Posted 14 February 2023

National Lottery Open Week 18-26 Mar - Free Entry to 100's of places inc National Trust places (Lottery Ticket / Scratchcard Req from £1)

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The National Lottery open week is taking place 18th to 26th March. The map is now live showing some places that will be included ranging from free entry e.g. National Trust locations to discounted or free tickets (some tickets can be booked now). The map/list will be updated weekly with more venues over the coming weeks. Having a browse of the map

The offer is open to anyone who presents a National Lottery ticket or scratchcard (digital or physical), scrathcards can be bought from £1 if you don't have an old ticket.

Various National Trust properties included for free entry 18th to 26th March

Free entry to 100's of National Trust locations


National museum of Flight - free tickets can be booked now

The National Museum of Flight is home to one of Europe's best collections of aircraft, including Scotland's Concorde.

Learn about the history of aviation from the First World War to the present day and immerse yourself in our interactive exhibitions, supersonic experiences and historic hangars and airfield.

Free entry for visitors to the National Museum of Flight who present a National Lottery ticket or scratchcard on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March 2023.


Free entry to various RSPB Nature Reserves / free parking

Various free entry to RSPB nature reserves as well as free parking offers for some


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National Lottery Open Week map
The National Lottery More details at The National Lottery
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  1. Wiggywoo9's avatar
    Free entry to black country museum is now live
  2. thewolf8u's avatar
    Nothing much in the north west other than the usual National trust and RSPB sites which are always part of some kind of offer. Was better the other year when Jodrell Bank participated
  3. JimbobAstin's avatar
    There’s always loads of scratches on floor out side local corner shops
    If you don’t want to support gambling
  4. x80ssm's avatar
    2021/2022 deal was probably the most epic deal to occur. Think it was called lottery days out, really hoping they bring that back again. I did so much with the kids in and around London
    shanraja's avatar
    Which deal was that.. just so I can look out for it thanks
  5. sdzak's avatar
    Is that the same like last year if not waiting for the one through which you can go shrek lego & sea life zoo & other places
    Chanchi32's avatar
    different promo
  6. tonirlex's avatar
    Great deal
  7. david.funnell's avatar
    got tickets for National Museum of Flight Scotland, thanks
    Chanchi32's avatar
    nice one
  8. renbi's avatar
  9. kellysanderben's avatar
    Anyone could book the advance ticket for PAINSHILL for free? National Lottery requests pre-booking but it is not free on their website.
    JDPH's avatar
    Are you sure PainsHill is National Trust? I think it's independent
  10. Easthighland's avatar
    briefly check the participating venues, much fewer than last year, wondering is this the final list or more to be added?

    anyone know how to enter the ballot for the BFI tour? the link on the website doesn't seem to work (edited)
    Chanchi32's avatar
    more venues will be added per week
  11. babagika's avatar
    Amazing if you’ve got something worth visiting near you…. Nothing in Essex though
  12. Lexxx's avatar
    Do you have to surrender the tickets/scratch cards or can you reuse for other places?
    Chanchi32's avatar
    you just need to show it I believe either physical or digital
  13. Corkscrew's avatar
    If I book a place for two people, do I need two lottery tickets or just one for the both of us?
  14. gari189's avatar
    Bump - starts tomorrow
  15. frowner's avatar
    Went to a National Trust property today and they wouldn’t accept a screenshot of my ticket purchased online, Ihad to log into my account and show them the ticket that way.
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