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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5” Screen Wi-Fi Android Tablet 32GB Graphite (UK Version), Grey £159.05 @ Amazon
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
From epic films to how-to contents for a hobby you love, Galaxy Tab A8 invites you to a broader world through a bigger, better view. Joyfully aesthetic with a touch of cool, Galaxy Tab A8 is…
Avatar lazivity
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I received this from Amazon yesterday. I like it but definitely slow even just for using basic stuff. Some apps you can move to the SD card but 80% of them didn't have the option to move.


It’s not the ram that bottle necks it, it’s the low end CPU. 3gb ram is plenty but useless when you have a poor CPU that struggles to provide a smooth experience even going through the menu or opening apps etc; As I said, no better than the £70 FireHd 10 when they’re on sale.


Just look at the movie tiktok or something is ok


So slow they renamed it "Month"


Hardly a selling point, saying it's best suited to someone with low requirements. What if their requirements change?

Samsung Galaxy S8 128GB Tablet & Galaxy Fit 2 & Claim 6m Disney Plus £466.65 (£314.83 With Any Android Tablet Trade) @ Samsung EPP
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Go through websites like: Student Beans/Perks at work Silver(128gb) or Graphite(256gb for an extra £38.25) .83 Claim Disney Plus for 6months:…
Avatar lorbatlo
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Mine came in a box rather than that plastic covering


Did you get any bag to return the trade in tablet in? I might just use the box it came in


Did tcb and tracked at £17. Basically bought S8 for £289 and S22 for £410 as buying together get extra 10% and traded in on old tablet and old phone. Samsung Pay does not give extra discount on portal so just paid on card


Received this time Keyboard cover.


Thanks all for the help. It still let's you order the graphite one for £559, but not the silver without the student discount which is what confused me. I best go fine a student to help, as that's a cracking deal...

USB-C FEMALE to USB 3.0 Male Adapter for iPhone android tablet USB TYPE C £1.55 @ Pencilupnoseltd / eBay
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
USB C FEMALE to USB MALE ADAPTER for iPhone and android

Just got 2x metal ones off eBay but they are compatible with MagSafe You didn’t check hard enough. Amazon have 2 metals ones for £7


Whilst useful keep in mind that these adapters are illegal in the USB C spec so you are unlikely to find one that just works for a wide range of use cases.


Yet to find one of these that works correctly.


Probably 2. Haven't seen a 3.0 for less than 15 quid!


Is it actually USB 3 though? A to C adapters I've bought in the past have been advertised as 3 or 3.1 but are actually only 2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 128GB Tablet - £549 (£399 With Trade In Of Any Android Tablet & Using Code) Delivered @ Samsung
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Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
At Samsung you can get £150 off the s8 by trading in your android tablet, couple that with the code S8BASE100, to get the S8 in gold colour only for £399, which is still a cracking price for…
Avatar MrSwitch

Anybody struggling with the Disney+ offer, try using the Samsung Members app to redeem it. The boost offers can be found under the benefits section. You just need to sign in via your Tab S8 and it will generate the code for you. (y)


Clearly states galaxy tab s8, s+ or ultra aswell as phones, the qr code does nothing and samsungs chat is useless


It's been a week for me now since I got the email that they've received my trade in. Still no update on confirmation. Will give them a call end of the week if I've still not heard anything.


Got the received email yesterday morning but still no confirmation that they accepted. Let's hope it's not a week. How long has been been for you?


For those who have sent the trade in tablet - how long after you get the confirmation email that they received the device is it taking to get the confirmation they've accepted the trade in?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Wi-Fi Android Tablet - WUXGA (‎1920 x 1200) 10.5” Screen, 32GB Storage - £159.25 @ Amazon
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Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Seems to be a decent price for Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5” Grey for £159.25. This version was released in Dec 2021. * Silver and Pink Gold version also available for £159.87 From epic f…
Avatar Random1234
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Nice thanks, ordered a pink one to replace my mum's huddle 2 :)


A8 64gb available again for £180 on ebay... Curry's clearance damaged box... I might bite but was hoping for an ebay code lol


Depends what capacity you go for: 32GB has 3GB RAM, 64GB has 4GB


To clarify, for the person who asked, this is 3GB not 4GB RAM. Whilst the amazon product specifications says 4GB, it is an incorrect product description at amazon. This is confirmed in the reviews on the amazon page from someone who raised this inaccurate description last year to amazon. Looks like amazon never changed the description.


Does anyone know if Amazon are pricematching a competitor with this deal please?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 WiFi 128GB + Watch4 Classic 42mm + Strap £496.49 (£361 W/Trade Of Any Android Tablet) Via Perks At Work @ Samsung
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
If you have access to perks at work etc. Then you can get the tab S8 with a Watch4 classic 42mm (auto added to basket) by trading in any android tablet for a £150 basket reduction, final bas…
Avatar MrSwitch
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Mine was 3 days from them receiving the device to accepting it.


For those who have sent the trade in tablet - how long after you get the confirmation email that they received the device is it taking to get the confirmation they've accepted the trade in?


This is the deal that keeps on giving! Received an email with 6 months free Disney plus too now! Anyone know of you can add it to an existing subscription?


Finally got a credit voucher to buy a strap. Will only work on the portal so 10% off won't stack. So bought two leather ones for £25 plus the credit. Yeah I know you can buy cheaper but I like the way the originals sit flush to the watch. Thanks again op for posting. Still think this was the best deal so far for people keeping everything, even though the heat level doesn't reflect it. I doubt I'd get a 256gb, watch, charging pad and £20 voucher for less than the £399 I paid.


Just a side note the pad doesn't seem to work with any charger I have only the one that comes in the box. I have tried it with a 5 in 1 anker that I use for all my devices and a qualcome quick charge 3.0 charger and with both chargers the pad doesn't work. It also doesn't work with oppo / one plus chargers I had also.