Unfortunately, this deal has expired 21 September 2022.
Posted 22 August 2022

O2 Sim Only - Unlimited Mins/Texts + 20GB Data for £8 a month for 12 months - £96 via USwitch @ O2

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3 months Free Disney+
EU roaming included

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Each year your Airtime Plan will be increased by the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation announced in February plus 3.9%.
If RPI is negative, we’ll only apply the 3.9%.
You’ll see this increase on your April 2023 bill onwards.
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* RPI: Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation: RPI percentage change over 12 months: monthly rate - statistics.gov.uk

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  1. Khairul's avatar
    I love the description. Straight to the point.

    EDIT: Ah come on ! Why do you have to ruin the party (edited)
    LJHDeals's avatar
    LJHDeals Author
  2. haa0518's avatar
    40gb if you have virgin media..

    The problem is if it will give you enough speed to be able to use the data really slow internet speeds on o2. Was with voda and speeds were lightning fast comparatively. (edited)
    harry127's avatar
    Agreed, it's much slower than Vodafone and EE for me, sometimes we pages load at a snails pace
  3. vernall's avatar
    Greg’s stuff? Have I been missing out? Anyone enlighten me please
    georgeb's avatar
    o2 rewards - free greggs coffee each week (x1) and another free coffee or sausage roll/breakfast bap on fri/sat I think
  4. mrcoxexcel's avatar
    O2 increase the price each April by rate of inflation (RPI) plus 3.9% - so the annual amount will be rather higher than £96 suggested given imminent rampant inflation. Not a great deal because of this. Lebara for me!
    Immoraliste's avatar
    Will be interesting to see what they do. Citibank are projecting CPI at 18.7% in the first quarter next year, and RPI above 20%. Are o2 going to push through a 25% annual increase in all contracts in April?
  5. daniq's avatar
    I'm currently with Virgin Media Broadband and TV. What do I have to do to double the data on the phone contract and increase my broadband speed?
    mkp666's avatar
    Nothing... just use the same address and email. You will be automatically upgraded on o2 and virgin media.
  6. swisstone's avatar
    Couldn’t give a monkeys for rewards, prizes and free stuff! I went with O2 after being with EE/Orange since the 90’s and omg 02’s signal strength and download/upload speed is absolutely rubbish compared..it’s like going back to the 90’s!!!. Price is not always the right thing to fall for!
    alien7's avatar
    Amen to that!
  7. freddyfender's avatar
    I pay £8 a month...with not as much data ...
    ...Dont forget youll get 3 or 4 quids worth of Greg's every week as well ...plus the odd deal they throw your way..free cinema tickets etc (edited)
    ryouga's avatar
    If the codes are ever "in stock"

    Always out of stock when I get them and the rare chance I do even a day later it claims I have already used it!
  8. DealHub's avatar
    Wish they would update and all share the same masts in this country, 2022 and still get dodgy reception.
  9. woodface7's avatar
    Hopefully everyone who likes o2 because they get good coverage in their area is aware that if 12gb of data is enough, they can get six months for 1p a month via the Lyca sim deal on HUKD? (Lyca use the o2 network)
  10. Neil49's avatar
    From the look of the screenshot this deal is via Uswitch.

    OP, can you amend the details and link (which goes to an empty O2 basket)

    Update - details and link have been amended. (edited)
  11. HappyShopper's avatar
    Didn't it used to be 30Gb for £8?
    sutty251's avatar
    I changed to this a while back and then O2 let me change to 30gb for £8 about a month later
  12. Kandy's avatar
    O2 price matched this for me earlier in the month and 3 months free disney plus so worth a go direct if you're already with them.
  13. jacsll55's avatar
    I am with O2 on a different deal, contract ends in a week. Can I switch to this deal and how do I go about.
    jacsll55's avatar

    Replying to

    Thanks, sorted and upgraded. There's a existing customer tab you click and login to your O2 account.
  14. innocent's avatar
    LJHDeals's avatar
    LJHDeals Author
  15. TheManFromAnotherPlace's avatar
    O2 are not the fastest by any means
    hax3's avatar
    True, but I went with O2 and for my needs it's proven to be the most reliable.

    Reliable > Speed.
  16. Rush_Ton's avatar
    Upgraded both our Sim only contracts to this, thanks!
    LJHDeals's avatar
    LJHDeals Author
  17. billythepet's avatar
    Gonna wait out for Black Friday sales, think it’ll be a mental one this year with loads of companies out there now
  18. daniq's avatar
    How do I transfer my Three number to this contract?
  19. Eddie1337's avatar
    Hi, is the EU roaming actually included and covers all items, texts, minutes and internet? I saw a similar deal with Three that was saying 'EU roaming enabled' or some nonsense like that, but the tiny print at the bottom of the page, stated that it basically meant that you are able to buy daily bolt-ons for £5 per day while abroad to use your minutes, texts and data...
    Andy_67X's avatar
    It was for me, just make sure you've added any bolt on needed. I can't remember the names, but you'll find them under your account
  20. worto03's avatar
    Perfect - thanks - just upgraded my wife's from £22 a month for 6GB > £8 a month for 20GB
    BulldogNo1's avatar
    It's only £10 for 40Gb HERE.
  21. Jonnyjonny1's avatar
    Does anyone have experience of using the volt Virgin media thing? VM is in my name but it would be my wife who needs this sim? Would we still be eligible for the double data and double internet speed?

    Thanks for any help
    Paa_t's avatar
    Take the contract in your name. I might be wrong but I think you are now able to have volt with same address and not name. Worth checking. Volt is a good addition as you get you get the double data for both BB and sim.
  22. tom6195's avatar
    signed up to this deal on Friday and asked to switch my old number too provided the PAC. Sim's arrived today but account is still showing the o2 number and not my ported number any idea how long it'll take?
    adrian2000's avatar
    It takes about 48 hours
  23. Mobb_Deep's avatar
    I guess it depends on Location but I've got to say O2 has some awful speeds in my area at least on 4G (no 5G in my area)

    Vodafone is only slightly better tho but still Bad
    Three is either no signal or high speeds indoors depending on area on what street

    Not tried EE
    LM1992's avatar
    I have the same complaints here.
    Regarding EE - they have really good internet speeds - as long as there’s signal. I’ve found there’s bad signal everywhere (around Cambridgeshire), particularly I’ve found areas where there coverage tracker says signal is good, and it’s been non existent.

    I think I’d rather have consistent signal everywhere, and the ability to make calls/texts, than have really good speeds in a few particular locations (edited)
  24. paul_sagem's avatar
    I've had the 4G one for about 8 months now. Got a message today saying I've been upgraded to 5 G Free
    Pity me phones only 4G
    But it's a winner.... Paul
  25. daniq's avatar
    Just got the deal over the phone, A painful experience.
  26. Sally_20's avatar
    I can’t find it any other link
  27. icekay's avatar
    link works fine, goes straight to the offer on the uswitch page
  28. vakeralshah's avatar
    No Disney+ this time ?
  29. daniq's avatar
    I went through the checkout process and i got this at the end. Any idea how to resolve this? I've tried 3 times with different cards. My credit score is as good as it gets. No loans, no credit cards, never in overdraft. Only mortgage.

    Unable to continue Your order can't be completed.

    As well as our credit scoring system, we use business policies to check all new applications. This time, you didn’t meet the minimum level.

    Our business policies are commercially sensitive, so we're unable to tell you the specific reason for rejecting your application. (edited)
    MattC76's avatar
    I know someone who was rejected for a phone contract, similar to you and it transpired they were rejected because they DIDN’T have a credit card and therefore no credit history to check. It’s good for your credit rating to get a credit card or 2 and use it responsibly for a few months (ie pay it off in full, don’t use more than 50% of your limit etc) so you can build up a history of responsible use of credit.
  30. highspire2k's avatar
    After 20 odd years I’ve recently left O2 and moved to EE. The difference in speed and general signal is night and day.

    The one thing O2 has is both its account and priority apps are excellent and the EE one is woeful. Have found EE customer service on Twitter excellent help in ironing a few things out in my switch too.

    As someone who lives and works in rural spaces, I’m really glad I made the jump.
  31. Swayeee's avatar
    Good but can't compete with Lebara/Lyca deals.
  32. Eddie1337's avatar
    Just switched from my EE contract. Thanks! Heat added.
  33. greenair's avatar
    I'm on Vodafone but will switch even if speed on O2 is lower. Mainly because Vodafone has stopped offering free WiFi on London Tube
  34. DomDealyo's avatar
    Be wary of O2 the 4G is worse performing than 3g so as an android user I have that forced. Can't seem to be able to do that on iPhones. It is unusable so frequently in the south west so try and find someone local who uses mobile data a lot and see if your area is ok.
  35. lacres's avatar
    Thank you bought
  36. adrian2000's avatar
    Don't forget to go through QUIDCO as you can get £12 cashback
  37. JamesEllis123's avatar
    Just upgraded from my current 02 plan of 15GB for 11.00 PM. Thank you for the good find!
  38. MgBossHogg's avatar
    Good price. Normally have 1 or 2 backup esim services on my phone in case i find myself in an EE black hole. O2 - good signal country wide , but poor speeds.
  39. raymcm's avatar
    40gb for £10/month
  40. tom6195's avatar
    Anybody got 2 sims and o2 have only volted one of them?
    paul_sagem's avatar
    I got 3 sims all volted and BB volted also
's avatar