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Lenovo Tab 3 10 Plus- 10.1" Full HD Android Tablet Cortex-A53, 2GB RAM, 32GB £159.97 Delivered @ Laptop Outlet
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
Nice price drop on this Lenovo Tab 3 Plus. 10 inch tablet with 2GB ram, 32GB storage and quad core processor. Had a quick look around and this seems to be the best price for the 3… Read more
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Considering tablets are still be sold with 1GB having "only" 2GB isn't the problem some portray it to be, having said that this is priced way to close to other stuff that's a lot better, namely the Tab4 plus which has been available for amounts close to this. I'd buy a used A10-70f For £50-60 more than adequate for most users and save the rest.


I thought the Tab4 plus was this price recently?


How does this compare to the Amazon fire 10 HD?


Way too expensive to be limited by 2GB ram and Android 6. Even if there is 7 available now, we are on 8 and there's a fat chance this will ever get it. If I had £160 in my pocket, I'd be looking at a second hand Tab S2 9.7" for the extra ram and OLED screen.


If I was buying a new tablet I would aim for 3gb minimum ram or it will soon be outdated.

ALLDOCUBE T2 6.98" Quad Core Android Tablet PC (1280x720 IPS Screen, 1G RAM, 16GB ROM) 4G Unlocked Smartphone Phablet - Black @ amazon (possible price glitch)
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
I only got charged £73.65, so even better value. Click on the link there you will see this... Add all to basket, go through checkout, and amazon apply a £50.54 discount… Read more

You'd have to have a personal glitch to pay that for it! £37 fair enough...


Has the same ram as my samsung tablet from 2012/13. I tried selling it and only cex were offering £36. Decided to keep it.


(lol) 8) cool.


But this is a tablet, and that's a phone.


The Xiaomi note 5a is cheaper then this and it comes with 2gb ram!

ASUS ZenPad Z380M 8.0" Android Tablet (1280 x 800​), Grey, and 2GB RAM, 16GB eMMC​, for £79.99, at Currys/PC World
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
ASUS ZenPad Z380M 8.0" Android Tablet (1280 x 800), Grey, and 2GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, for £79.99, at Currys/PC World. Only 1280 x 800 resoultion but has 2GB Ram and 16GB storage. This… Read more





Bought one a while back from John Lewis. Excellent buy,had no issues with it at all.


Hahahahahahahaha, you raise an interesting argument there?. My Phone for example has 4GB of RAM, but to be fair, for the 4GB RAM, I have Whats App, Viber, Tango, Skype, IMO, ( + about 6 other Social Media App's I'd rather not explore here, lol), all running fluidly in the background (and no 'brain-freeze' on account of lack of RAM etc?. And every once in a while I activate a Movie App here or there too ... In addition to the obvious web surfing, and/or checking of my eMails via it's dedicated App's on my Phone and etc etc etc (and even an App Emulator, that in-turn then allows me to have 2 separate Whats App's, 2 separate Google Chrome Browsers, 2 separate eMail account App's on my Phone also). And none as yet have killed the Phone either. :-) But saying allllll that, on a real yeh, it's my Phone ... I'm hardly likely to do all of that (or even half of that for that matter?) on any given Tablet am I?. After all, it's a Tablet (and not a Phone?). If I want Whats App for example, surfing to, I believe there's now a 'web-based' version of it there now? (yes, it'll be a major a$$ pain!, but it's probably heap's less hassle than trying to sync an arguably SIM based App on an otherwise non-SIM based Tablet Device now, I would have thought? - though saying that, the 'newer' versions of the Windows based OPERA Web Browser that integrates the Whats App engine within itself (fair enough), but that's purely on the Windows based Engine that unique feature is available upon as far as I'm aware? - so the Android based equivalent will notably therefore obviously come without ... (putting Whats App in a totally different category yet again?). Additionally, some of the other App's I also mentioned above (to my knowledge at least?) don't have a web-based equivalent for themselves altogether? - eg. IMO, Viber, Tango, etc? (so depending on your 'angle', sticking them lot on a Tablet, may prove themselves to be pure over-kill?. The Skype App on my above list on the other hand is the unique animal in that list, as SIM card, no SIM card, Phone, Tablet, PC, Laptop, TV Boxes, and ... (the list goes on!) Skype can in theory be literally implied on almost anything!, etc etc etc?. So other than perhaps Movie watching, Skyping, web browsing, and/or eMails on any given Tablet, what at all else will one ever do with it again? (that's a genuine query by the way?, lol). :-) So in conclusion basically, 2GB RAM, 3GB RAM, 4GB RAM, and/or 6GB RAM on a Phone could all be successfully (and justifiably) argued either way that it's necessary on any given Phone etc - for pretty much most, if not allllll my above mentioned reasons above and such like? (if not possibly 1001 other reasons besides too?, lol), but in all honesty, I for one am unable to see the same 'reasonings' applied in a similar manner to that of a given Tablet also? - and again, for pretty much most, if not allllll my above mentioned reasons above and such like?, etc etc? (other's might, but I for one, personally don't see it?). And for those reasons (and possibly for those reasons alone), I don't see the point (for now at least?) of having more than 2GB RAM on an Android Tablet?. Especially as the 'basics' of Android can more than comfortably still run on only 1GB of RAM? - even for basic Movie watching ... (be that Phone, or Tablet?). It's only when you have it in mind to perhaps go all 'animal' on it then more than the 'basics' would then be required?, hehehehe (but even then, 2GB of RAM on an Android Tablet, for the average layman is more than just comfortably sufficient? - for now at least?). :-) Though saying that, yes, a possible extra 1GB RAM could prove cool (for a separate given reason I guess?), but for that privileged, you'll be looking at a possible + £30-£40+ additional costs on top of the price of my above stated Tablet?, so ... (£110-£150+ odd?, easy). So, in all, it purely depends on your intended purpose for the Tablet basically? (but saying that, for most people at least anyway, 2GB RAM would be a sufficient ace in the hole for them same way, hehehe). So there you kinda have it?. :-)


I think phones with 6GB+ RAM have spoiled us! It seems hard to find a decent tablet with enough RAM these days.

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Acer Iconia One B3-A40 10 Inch Full HD Android Tablet with 2GB RAM 32GB Storage, £130.98 with code at Tesco
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
I've been looking for a reasonably priced 10 inch android tablet with full HD screen and this one seems to fit the bill. To get this price add 2 x 99p SIM cards and use code TDX-P… Read more

I bought them from an eBay seller about a year after I got the tablet, he must have had the old stock & was selling the ac adapter pack which came with the cable for about a fiver each. I've never bothered searching for a hdmi adapter, they were always pricey & I have no need for one.


Where did you get the cables from? The proprietary able is a pain. Which version of lineage are you running? I've been looking for a cheap hdmi adapter for years now - I bit see that happening now though.


Yes, it is different, but it is comparable from the context of user perceived experience


Quite different from the SD625. HD10 single core performance will be double thus the HD10 feeling exceptionally fast.


Thank you. Just placed my order.

fnf Ifive Mini 4S 7.9" Android tablet - £81.70 @ GearBest
Found 31st Dec 2017Found 31st Dec 2017
After our tablet for the kids was sat on (and broken), I've done a lot of looking around for something inexpensive yet not painfully slow to replace it. This one seems ideal, and h… Read more

Um, not sure there is anything comparable for under a ton, or even close. I have this tablet and it's excellent. Fast enough for most tasks, a lovely fully laminated retina screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio - something of a rarity these days.


PayPal have just refunded me for gearbest failing to deliver in spite of claiming that they had sent it on 3 different days from 3 different locations, fortunately DHL backed up my claim. The tablet itself is actually only average, you can get something similar for the same or lower price, especially in the sales, you will save yourself a lot of worrying and potentially grief


I've ordered loads of stuff, including this tablet, from GearBest - never been stung for import taxes. Always chosen free delivery and been prepared to wait a month for stuff to arrive. The tablet itself is built very well, is not bloated with useless crap, and the screen is excellent. The battery is its only letdown - streaming video on WiFi its going to be dead after a couple of films. I don't game on it but I'm guessing maybe 2 hours of gaming.


I did consider the Samsung but the resolution of 1280 x 800 is unacceptable. I might only be expecting to get 18-24 months from it, but such a poor quality display for £100 just won't do. It is a fair point about import duties, and they could push it over the £100 point, though even then there is nothing that comes close at the moment. Gearbest are also a bit Marmite. I've bought 2 or 3 things previously and they have been fine, but I paid on my credit card in case things don't arrive. I did also have a good think before ordering from them, and can see why you wouldn't want to.


I ordered this tab from Gearbest on the 20th of Nov.....Still waiting..... (annoyed)

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S2 9.7” Android Tablet 32GB Black/White £239.20 @ Ebay WITH CODE at Currys PC World Ebay
Found 28th Dec 2017Found 28th Dec 2017
5% Cashback (QUIDCO) Key Features Highlights - Samsung's thinnest and lightest tablet ever - Super AMOLED screen delivers vibrant, incredibly detailed visuals - Powerful pr… Read more

I just orderded from Argos/ebay instead, away to collect it now


Says it's £299.00p.


It's showing out of stock for me


Out of stock

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Acer Iconia One 7" 16gb Tablet £49.99 at Argos
Found 27th Dec 2017Found 27th Dec 2017
Acer iconia one 7". 16gb, £49.99 at Argos online and in-store.
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It has expired now.


When I click link to Argos its £79.99 (?)


It is rather slow and has only 1GB RAM, so it is not for games. But it is good for reading ebooks, not bad for watching youtube videos. I recommend 2GB RAM tablets. (party)


I just bought my youngest one today so it was a genuine question


I have one of these for home automation - it's not bad, but the 1GB RAM lets it down if you try to do too much at once. Also not on the Argos description is that it's 1280x800 - given that the Nexus 7 was able to do 1920x1200 in that form factor 5 years ago should be a tell... Price is good though so have some heat.

Huawei T3 10” Android Tablet with 20GB per month EE Sim, £20PM with auto cashback (£24PM beforehand) PLUS £90 Amazon Voucher with code 24 month contract - (total before discount £576)  @ Direct Mobiles
Found 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
Great offer if you are after a tablet with data allowance. Normally £24 per month for 2 years, which gives you 20GB 4G on EE per month. However, an automatic cashback drops the mon… Read more
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I shouldn't jump headlong into these things. THE TABLET IS OF ENTRY LEVEL INTELLECT. I was shocked when I got this. I can't do a thing with it. My contract still says 24 pounds and not the 20 promised. I also have to wait for 14 days for Amazon voucher. anybody know why?


Could just think of it as paying for a service that comes with a free tablet if it makes you feel better.


So you don't have a contract mobile phone either then?


Or this for $99 from gearbest. Teclo 10" $157. BUT DROPS TO $99 in basket at checkout. (edit. Going to put this up as a deal separately).


Too much for santa

Deeplee DP90 Projector (800x480p-native) 1600Lumens LED £54.99 @ Sold by DeepleeUK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
Not a bad price and cheapest in its specs bracket. native resolution is 800x480p. Contrast 1600:1 1600 Lumens LED Well reviewed on amazon
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Hi thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Took a chance and you're right, it's easy to use and I'm delighted with it! Cheers 😋


Not sure if it's too late for reply, but it will work with anything that has an HDMI output. So fire stick should work just fine. I have this and it's really good for the price, the quality is great!


Hi can anyone please advise if this can be used with a firestick or what cable I need to buy to use if with a phone or tablet? The recommended one seems to not work according to reviews... Any hints or tips gratefully received.. cheers 😊


£48.99 at the moment on lightning deal. 30% claimed.


Hey this has just gone to lightening deal if you're quick...!

Samsung Tab A 10.1 Inch HD 16GB WiFi Android Tablet for £159 @ Argos Ebay (Free C&C ~£138 with cashback)
Found 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
Worth considering. Think Topcashback are offering 10% off eBay purchases today and there is a bonus £5 as well which requires activation. With all that cashback the total cost fo… Read more
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It's showing as £179


is the screen resolution on this good enough to watch movies? i have the ipad air which has very good screen resolution for watching youtube videos and sky movies. is this still ok for that?


I added 128gb mini sd card to mine. That should take a while to fill up. The SD card was relatively cheap in Black Friday deals.


Looks good to me. Shame about the 16gb but hey ho


Absolutely brilliant tablet for the money

*16gb* Acer Iconia One B1-780 7" HD Tablet Android Marshmallow 6 1280x720 HD screen £49 @ Tesco
Found 28th Nov 2017Found 28th Nov 2017
Changed to # While stocks last # on cart now, so guessing last few.. 8//12//17 Saw the 8gb version in blue on HUKD and remembered this one had the 16GB rom and was in White! In s… Read more

Dual core processor and 1GB, No thanks.


Lol add APKs via ES File or SDcard to Fire devices and not through installing 3rd party playstores


If it could use a mobile sim card then it really would be a bargain


Reviews Say poor performing CPU


Had an Acer tablet...after a year it wouldn't boot up and I had to throw out. Not saying they're all the same but do a google search and seems a known issue.

Acer Iconia One (10" FHD, 2GB, 32GB) - £30 Off at Argos for £149.99
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
Seems like a good price for a Full HD tablet, is plastic though. £30 Off at Argos, down to £149.99. Model number: nt. Le0ek.001. Display: 10.1 inch screen. Resolution 1920 x 1… Read more

Let me know how it goes! (shock)


There's an international seller on eBay selling these for £22 each. They're listed as being new, and the description is an exact copy of Argos's eBay listing for this product. Even the bit about the Argos guarantee. Despite being an international seller (and some of the stuff such as the postage details, being in Spanish),and the product not being on ebay UK, their business address - and the item location, is listed as Telford. Looks very suspicious to me. But I've ordered one anyway. If it's not right I should be able to get a refund.


Quidco are offering an extra £10 cashback on this Tablet if bought from Argos.


Yes, I would not pay anything over £50 from China, it could get lost in the post, no real guarantee, just not worth it to me.


​Not a big fan myself of paying big $$ for poorly made Chinese Cr** Paid allot of money for a Lenovo tablet, screen cracked while I was watching something on YouTube! It was like something from The Exorcist movie!

Lenovo Tab 4 Plus 10 - £249.99 @ Argos
Found 27th Sep 2017Found 27th Sep 2017
Found this today at lunch time, it is usually 299.99 so there is a £50 saving. Seems to be a great tablet for this price. Can save £7.50 through quidco too (I also saved 7.5% thro… Read more
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The new £150 Amazon HD10 is reckoned to use a fast Big.Little CPU 4 core configuration. If so, it makes it a much better buy.


Each to there own i suppose (y)


That's were we differ you see, I'm a grown up so don't have a PlayStation, and I have Terrarium on my phone, it's a tragic bit of software


i love playing my ps4 while on the train, or watching turrarium tv. in the bath., ipads are crap,


Oh well it's £50 now, besides don't have an iPad Pro. Waiting on the next one. Hopefully they have something to wow me

Acer Iconia One B3-A40 10 Inch Full HD Android Tablet £135 or less with voucher - Tesco
Found 23rd Aug 2017Found 23rd Aug 2017
Acer Iconia One B3-A40 10 Inch Full HD Android Tablet with 2GB RAM 32GB Storage - Black, quad-code MediaTek, Screen Resolution 1920 x 1200 Can be had for £135 or less with vouche… Read more

oh no! I bought the white one & put it away for an upcoming birthday...i didnt even check the spec & i have only just logged into my account on here & seen this (after clearing my history). I havent opened it & just checked & yes it is only 16GB!!! so i am going to see if i can return it n pay the difference for the 32gb black one. Just had a look and the typo for the white one has now been i guess i cant prove its their mistake now.Maybe i will just get an SD card for extra storage.


Bought the white one for £109 using code TDX-HYTP.


Not the only downside for me. I bought one at that deal and had a few issues so returned. It was the same issues most people experience, including a dodgy battery (dying at 60% and not turning back on) and an inaccurate touchscreen. I didn't expect much for the low cost, but I expected it to at least work.


Agreed. That's one of the reasons I didn't go for it.


The only downside of Bush 10" - it runs Marshmallow and unlikely to be updated. I am still happy with it though :)

Pixel C tablet £404 direct from Google
Found 7th Aug 2017Found 7th Aug 2017
Reduced by £75 from £479. Operating system Android 7.1.1 Nougat Display 10.2″ LTPS LCD 2560 x 1800 (308 PPI) 500 nits √2 aspect ratio sRGB colour gamut 1500:… Read more

Ice cold. Here's why. I picked this tablet up at £379 last Christmas (Yes, the 64GB model). At the time, it was a decent deal. The same price today is hilariously overpriced, and £404 is even worse. Given the tech that resides in the 2017 32GB iPad, this tablet is beaten in every way. Eight months have gone by since I bought this for £379. £300 is where this tablet should be priced right now.


Lol I'm not arguing don't worry, I have pressed ignore


As per EndemicAlarms post I'm interested in any opinions about using a chromebook as a tablet. In order not to disturb Picard and Harry's argument I've opened up an Ask thread here. Any experience with this style of device would be great!


Damn, I missed out on that one then!


No believe it or not it was the 64gb model. The 32gb at the time was more.

Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus £209 @ Tesco Direct (with code TDX-WPJC)
Found 26th Jul 2017Found 26th Jul 2017
I saw the deal on the Tab 4 8 originally posted by iliveinuk here . Use the code TDX-WPJC at checkout to get it at this price (Save £20 when you spend £150 or more on selected … Read more

Ah cool, bumper one will probably do... thanks !


They've got a bumper or folio case in Argos. I'd imagine more will be released to the market (eBay etc) once the tablet is a bit more popular.


So has anyone managed to find a case for one of these ? I bought this for my kid, but she's well known for smashing tablets and phones. Already destroyed a wileyfox and smashed an nvidia shield :D But finding it extremely difficult to find a case for this


Sorry, my mistake, it`s Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus


I had a look at that. It appears to be running Android 6.0. Is it the same as the model number as above?

10.1" Quad Core Android Tablet PC - Sky Castle 3G Dual SIM 1280x800 IPS Screen Android 5.1 Lollipop for £77.99 Sold by Bluetooth-EU and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 24th Jul 2017Found 24th Jul 2017
Great price for this 10.1" Quad Core Android Tablet PC, it was £102 down to £77.99. Available for color 10.1 black. Note: Bluetooth function could only support with Android phone.… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Exactly. Don't touch this at any price.


Only 1gb ram!

ASUS Z580C ZenPad S 8.0 Tablet, Android, 32GB, 2K IPS Display £159.95 @ John Lewis
Found 4th Jul 2017Found 4th Jul 2017
If you're currently looking for a decently specified well reviewed upper end budget tablet.This may fit the bill. Pros - Bright 2K IPS Screen (2048 x 1536 pixels) - 32GB Memory… Read more

Did anyone who purchased this have any feedback on it?


Yep, as Cooltide said above it's good for the price bracket, but still not quite perfect. It also doesn't come with a quick charger despite supposedly supporting Quick charge 3.0, which seems a bit cheap of them considering it's a £300 tablet. It might be worth keeping an eye out for the Lenovo Tab 4 Plus range.


Thank for the reply cooltide Iv always been a android guy untill my s5 broke and I decides to bet a iPhone 6 for £100 off a friend, it's almost been a 6 months now and the battery is now terrible and my from screen off, so I was debating on getting the Asus or the galaxy s8 (so expensive though )


I've recommended and bought this tablet for a friend and spent a couple of hours with it. It's full metal, slim, light with a fab ips screen and sound. I've not seen it with nougat upgrade, but I didn't like the marshmallow zenui skin, and there was a load of Bloaty McBloatware. Although the IPS screen is nicer than anything else that we looked at on sub £300 tablets, it's not a patch on the amoled screen on my moto z phone. Plus even though the mediatec chip had more cores and a higher clock speed and is fast enough, it all feels a bit slower than my phone with it's snapdagon 820. Maybe the current nougat update will fix that. The fingerprint scanner is not nearly as responsive as the scanner on my phone. In summary, it's very good, but I'd have liked just a bit more. But you'll probably need to spend £500 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to get it.


Would you say this tablet is worth £270 at John Lewis?

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