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Nike Men's Revolution 6 Running Shoes, Midnight Navy (Size: UK 7.5 - 11.5) - W/Code

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About this deal

Reduced from £60 to £29.99, get it for £23.99 / £27.98 Delivered with 20% off code HH-20 (code credit )

- Delivery is £3.99

*You need to sign up to view the product, but just need email address (sportpursuit.com is rated 4.7/5 in trustpilot.com)

Size: UK 7.5 - 11.5 (US 8.5 - 12.5)

Here's to new beginnings between you and the pavement. Lace up the 100% recycled laces and set the pace at the start of your running journey with the plush feel of the Nike Revolution 6. We know comfort is key to a successful run, so we made sure your steps are cushioned and flexible for a soft ride. It's an evolution of a favorite, with a breathable design made with at least 20% recycled content by weight.

  • Simple Design
  • Plush mesh is placed at the forefoot and along the collar for a comfortable feel. Additional skins throughout add durability.
  • More Flexibility
  • A foam midsole delivers a softer ride than the Revolution 5. The outsole has a computer-generated design that creates a natural piston effect as you run, providing more cushioning and flexibility. They combine for durable traction.
  • Intuitive Touch
  • Touch points at the heel and tongue create a natural feel as you take the shoes on and off.

  • Foam - Injection Phylon
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  1. Ragdoll_Pigeon's avatar
    Apart from some of the "icons" like air max 95 and vapormax being 50% higher RRP that they used to be, it's good to see that basic running shoes like this are still a similar price than they used to be 25 years ago. I remember Nike shoes like these starting around £40 before 2000. (edited)
    Quattro3's avatar
    The difference will be that will have likely have been some 'shrinkflation' when it comes to the quality.
  2. Arkz's avatar
    Good price. I tried running in my walking shoes but the police stopped me, let me off with a warning and linked me to this deal.
    morrig's avatar
    You have to run with these no slacking, blooming knackering, with walkers there bio-diverse so OK!
  3. R1cbm's avatar
    Be aware - they ..... squeak. I know it sounds odd.. I bought 2 pairs for my son and after 30-40 mins of wearing. They make noises. I was in the airport the other day and heard the noise, turned to welcome my son and no, it was another dude with the same shoes. Only one made the noise. lol
    MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    Dude? These look like dad trainers
  4. andyrig86's avatar
    Thank you!
  5. GHRocker's avatar
    Loved these shoes for years but had to move away from them (and most shoes tbh) as the toe boxes have really messed my toes up and am now tryna get them back to how they should be.

    Shame, for the money I really enjoyed them.
    JPS's avatar
    Wow, that bad?!
  6. gortin89's avatar
    What the sizing like? Size or half size up?
    RobMotoring's avatar
    I had to size up but always do with Nike. For the money ok and fine on a treadmill. My knees couldn’t cope with these and running outside though
  7. Gordon_McNevin's avatar
    Sizes are in USA, not UK, so they are sizes up to 10.5 UK
  8. Oystercatcher's avatar
    These are fine for on a treadmill, anything outdoors and... You'll be in a world of hurt
  9. malhal's avatar
    Feet still hurt from the last deal
  10. rvnmax's avatar
    Seems discount code no longer works.

    Also, I tested the shoes at SportsDirect and I agree with R1cbm's post above, that the sole squeaks a bit when rubbing with the floor like a basketball shoe.

    Still might go for anyway, as it's a decent price and I need a pair desperately.
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