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One-Year Basic or Premium UK Car Breakdown Cover For Any Age Car or Car Under 10 Years - from £12.25 with code @ Emergency Assist / Groupon

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What's included: basic or premium insurance plan
Depending on the option chosen the cover plan applies to a vehicle of 10 years old or any car ageBasic cover includes: roadside assistance | local recovery
Premium package includes: roadside assistance | local recovery | national recovery | home start | onward travel | replacement car hire | overnight accommodation
Only one cover car per policy
Restrictions: claims cannot be done in the first 48 hours of the policy time
Premium cover is valid for up to 6 call-outs per year; each of them includes one-hour of roadside repair
Each repair is deemed as temporary and it is strongly advised that the vehicle is checked over in the garageMembership car can be changed on the insurance agreements up to 4 times during the period of membership
The only covered address for Home Start, the assistance at a customer's home, is the one registered during the agreement
Roadside Assistance: up to one hour of roadside assistance, where possible, if the vehicle suffers a breakdown more than 1/4 mile from the customer's home address
Local Recovery: if it is not possible to repair the vehicle on the roadside, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage located within 25 miles
National Recovery: if it is not possible to repair the vehicle on the roadside, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage, the customer's travel destination, or their home address
Home Start: repair carried out at customer's home or within 1/4 mile from the customer's home address.
Onward Travel Options: if the vehicle cannot be repaired in the garage on the same working day, the insurer will provide a reimbursement for one of the options:
Continuation of the journey by the driver and up to four passengers return to the home address;
The hire of a vehicle for one day to continue the journey;
An overnight accommodation for the driver and up to four passengers for one night
Groupon More details at Groupon
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    would this be ok for a van?
    Risky even if it accepts, they could reject you if/when they show up, especially if it needs towing
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    Scammers - avoid at all costs. They will not help you in your time of need!

    They try charging you £100 direct and threaten to cancel your membership.

    The recovery drivers have no location tracking, so when you call them they have no clue as to where the driver is and how long it’ll take to get to you.

    The breakdown phone number is the same as the purchase membership number, same advisors deal with all the calls & wait time is ridiculously long. Advisors are rude and unhelpful.

    Also Director of the company likes emailing under a guise, yes Gary Haim, don’t email pretending not to be the director.

    Useless company, avoid at all costs. (edited)
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    Good deal. Been easy to deal with and quick attendance and fix in my experience. Been with them a few years and with cashback deals never paid over £20 for the year
    Glad to hear, signed up at Christmas but as always with them not being one of the big three was wondering if they are any good.
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    AVOID, they're a racket.
    No they are not, I have actually used them before and they were better then the big name breakdown cover companies I have used in the past.
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    With them currently. This might be unusual, but I had to wait almost 6 hours for them to turn up after I was stuck in a layby on the side of a dual carriageway, wouldn't have minded so much if they didn't tell me 30 mins, then 30 mins, then another 30 mins, etc etc. They took so long to come garage was closed by the time they eventually arrived, and I first called them in the morning!

    They don't use their own drivers, so they just outsource the drivers, the drivers don't accept the jobs until the price has been driven up, this takes time, your time. (edited)
    Did they get you home though, after the long, long, long delay?
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    Good find.
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    Mixed reviews
    Avoid scammers
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    Always had the premium breakdown for my 20 year old banger. Never needed to use it but peace of mind should I need it especially on the motorway.
    Is it not age restricted?
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    Is this still available. I am getting 10% discount only after code ?
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    There is a note under the fine print about it expires in Oct 14 2023.. is this expiry for the cover or for the offer?