it seems easy to point the name servers to my hosting account.


Thanks for posting. But these people are difficult to deal with if you then want to set up mail boxes with them for your domain. I did this for a domain about five years ago, I wanted a certain number of independent mail boxes with separate passwords for each, it was very difficult/impossible to do. And the so called technical staff were not useful. Not recommended

.uk domain extensions for £0.30
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Posted 22nd Sep 2015Posted 22nd Sep 2015
.uk domain extensions for £0.30£0.30 are a leading brand in the web hosting industry and to celebrate nominets 30th anniversary the are practically giving away .uk for £0.30p Iv jus… Read more
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U do know they send u hefty bill after a year for continuing hosting etc and u dont pay they get ccj on ur name happened to me with If u cancel a month before renewal it should be fine but then whats the point in getting good domain


sorry if I sound stupid have never done anything like this before what package to I have to pick to get this?


The voucher could not be applied.


The code worked fine for me.


Renewal prices well down this page

Buy a £2.40 domain name with and get £5 Quidco cashback
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Posted 17th Jul 2014Posted 17th Jul 2014
Buy a £2.40 domain name with and get £5 Quidco cashback£2.40
Buy a domain name on and get £5 Quidco cashback. Cheapest domain is the .eu extension at £1.99 (excluding VAT). if you don't know what a domain is it's essentially a … Read more
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it's cool if you have a blog. you can use it as a custom domain. i'm using it with tumblr.


is a domain name any use on its own or do I need top subscribe to other services to get any use out of it?


Great deal for the cashback but heinous charges on the renewal. Make sure you transfer away before then.


woo free £2.60. kerching. and a free domain. ^__^ thanks dealiasmith. heat added.


price list here

Save 1/3 on Web Hosting (New or Renewals) - Namesco
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Posted 28th May 2012Posted 28th May 2012
Save 1/3 on Web Hosting (New or Renewals) - Namesco
First post so let me know if I have filled in the details correctly please :) *on edit: is the link whi… Read more
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Why spam bully? I have no affiliation with this website. I have used their hosting in the past for a couple of client sites and thought this would be a decent deal for other customers.




Hi MitchellIT. I have tried to change the link but it still goes to some strange page. The links are included within the body text of the deal. Hope that helps. Thanks for letting me know.


broken link

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Namesco whole year and free domain for £14.39
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Posted 16th Aug 2011Posted 16th Aug 2011
Namesco whole year and free domain for £14.39£14.39
70% off starter hosting, gives u whole year and free domain for £14.39 instead of £47.90 Fantasic deal, coming up on a few sites
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It's a better deal when you consider the £10 cashback. When I last looked though I was able to get 2 years for £8 for some domains which netted me £2 profit so not sure this stacks up...

£9.99 Domain name + £10 Quidco @ Namesco
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Posted 4th May 2011Posted 4th May 2011
£9.99 Domain name + £10 Quidco @ Namesco£9.99
After quidco your domain name will be free for 2 years! woop! £11.99 with VAT - £9.99 excludes VAT - nicster08 £11.99 with VAT - £9.99 excludes VA… Read more
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There is, like I said they charge another £10 to transfer the Tags away :)


I think there is a penalty to move away domain from Namesco.


hot because its worth a punt and you educated people to a potential deal


Don't forget they lock you in to the registrar: would only charge you £2.99 a year (I think transfers away are free too but I'm not 100% sure)

deleted91480 would be fine for .com and email. If you simply need email forwarding, you could set up a catch all forwarding to your email via the control panel. If you need to create email accounts, you will have to integrate it with Google Apps or Microsoft Live Admin Centre . (Google Apps is easier as has most of the default settings) Both of them are free of course. There are plenty of resources on how to set it all up on the internet. It takes a bit more effort compared to say 123-reg but you don't need to pay the extra. is a website which allows you to find domain combinations aka domain hacks easily. For example, if you enter ihearthotukdeals, it will show the availability of all the .com/.net/.org and the shorten versions.

dot me domains half price at Namesco
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Posted 15th Jan 2011Posted 15th Jan 2011
dot me domains half price at Namesco
So I know that 123reg has a £1.99 offer for a dot me domain, but that is only for the first year. If you want to keep the domain then it ramps up to normal price for subsequent yea… Read more
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IIRC namesco don't offer whois privacy on .me domains or its expensive. Kind of stupid as most .me websites are going to be personal, and therefore most clients would like to hide their information.


And 123 won't tell you it's gone up. They will just take £££££££'s out of your bank!


Linky because go to deal doesn't!

Namesco offer: SiteMaker free + domain for a 2 years registration just £4.99
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Posted 4th Nov 2010Posted 4th Nov 2010
Namesco offer: SiteMaker free + domain for a 2 years registration just £4.99£4.99
Bargain price - ideal for those wanting to set up a website/blog. An opportunity for a non-technical person to create a blog, make a site in honour of an event or person, promote t… Read more
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sounds a good offer, great price.


I got the sitemaker tool on the .info offer, really good easy way of making a site, bargain £4.99 for a aswel on this new offer’


Not bad for 2 years, thanks :)

Namesco £1 website offer (SiteMaker for FREE plus .info domain for just £1)
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Posted 20th Oct 2010Posted 20th Oct 2010
Namesco £1 website offer (SiteMaker for FREE plus .info domain for just £1)£1
Thought this was a very decent offer if you just wanted to set up a basic website/blog No Complicated Install just point, edit and publish. Simple! Features Start your award … Read more

They've just sent me an auto renewal notice for £23.99 ! I thought this was just for 1 year. Any ideas on how to cancel would be appreciated. Thanks.


With Namesco you usually get the first page hosted included. If you take a domain you can usually forward the emails to another account (mine go to Gmail) this is done via a control menu..


I cant find an option to link this to my own webspace?


Thanks for the help. (_;)


Anyone having trouble finding how to start using the product, log into your control panel from the Namesco website, click 'Domain names', select your site name, click 'SiteMaker' from the panel and the 'edit site', here you can create and edit your site.

Website for £1: get a free website with SiteMaker and .info to use with it for £1 @ Namesco
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Posted 9th Aug 2010Posted 9th Aug 2010
Website for £1: get a free website with SiteMaker and .info to use with it for £1 @ Namesco£1
We are offering our site builder product and a .info for £1! we really want you to try it out. • Sign up as a NEW customer clicking on the link below • Buy a .info domain with S… Read more
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when i order, it says i will be charged per month, so is it £1 per month or per year?


What exactly is Sitemaker?


ordered. site maker says - sitemaker Free


you can get 10£ cashback from cashback kings as well and make 9£ profit :)


hey its a great deal, just got a question, if anyone would be able to help me: im guessin the £1 is for the first year only, after that can the registration be cancelled incase of an increase in price?

Pay-As-You-Go Broadband + Free Wireless Router
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Posted 9th Oct 2007Posted 9th Oct 2007
Pay-As-You-Go Broadband + Free Wireless Router
New Broadband Packages and 'Free Wireless Router' - Offer ends 12th Oct 07 ------------------------------- As an 11 year old multi-award winning Internet Service Provider, Namesco… Read more

I should have read it properly before I post!!!


Sorry but I think this deal so cold I have got frost bite the Max serivce costs £14.95 and only includes 1GB a month usage. This is very poor for the price, also they say it is pay as you go but if you cancel in the first 12 months you are going to pay a hefty leaving fee. If termination occurs within the first twelve (12) months from the commencement date, a termination fee of £70.50 inc.VAT will be payable reduced to £35.25 inc.VAT if you have migrated in from another service provider. The termination fee consists of the ADSL Connection fee to activate your line and the full-cost of providing the "Free" broadband router to you.


Alternatively, Sales Advisors will be happy to answer your questions on 0845 363 3632 or assist you with your order or migration.


Download Allowances explained ----------------------------- All our Broadband Packages come with 1GB (GigaByte) of bandwidth allowance as standard allowing you to Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) on a per GB basis should you use more. Alternatively, you can buy Bandwidth Bundles if you know you will regularly use more bandwidth and this can work out cheaper too. 1GB of downloads in a month is roughly equivalent to: 40 Songs 600 Emails 100 hours of web 4 hours of video