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Posted 6 July 2023

New HONOR 90 5G SIM Free Unlocked 8+256GB Smartphone + HONOR Pad X8 Tablet with code for £414.98 or £437.48 @ HONOR UK

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Update 1
Update 12/7: Use Code 𝗔𝗡𝗟𝗛𝟵𝟬 For 10% Off
Good price for a decent looking mid range phone + tablet, particularly as the HONOR 70 is best priced at just over £300.

The Phone will go live on 6th July 2023 at 15:00

Phone is £449.99
Use code AGOBEYOND5 or AUKH905 for 5% off
Try the following link for a 10% off voucher. They will currently email you a 10% voucher if you sign up now but unsure if this will still be possible after 15:00:

Add the HONOR Pad X8 Tablet for £9.99

Up to 120Hz
1.07 billion colours
Quad-Curved Floating Screen
All-new 3840Hz PWM Dimming

Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Accelerated Edition

200MP Ultra-Clear Camera (f/1.9)
12MP Ultra Wide and Macro Camera (f/2.2)
2MP Depth Camera (f/2.4)

5000 mAh (typical value)
HONOR 66W SuperCharge


Update - use code 𝗔𝗡𝗟𝗛𝟵𝟬 for 10% off! Thanks
Honor More details at
Community Updates
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Code 𝗔𝗡𝗟𝗛𝟵𝟬 works for 10% off...

- - -
Please note: NO charger included, +£24.99 to choose a 66W SuperCharger on that page.
From bottom of the Specs page hihonor.com/uk/…ec/
In the Box
1. Phone (Built-in battery) x1
2. Type-C Cable x1
3. TPU Protective cover x1
4. Quick Start Guide x1
5. Eject Tool x1
6. Warranty Card x1
7. TP protective film (Attached on the phone before delivery) x1
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  1. RandomTask007's avatar
    Specs look very similar to the Honor 70, apart from being on a newer version of Android?
    Ahers99's avatar
    + better screen, better processor, better camera & bigger battery. Compare at GSMarena.
  2. pablo_el_diablo's avatar
    No OIS, oh dear.. but screen is nice from what I can see.. (edited)
  3. Crossbow's avatar
    - I have a 10% off code if anyone cannot get their own via link provided in the op. If you will be definitely using it, pm me if interested (cannot be stacked with any others though).
    - One could get at least £100 for the Pad X8 (rrp £140) hihonor.com/uk/…uy/, so definitely buy it for the only £10 extra spend.
    - Also make sure to go via TCB for potential 10% cashback topcashback.co.uk/hon…uk/ - around £34.50 on the total spend excl VAT. (edited)
    Mastermaster's avatar
    dont use the 5% off voucher though as they will cancel your cashback (edited)
  4. Crossbow's avatar
    Code 𝗔𝗡𝗟𝗛𝟵𝟬 works for 10% off... please update the code field in your original post.

    alftrad1's avatar
    Great spot and a great price with a tablet included imo. The Honor 70 was well enough reviewed. At this price point something has to give so not everyone will be pleased though!
  5. Michael_JohnsonfwK's avatar
    I'm still using my honor 20 pro from about 3.5 years ago, from a deal that was on here. Still love this phone. Would like to hear if anyone upgrades from a 20 pro to the 90. I know it's newer, faster etc, but I've not been blown away by the reviews and camera results to make me go for it.
    NeilB's avatar
    I'm in the game boat, still using the Honor 20 Pro and was hoping this would be a good upgrade but think no OIS means it'll be a no from me.

    Would still be good to hear of anyone has upgraded what they thought.
  6. barneyonion's avatar
    Does anyone know if it comes bundled with a charger and is it worth the extra £50 for the additional storage and ram. (edited)
    Ahers99's avatar
    It doesn’t, which is pretty poor for the price. Extra £25.
  7. Msx98's avatar
    I signed up this morning and my code is blank.....
    Crossbow's avatar
    Change your settings to light mode & you should see it, or use the code below...
  8. scaff_1's avatar
    i gotta ask, this or a pixel 7 or 7pro

    i know nowt about phones
    wycombe_wanderers's avatar
    Of course the pixel over this. Anyday
  9. drapertron's avatar
    Anyone with a current Honor phone - is the UI and general 'feel' like Huawei pre-Google ban?

    My missus wants a new phone and I think this would fit the bill, her favourite was a P30 Pro but obviously it's a bit out of date now...
  10. John_McNeely's avatar
    This or the NORD 3?
    c0nsumer's avatar
    'Logistical issues' in our sunlit uplands are delaying its release here...
  11. rash_007's avatar
    I have been using an honor 70 some odd decisions by honor for the honor 90 no dual speakers ??? No ip rating at all !!! It's not monthly updates more like once every 4 months but like always if you can get a very good deal then it's worth it , I could 'upgrade' from 70 to 90 for around £185 ...
  12. WCNM's avatar

    Anybody has expertise on its 4G and 5G bands??

    I read:
    4G bands 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 19, 28, 34, 38, 39, 40, 41
    5G bands 1, 5, 8, 28, 41, 77, 78 SA/NSA
    Speed HSPA, LTE-A, 5G


    In 4G bands, it does not have bands 7 and 20. This means if I use it in 4G environment. It can only catch band 3.

    About 4G bands, I read the following website for information.

    Is it correct?

    Anybody experts on this?? Thank you.
  13. Visionspinner's avatar
    Coming from honor 70. I’m liking the AMOLED, better processor, better camera, 200mah bigger battery, but would of replaced the better camera with dual speaker setup and the extra 200mah with either a headphone jack or Micro Sd expandable memory slot even if the price tag was slightly more. Sticking with the 70.
  14. jacquesthelad86e4f's avatar
    BUT it's a mono speaker..shame
  15. JamesB83's avatar
    Great price with the tablet considering you can sell that on. Makes it around the same price as the older Honor 70 once you've done that. Big negative points for no charger and a shame Honor have joined this trend (Honor magic lite 5 doesnt come with one either). My Honor 50 did and think the Honor 70 does. Touts 67w fast charging and not everyone is gonna have one of those bricks specifically lying around, just another reason to squeeze more money out of people. But hey they're not the only ones doing it. Heat for the deal though 🔥
  16. satyris's avatar
    I got an Honor 8x to upgrade from my Samsung S8, I know I'm going from a flagship to a budget brand but I realise I don't want to be without the Samsung ecosystem, so I've gone for a A54 instead
  17. Darren_S's avatar
    This or a honor magic 4 pro?
  18. BeckFjord's avatar
    12GB+512GB is the same price as 8GB+256GB at the moment.
    The link selected the 512GB for me but is it worth updating the title and description?

    If registered, you should get £50 off the 512GB (£399.99) vs 10% off the 256GB (£404.99). Haven't confirmed this at checkout though. (edited)
  19. michaelbh's avatar
    Hi just a quick question I received my phone yesterday but no case included in the box is that correct?
's avatar