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Posted 17 May 2023

Sony Playstation VR CUH-ZVR2 2017 Headset (No Game/Camera), Unboxed £60 @ Cex

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  • Accessory Type: VR Headset
  • Accessory Compatibility: PS4

Product Name: PlayStation VR
Product Code: CUH-ZVR2 Series
Display: OLED
Display Size: 5.7 inches
Resolution: 1920 x RGB x 1080 (960 x RGB x 1080)
Refresh Rate: 120hz, 90hz
Field of View: Approx. 100 degrees
Microphone: Integrated
Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope
Connection: HDMI, USB
CeX More details at
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  1. Naliboi's avatar
    Excellent price. Got mine a month ago along with a V1 camera, carry case, PS3-era move controller, and Driveclub VR.

    These are grim second hand but are cleanable with some extra work. CEX themselves might not clean the system sufficiently... mine had earwax in the earphone holders 😬, but the plastic lenses were scratch-free.

    Took a few days of cleaning before I was happy enough to use it. Most of the time was spent finding teardown guides online as this specific model doesn't have many guides online. Made my own written guide with a few tips and linked resources for anyone willing to do the extra work, hopefully someone finds it useful and has a more streamlined experience than me.

    I would break down the process into the following steps:
    1) cleaning +/- teardown of the headset
    2) cleaning the cushions
    3) fitting aftermarket lens protectors
    4) (optional) cleaning/refurbishing the processing unit
    5) setup/calibration of the camera and headset.

    1) Cleaning +/- teardown of the headset

    Ideally, you'd teardown the system (see link) and clean each external piece making contact with skin, etc. In not, you could simply go crazy with wet wipes and cotton buds soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Don't tear down past the internal screen or lenses unless you're confident you could replace without introducing dust or debris inside the viewing box. Don't apply isopropyl alcohol or any harsh cleaning agents to the plastic lenses. The silicon front light shield piece is user-removable and can be washed in soapy water.

    The CUH-ZVR2 is the 2nd revision of the PS4 PSVR and has barely any teardown/modification info online. Here's the best teardown video I've seen for the headset (it's in Portugese but the visual is good, just don't follow the parts where he removes the cushions, other videos are slightly better)

    2) Cleaning the cushions

    The forehead and rear cushions have a "sweat resistant" rubber lining which is extremely flimsy and most probably already peeling on most 2nd hand units that haven't been babied. It may be best peeling off all the remaining bits of rubber, otherwise they'll leave flecks of "black dandruff" over your scalp and forehead after every session. Can peel using some rubber gloves and gently massaging away the rubber bits. There's a tidy black fabric layer under the rubber. Some folk seal this with a waterproof spray (but keep in mind the front cushion firmly hugs the skin on your forehead - that skin can be fairly sensitive, I'd be skeptical about any "skin-safe" waterproof sprays).

    You could simply wear a cheap exercise sweat band and then put the VR unit on top instead (that's what I do... sweatbands are much easier to wash).

    You don't need to remove the cushions to remove the rubber, but it helps.Here's a few cleaning and teardown videos of the head straps:


    And here's a reddit post with a link to a decent written guide for removing the cushions, too:


    3) Fitting aftermarket lens protectors

    Though PSVR is supposed to accommodate for glasses wearers, it's still possible for glass lenses from spectacles to scratch the plastic PSVR lenses.

    These are aftermarket 3D printed parts from a UK eBay seller (£8, free postage) which helps prevent rubbing and damage from glasses -


    At this point you can also clean the lenses using a microfibre cloth. A dry cloth alone might work. A microfibre cloth lightly dampened with water works for stubborn dirt. You could also use lens care solution for glasses (apply onto microfibre cloth first, never directly to the PSVR lenses).

    4) (Optional) cleaning/refurbishing the processor unit.

    Like the headset, there isn't much online for tearing down/cleaning the CUH-ZVR2's processor box. Probably not necessary for everyone, but something to consider if the processor box ever shuts down randomly due to overheating errors. *edit* The box has one external screw (hidden behind the information sticker) but is otherwise mainly held together with clips, so be careful not to break any like me.

    5) Setup/Calibration

    There's plently of easily accessed online guides for this. The official 3-part Sony guide inform how to get started plug everything in:

    Here's a guide on extra calibration for improving accuracy and reducing blur.

    Bit wordy but hopefully this guide is handy for someone looking to refurbish their unit. (edited)
    Felix.360's avatar
    Nice, maybe this can be pinned on some relevant sub reddit somewhere. Seems like good work.
  2. XP200's avatar
    Well worth £60, i still use mine today for borderlands and Skyrim as well as Pinball vr, those three games are worth it alone....oh an i do not use the ps controllers, they were always rubbish, i just use the joypad for the games an it works great, Skyrim in vr is the perferct game for this, crawling thorugh those dungeons in vr is something else.

    Oh and if you have a PS5 but the PSVR2 is way too costly for you, you just need a adaptor and this will also work on the PS5, plus a lot of games like Skyrim and No mans sky get their pro boost on the PS5.
  3. thekersalmassive's avatar
    Is this the updated version of the v1?

    (not PSVR2 of course)
    p1001's avatar
    p1001 Author
    Yep, this is the updated version of the original PSVR
  4. bigton3000's avatar
    I'd go and have a look, last time I looked I bit the bullet and bought new, they were absolutely disgusting and I mean that 🤢
    PLEYOR's avatar
    Dunno how I feel about secondhand VR headsets anyway.
  5. Bedrocks's avatar
    No camera?

    Waste of money
    Look for one on ebay with camera and the essential move controllers!!
    Arcana's avatar
    CeX sells the camera for £22 but it all adds up I guess.
    How essential are the move controllers?
  6. coolhandan's avatar
    Are they normally this cheap?
    Deedie's avatar
    Yes. I have been trying to shift mine on gumtree with camera and move controllers, and carry case, for not much more than this. Not even had a scammer contact me (edited)
  7. jazid's avatar
    Includes free dried second hand gamer sweat.
    JoShmo's avatar
    Saves you paying for it then.
  8. bren26's avatar
    Great price. An accessible gateway into vr with some fantastic games at cheap prices.
    Hypnotize's avatar
    'Accessible' is arguable, given wires everwhere, another box etc etc.

    Does this even include the processing unit?
  9. aseddon130's avatar
    Go into any cash converters for the same product at half this price (and same hygienic quality too)
  10. Redinho's avatar
    Wow they are still pretty fun if you like games like beat saber and box vr where you don't need crazy graphics. Have mine hooked up to an old ps4 in the spare room without a tv and still enjoy it
  11. thedvdmonster's avatar
    Glad o sold mine for £150 on Facebook marketplace last November.
    may buy a cheapo again just to tide me over until I invest in a 2
  12. adam.yacub's avatar
    55 now

    Does this work with a phone btw (edited)
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