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Emergency Assist  - One-Year Basic Car Breakdown cover £13.12 (Premium any age car £18.75) + Other options using code @ Groupon
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Think this is the cheapest it's been in a very long time. Very good reviews 4/5 stars from 2080+ Use code LUCKY25 at basket - Expect the code to be pulled at some point, same a… Read more

If you use this policy just once you have got a deal. Bought one few years back. Used it once for recovery locally to my garage. DIY recovery £60. Policy here £24. Both wait one hour. Both would delivery to garage of choice. It won’t come with a mechanic in the boot of your car ready to spring out but it will get you out of a fix just that one time. For £2 a month cool your jets. Most on here waste that on a spontaneous HUKD purchase every day! (y)


I think they want the cheap meal they paid for


Here's my experience of the company from my Google review. Cancelled my policy with them and went for Start Rescue instead. Purchased cover last year and followed through the online process. Rang up when broken down on the hard shoulder of the M5 and was told policy wasn't activated. Ended the call and phoned customer service who activated the policy for me then told me I wouldn't be able to use it for 48 hours as there was a waiting period. If I wanted recovery I could pay £100+ to the operator. Surely they could see on the system I purchased the policy last year and that there had been an error somewhere. Weren't willing to assist me in an emergency. Had to limp car down the hard shoulder to the free recovery section and phone the highways agency who were more than helpful and had a recovery agent sent to me in less than half an hour from me calling. The operative dropped me in a safe place where I was able to fix the car and get it moving again. The least they could do for me is to cancel the policy and refund me the money so I can purchase an actual breakdown policy from a reputable company.


How is AA?


They are useless. They let me down when I needed them the most. Idiots. Stay away.

RAC Bank Holiday Half Price Sale Now Live - Breakdown cover from £2.75pm @ RAC
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Just got the heads up on a Bank Holiday sale going live tomorrow morning over at RAC. Sale starts at 7am, i'll update with further prices when live (nerd) To celebrate t… Read more

Thanks. Just renewed for £108 for both too. Was with Autoaid previously. Called them a few weeks back for a jumpstart as battery was flat. Left sidelights on. Waited hour n half. Eventually had enuff n got neighbour to give me a jumpstart. Pick up guy rang me n hour later by which time I was already in work. Vowed never to use them again. Always had good service with AA & RAC, usually come in half hour.


My RAC cover has just run out. I had one bad experience with them and swore that I’d vote with my feet and try the AA. After getting the AA online quote, it was over double the RAC price! So quests what... I’m back with the RAC for all there option cover for £108 for me and the Mrs. Don’t let us down again please...


Just phoned to cancel my renewal which was due on the 27th and got offered 15 months of roadside with recovery for £62.50 (£4.17 per month). I paid £54.98 (£4.58 per month) last year.


Says from £4.50 per month on the AA site?


33% cash back topcashback.

SMART Breakdown Deluxe £4 for 12 months breakdown cover via
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Choose SMART Breakdown Deluxe Says £4.99 choose 0 excess then will say £7.99 then click view plan and then click get covered then will show £7.99 yearly use code spring50 to tak… Read more

Cheap, yes but you'd want to spend your money elsewhere. Donate to a charity, not this company. Worst ever experience.


When you make a claim they take 10% off each year the age of your boiler so if your boiler is 10yrs old they won’t pay you a penny, it then gets worse because they “offer” to sell you a new boiler which you pay monthly at an extortionate rate. They should be on Watchdog 😳


Says "Promo code not valid on this recovery plan." so expect to be charged full whack


It may have worked today, but good luck for next 12 month with scammer company


I wouldn't buy this, 24/7 is scammers.

Homeserve - Cover for your plumbing and drains £1 per month in the first year.
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
You rely on your plumbing and drains every day, but being prepared for unexpected problems is easier than you might think. Plumbing & Drainage Plus will be on hand to help in t… Read more
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Worth the £12. Coild do with one that covers boilers.


For the benefit of balance - I've had this cover for a number of years and always found Homeserve to be excellent. Good quality plumbers/drainage people, never missed an appointment, always fixed the problem. It obviously depends which area you're in and who the team is, but the ones I've used have been excellent.


Worst company I've ever dealt with. Tried their water cover once, pipe blocked/leaked outside but they refused to dig it up to fix it - I had to do it myself to expose the pipe before they would look at it. And then they never came back to fix it once I'd done it. Also experienced them twice through Home Insurance emergencies that my insurance company uses - the first time they completely f****d up my boiler by inserting the wrong replacement PCB in it (after which they replaced every single part in the boiler to find the fault...I figured it out in the end since the PCB was the wrong colour), second time (2 months ago) they "fixed" a very slightly leaking central heating pipe with a bad compression joint which then proceeded to flood the downstairs when it failed 7 days later because it wasn't tightened. They refused liability. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. I've also still got a completely renovated boiler with 3 spare PCBs (2 for a system boiler, one - which is the incorrect one - for a Combi boiler) for a Baxi 28kW boiler in my garage if anyone needs any spare parts......


And I don't believe it actually covers the cost of the water any more, eg neighbour had a bill for over £1000 due to underground leak between the meter and the house.


From what I remember, Homeserve always get a hammering on here.

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Auto Aid car breakdown cover fully for £48.31 online and new customer only
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
You'll need to be a new customer or a previous customer who has not had an AutoAid policy for at least six months
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'the first 10 miles free and after that you have to pay £1 per mile to be taken elsewhere ' will this only apply on 'basic cover' or apply on 'Premium Cover' too?


I was going to go with Emergency Assist (currently with Auto Aid) but after reading some of the reviews decided against it. A customer claimed that they were charged around £120 to be taken back to their home (which was 130 miles from the breakdown) - I called Emergency Assist and they said that if you break down and don't want to go to the nearest local garage, you only get the first 10 miles free and after that you have to pay £1 per mile to be taken elsewhere - perhaps your own garage or home. I know that with Auto Aid they don't charge you for this (to be taken more than 10 miles to another destination). I broke down at the airport around 87 miles from home and Auto Aid drove me all of the way back to my local garage (the gearbox had packed up). If I had done this with Emergency Assist, I would have had a bill for £77.


Is there any good breakdown cover for rental cars? The car will obviously change for every new rental.


I agree with emmatthew and LesD. I was an AutoAid customer for over 20 years and it was only relatively recently that MSE started publicising them. I got a discount from them for loyalty until they were taken over as per LesD said, and I found I couldn't renew online. So I left August 2018 and went to Emergency Assist who were cheaper at just over £38 for comprehensive cover. Now Right Choice are putting add-on charges and price increases. Keep an eye on their charges! Cold!


That looks like a pretty good deal to me, I'll probably do the same.

1 Year Basic Basic Breakdown Cover (Roadside and Local Recovery) for £14 using code (more in OP) @ Groupon
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Decent price if you need some basic coverage for your car. I've featured the basic cover for one year which includes roadside and local recovery for £14 using the code EGGS Cove… Read more
GB99 Same price for a car of any age.


Top picture - from the cloud of smoke, I dont think that spare wheel is going to help. Funny story from ~20 years back. RAC bought/leased a new fleet of Vauxhall vans that came with 1 year AA cover - including HomeStart. Being Vauxhall, they werent very reliable, especially in cold weather, so I would regularly see AA vans parked up doing repairs on RAC vans over the winter.


From date of registration.


Interesting, thought its only if the old one gets expired (confused) (confused) (confused) . Anyway thanks didn't know about the old one :D :D Edit: different code. Make sense (y) (y) (y)


How do they verify the car's age? Mine's 10 years old. Does it mean 9 or less?

HALF price sale £29.50 on RAC personal breakdown cover
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Personal cover gives you added peace of mind whether you are passenger in someone's car or driving you will be covered for breakdowns. I know you can get the same sort of price thr… Read more
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Try AutoAid before price increases in May.


I believe it might be expired now


Trying to get to this deal but £45 is the cheapest I can get. Expired or because I'm using a mobile?


Just bought this and just to let everyone know you can select a date in the future for your cover to start. I had over a month left on my aa cover and this runs from when that expires


No, specific link only.

Emergency Assist Breakdown cover  10% off price.(+47.25% TCB)
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Emergency assist with home start, national recovery plus getting you where you were going. Key in code KYM10OFF to get 10% off total price for mine was £31.87 with £15.06cash back.… Read more
Read More

Cashback is now 52.5%


terrible company -


Imho this is a stonking deal mainly because of the cashback you can get up to National Recovery level of cover 4 under £40 quid + currently TCB doing 47.5% (of amount I know!!) Cashback. High level of cover for around £20- this deal should be white-hot I reckon!! No idea why it's got so little attention stop trustpilot have good reviews although loads of them seem to be written 2 days ago which is either suspicious always a really bad de to be on the road! Heat from me anyway (popcorn)


I got premium cover for £38. £17 is tacking through Quidco. Good deal for me.


I got it last night. Don’t know what is happening then

£9.95 per month for Phone, Travel & Breakdown Cover with a TSB Silver Account
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
£9.95 a month will give you phone, travel and breakdown cover. However you do need to have a “classic” account with them and then upgrade. You can create an account with them a… Read more
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Voted cold as the cost of any of the excesses is more than buying a separate policy for any of the perks i.e. AA breakdown has an excess/call out charge of £70


If you upgrade a joint account to silver you get cover for 2 people instead one same price £9.95 making it less than a fiver each for exactly the same services for 2


I did already thanks


Get someone to recommend you for the £200!!!


Yes did this and we both got it. Have to make sure you get a particular reference from the referrer to make this work

Premium UK breakdown cover-Home-start,national recovery by Emergency Assist/Groupon £19.20. Basic roadside assistance and local recovery £14
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Use the code HELLO20 to get 20% off on already reduced price (new user / member code.. ). Decent price for a basic roadside assistance for £14 and premium home start UK national re… Read more

Go for autoaid, used it to recover me 40 miles and was flawless.


I just got rac roadside £45 with £22 Quidco making it £23 for the year. (y)


You need to redeem the voucher you bought from Groupon.


I has anyone purchased this and had conformation from the breakdown company ? I purchased this (£25 policy) on the 8th April. Ive not received an email or anything via the post. I've emailed the company twice and still had nothing back.


Any ideas of a new code? Or recommend any others? My autoaid is up tomorrow and that's £48

12-Month Personal Breakdown Cover for 2 People (Policyholder and Spouse) from AutoAid £33 w/code at Groupon
Posted 13th FebPosted 13th Feb
12-Month Personal Breakdown Cover for 2 People (Policyholder and Spouse) from AutoAid £33 w/code at Groupon
£33£48.3132%Groupon Deals
Decent saving, great price for Breakdown cover! On offer at Groupon for £44, but you can get it for £33 when you use discount: LOVE25 "Boasting over 5,000 assistance recovery veh… Read more



I spotted this too late :(. Need to keep looking.


Use the code STAROFFER for 20% off finishes tonight though.


They came out last December to change a wheel at home for me.


we just got that flat tyres are not covered at home!

Premium UK Car Breakdown Cover for a car <10 years old £16.80 /  Any Age Car £22.40 (Using code) @ Groupon (Emergency Assist)
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
Premium UK Car Breakdown Cover for a car <10 years old £16.80 / Any Age Car £22.40 (Using code) @ Groupon (Emergency Assist)
Further price drop compared to when last posted (y) Great price for one year premium cover What you'll get: Roadside Assistance - Up to one hour of roadside assistance, where… Read more

What you see is may not what you get! Here's what i experienced today. Bought this voucher from Groupon, redeemed on 26th Jun 2018, got email replied from RecoverMe, with welcome message and membership summery with member details, as you can see from the screen shoot. You thought yourself in a Breakdown Cover as you expect. Then, i've got our car broken down this afternoon, on side of road 25 miles away from home Friday afternoon. Ring up the number as it says on paper, here's where it start to get difficult. The service provider of RecoverMe(I think it's called Auto Group) don't recognise us on theirs system, not with membership number or any of our details. Can you imagine the saturation that we were, sitting in a broken car with low phone battery. So i ring back again, the answer is NO, sorry we can't help. Hang up the phone. We have tried to ring all the number that we can find on paper and google, including Groupon(0203 8084223) and got hang up as well. The answer from service provider always is: sorry we can't help, try to call Groupon (i presume they dont provide recover service) and we don't have phone number for RecoverMe(How can you dont have phone number for your partner company?), or organise a recovery and pay for it. i was so desperate and anger call back to the RecoverMe service and clearly told them that i have been recording all the phone call(which i did) and ask for names, one of the lady told me: Important message -- the RecoverMe is no longer trading, and they did not pass my details to them. RocoverMe is a trading company only, NOT a service provider. Translate to a simple message which may be?: RecoverMe selling a service more than 1000s according to Groupon page, got paid of it and run away with it. If her message is true as no longer trading. So, if it is true i can smell a huge commercial scam, please message me if you have the same experience. To find out if you are covered or if your details has passed to service provider simply call 0800 022 4411 or 01604 496821 to ask them to validate your membership if is still active(remember to record) At the end, we still got our car broken down and was a difficult journey home. PLEASE KEEP IT UP FOR MORE PEOPLE TO SEE IT.


Just my bit of positive feedback here as i feel they are getting a bit of a bashing, i phoned them for a dead battery a few months back to get a jump start, not the most technical problem, but thought i am paying them so why bother borrowing jump leads off a mate... they arrived within 40 minutes at my home and got me on my way again. Took me 4 rings to get through but overall happy with the service for such an amazing price!


Comment got censored. I'm a bad boy ;)


@wirdy where’d you go? Haha


Any for a&gt;10 years old motorbike?

One-year car breakdown local recovery £14.45 / One-year car breakdown national recovery w/ home assistance £20.40 @ Groupon / RescueMyCar
Posted 30th JanPosted 30th Jan
One-year car breakdown local recovery £14.45 / One-year car breakdown national recovery w/ home assistance £20.40 @ Groupon / RescueMyCar
from Rescuemycar - Get very good reviews on groupon and via Trustpilot. For cars up to ten years old . Use code THUNDER at checkout, ends 8pm 30/01/19 Local recovery inc… Read more

Have used Autoaid only once for a callout and they were great,But there will be good and bad about all breakdown services including the big ones,would have stayed with them but had to use some Clubcard points so with RAC at the moment,Will probally go back to Autoaid when time for renewal.


There is an auto aid thread on here. Check it out




How do these cheaper recovery agents rate against the bigger three (AA, RAC, Green Flag) other than the price?



12 months Autoaid breakdown cover for 2 people (you and spouse) including home start for £35.20 @ groupon
Posted 1st JanPosted 1st Jan
12 months Autoaid breakdown cover for 2 people (you and spouse) including home start for £35.20 @ groupon
£35.20£4420%Groupon Deals
Excellent breakdown cover at a great price. Use the code below to get to this price. KAYAK20

Well done on calling this persons BS out. should be done on every post where people claim stupid prices.




10% off code works added by @GunMetal but 20%off doesn’t - error is code has maximum use. Anyone got a 20% active code? Thanks


yes please any new codes?


Don’t suppose there’s any new codes?

Free Ford Breakdown Cover with service at Ford dealer
Posted 14th Dec 2018Posted 14th Dec 2018
Free Ford Breakdown Cover with service at Ford dealer
I've had this for a few years, if you get your ford car serviced at a Ford dealer then you can get free breakdown cover for 12 months. I was told this time that they only give it i… Read more
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I was told . Not with motorcraft service . You will get it but only the more expensive ford service . Am i missing something . I have a service with them the 19th but i yook a ford motorcraft service for 140pounds minus a voucher of 30pouds posted here.


There is a participation list in this link if you scroll down a little.


Fiat do a similar thing as my wife had her Fiat 500 serviced yesterday and came back with a 1 year breakdown cover


Lookers Ford / Jennings dealerships in my area support this (highfive)


I used this service literally 3 days ago. Excellent deal. Car wouldn’t start in my driveway. AA actually turned up and were there within 15 minutes.

Premium UK Car Breakdown Cover For ANY Age Car - £25.60 w/code @ Groupon / Emergency Assist
Refreshed 20th Dec 2018Refreshed 20th Dec 2018
Premium UK Car Breakdown Cover For ANY Age Car - £25.60 w/code @ Groupon / Emergency Assist
£25.60£3527%Groupon Deals
Back but now even cheaper 20/12! Premium package includes: roadside assistance | local recovery | national recovery | home start | onward travel | replacement car hire | overnight… Read more

Reading between the lines, the 'car' may be his long-suffering spouse.


Code not working! :( Ps.: found this code for 20% off your Groupon orders R9MQLCMH Remember to use cashback sites for an extra saving.


Why did they want £150 ?? You could call the RAC and pay £150 for recovery. Must have been an issue over your policy or account surely ?


You were lucky then, my partner needed to use them (paid for the premium cover) when the aux belt went on the car on a bank holiday. They wouldn't send someone out unless we paid £150, once this was paid it took 2 hours for someone to arrive. A lone female with a 1 year old child. Bunch of con artists


Until buying a new motor for the first time ever, I always used AutoAid. Nothing but great service.

1-Year Premium Full Breakdown Cover & Home Assistance - Nationwide! £16 at Wowcher / Emergency Assist
Posted 1st Dec 2018Posted 1st Dec 2018
1-Year Premium Full Breakdown Cover & Home Assistance - Nationwide! £16 at Wowcher / Emergency Assist
£16£47.5066%Wowcher Deals
Stay safe with one year of premium breakdown cover, including local recovery and home assistance. Enjoy peace of mind with home start, recovery, overnight accommodation, hire car … Read more

Cheaper than one month halifax ultimate account


Read the highlights


Where does it say that?


This is what I meant, £16 is a bargain for a single tow off the motorway heaven forbid


I'd like to see you get a towing service out for £16 :) It should be illegal to call a friend/family member to tow a car off a motorway - these people who do it take their lives in their hands.

12-Month Personal Breakdown Cover for Policyholder & Spouse from AutoAid - £30.80 using code @ Groupon
Posted 4th Nov 2018Posted 4th Nov 2018
12-Month Personal Breakdown Cover for Policyholder & Spouse from AutoAid - £30.80 using code @ Groupon
You would need to get your code from Vouchercloud - EXCLUSIVE 30% Off Local Orders for New Customers at Groupon Seems … Read more

Same here for me. Did you get it sorted?


I've looked at the t+c and can't see this. Can you tell me where you saw this. Thanks


This doesn’t work. Autoaid will not accept the Groupon code if you have had a previous policy regardless if it has expired and if you put your spouse as the main policy holder. I know this as I have just tried it and failed. I now have to apply for a refund from Groupon.


Link to Vouchercodes says "deal is not available" and the BDAY code does not work. However, GROUPON code does work (expires on 23th?) and makes it £35.20 I decided to went through Quidco as they are currently giving 18% cash back on online purchases and mine is already tracked at £6ish.


bday code doesn't work sadly

Free RAC Roadside, Recovery, and At Home Breakdown Cover worth £119 for RAC Car Insurance Customers - Check Emails
Posted 26th Oct 2018Posted 26th Oct 2018LocalLocal
Just got this email this morning at 10.57am with a unique code. All activated in 3 minutes. Check your inbox.
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There is must be reason give away free breakdown cover, try give them a call first and see how long you have to wait to get someone answer the phone.


It's only a fake price if they have never tried or actually sold it at £119. You should be careful with your use of the word "fake". Intelligent people think before making such sweeping comments ;)


Why repeat falsehoods? Intelligent people think first ;)


THEY used the words “worth”, but hey let’s not let that get in the way of a good rant....


Home, breakdown and recovery is NOT worth £119. This is a fake price. You should not use the word "worth". It is the full price without discounts or deals.

Nationwide FlexPlus account - Mobile Phone insurance, Breakdown cover with home start, Travel insurance £13p/m
Posted 15th Oct 2018Posted 15th Oct 2018
I need mobile phone insurance this seem the best deal. Remember if you leave £2500 in the account, the monthly cost is effectively about £7 because of the interest. 3% AER in… Read more

I have it from past 4 years and can recommend. Never had to use any but best as through bank and also cheapest out there


25 for Android and 50 for Apple.


No way you would get the inter bank rate


Covered for any car the account holder is in or registered as owning exc business use


You're talking about 2 different accounts

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