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Oxfam Lottery (Promo and free extra draw) £4.34 p/m
26/09/2018Starts at 26/09/2018Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
I have done the Oxfam Lottery for a year and so far won £100. It costs about £5 per month and if you enrol before September 25th you get entered into a free £5,000 draw. Obviousl… Read more

Oxfam (poo)

The Invisible Child (Oxfam)
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
Oxfam and Moomin Characters launch The Invisible Child campaign to empower women and girls. The world’s favourite fictional Finnish family, The Moomins, represented by Moomin Char… Read more

The child became invisible when she heard Oxfam was coming to help.


Oxfam deals should be banned from this website


Oh please Oh please.....


' ... to empower women and girls' Yeah, like that helped with all the recent scandals.

Oxfam Online Sale - 50% off
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
A great deal from Oxfam. They sell a lot of vintage / second hand items on their website. I have seen first hand some great exams of Oxfam saving lives. Thank You (y)

Buy half get the other half free


this is free how?

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Oxfam Winter Sale now up to 70% off + Possible Quidco
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Oxfam have increased their Winter Sale from 50% off to 70% off on most items. Currently Quidco is offering 13% on sales under £50 and 15% on sales over £50.So far I have made a c… Read more

I understand what you're getting at, but it's kind of sweet too. People giving things for charity to help others, and then us leafing through the tap and buying bits and bobs. It can be a sellfish society so let's look to the positives.


When I was at school a long time ago, when other kids was insulting you they would say " your mum shops in oxfam" lol. She did though :-S


https://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/household/ceramic/7-fimbles-hd_100864328 Having a browse, this just made me laugh, maybe I'm just tired tho....


Dead link

50% Off Site Wide Winter Sale - 1000's of Unique Items @ Oxfam online shop (del £3.95 per order)
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
Was checking out @sarahtweak's fab deal from a few days ago - Oxfam's unwrapped section with 50% Off when I noticed they now have a general 50% Off Sale across all sections of thei… Read more
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It is also now getting amazingly hammered as well!!! (nerd) Some wild and wonderful bob n bits on there that just need buying at this time of year to help others.


Lucky you!


Found a golden flamedeer here!!!


I took a look. Their site is amazing :D


I didn't know Oxfam had an online shop.

Oxfam unwrapped half price
Found 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
Oxfam have a half price offer on their "unwrapped" gifts. A nice stocking filler or gift for someone who has it all - and helps people worse off than you. Includes a share in a … Read more
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I was wrong with my guess there. Oxfam have a private partner who wishes to remain anonymous who is matching the other half of the gifts. I had a response from Oxfam on Facebook about this as I was interested to know.


We ‘bought’ father in law some goats through this scheme a few years ago, he loved the idea and now regularly ‘buys’ various things as gifts for ‘those who have everything and don’t need more soap! As he puts it.. excellent idea with the matching of donations


Ordered one as a gift, thanks


Probably because UK government have a scheme to double the value of some charity gifts, so they pay the other half effectively.


Nevermind, Oxfam already answers this question. Here it is: How does it work? There’s 50% off Goats and more in our half price gift sale. But don't worry, you won’t be giving half a goat. The money donated towards half price Oxfam unwrapped gifts will be used, whenever possible, to secure donations from a partner of Oxfam thanks to something called co-funding. This means that when you buy a half price gift a partner of Oxfam will donate the other half (or possibly even more). Some of our partners agree to donate towards our work on the condition that we’re able to co-fund a project. For example they might say “we’ll pay for 50% of the project, but Oxfam needs to pay for the other 50%”. This means that if we can't raise our share of the funding we lose the other 50% from the donors. And that's why your donations are so vital. The money we raise in the half price sale will go towards these co-funded projects, whenever possible, and help us to raise even more donations to support our life-changing work. Who is the donor? A range of donors offer co-funding. They include the UK governments Department for International Development, the European Union, as well as private trusts and charitable foundations, to name just a few. Can you give me an example? Money raised in last year’s gift sale helped to support one of our projects in Niger, helping to make sure that children can access the education they deserve. For every £1 contributed to the project by Oxfam (thanks to the donations given in the half price sale), our partner SIDA contributed another £9

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Free chocolate goat with any order from Oxfam unwrapped
Found 7th Dec 2017Found 7th Dec 2017
Order any poverty-busting Oxfam Unwrapped gift before 13 December and get a FREE solid milk chocolate goat. Don’t forget to add your FREE milk chocolate goat at the checkout.
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Yes I think so HOW WE SPEND YOUR MONEYThe money that you, and thousands of others, spend on Oxfam Unwrapped gifts will support the full range of Oxfam's work around the world, from emergency responses to advocacy projects. Thank you! https://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/oxfam-unwrapped/how-we-spend-your-money


Really like the way they've set up donating to a good cause like a web-store of people you would like to help (since it may encourage more donations), but doesn't it just go into the same money pot regardless?


Someone should see their internal travel spend for meetings -- esp overseas - what a waste of money - what is wrong with Video Conferencing - complete waste of charity money!!!


Probably a good idea for Oxfam-unwrapped to choose a free goat as it encourages people to choose the £26 goat option, everyone likes something physical to show for their gift and who doesn't like chocolate? Heat given


It's crazy that so many people are donating chocolate goats that they have enough to give out for free!

40% off today at Oxfam online shop
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Oxfam are doing a 5 day sale leading up to Back Friday, today they have 40% off selected items, tomorrow 30% off etc. This includes donated items and new branded goods. The sale s… Read more
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Thank you on behalf of Oxfam - I've just spent more than I realised was possible to spend in a charity shop!

100 bonus points when you donate your pre-loved items to an Oxfam shop @ Nectar
Found 27th Aug 2017Found 27th Aug 2017
The clothes that don't fit, the books you've read, the DVD double-up - bag it all up and drop it off at your local Oxfam shop. Boost your donations by making them worth 25% more wi… Read more

Took a load of new and nearly new stuff into my local Oxfam shop a few months ago and they said they didn't want it as they were an Oxfam bookshop, not an ordinary Oxfam shop. They said take it to their nearest non-bookshop about three miles away. So I took it to the Salvation Army shop a few doors down. Just how short of cash is Oxfam?


Bag up your bag


Do wives count? 100 bonus points is 100 bonus points.

Oxfam Lottery £1 per week
Found 28th Jul 2017Found 28th Jul 2017
Some call every lottery a tax on hope. It's true but for those that like to spend a measly £1 on hope at least do it so it goes to the world's poorest. Not everyone likes Oxfam … Read more

Great! I think that giving more is important and everyone has their preferred charity.




Good call, done!


Interesting to see how much of that 'measly' £1 actually finds its way to a good cause..............


No thanks, I'd rather give to British charities. These for instance: http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/supportus/fundraising/play-raffles-and-lotteries/luckylottery/#.WXuHBBnTXqA

Stuck for a Fathers Day gift? (Oxfam Gifts)
Found 15th Jun 2017Found 15th Jun 2017
Oxfam have some gifts which 'keep on giving'. From clean water to mosquito nets. Or you can buy some socks .... yawn.

Up the bum, no harm done.


I wish I could like this x2. Very well said/ thought provoking! :{


Worst gift ever


or he might be delighted as he realises he has made a huge success in helping to raise a child that is thoughtful and caring with a sense of social responsibility, intelligent enough to look at the world around them and not gullible enough to fall for the corporate spiel that cons so many into spending a fortune on useless crap.


What a lovely notion. Where are the socks on their website though? I honestly do know know whether my Father would prefer this to the usual couple of bottles of wine... Asking would ruin the surprise, not asking may ruin lunch.. :{

Spring Sale at Oxfam  (up to 70% off yet supporting companies make up the difference)
Found 18th Apr 2017Found 18th Apr 2017
I have posted a few Oxfam deals previosuly. I have no idea why people have suggested I work for Oxfam - but I dont. I do shop there which is why I cone across these deals. Hope yo… Read more

Ye, have some heat op


Heat Added


I wouldn't worry if people think you work there, they must be sad people if they run down charities.

MASSIVE Oxfam up to 70% off online sale
Found 11th Jan 2017Found 11th Jan 2017
OXFAM SALE, Standard uk delivery £3.95 no matter how many items you buy, up to 70% off making some items just a couple of pounds. Mens, womens fashion, books, entertainment ect P.… Read more
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I now only support small local Charities and the Salvation army.......I see where the money goes ;)


I completely agree. I used to work in a charity shop. I reckon they have a lot of meetings sat round a table where everyone agrees with everyone else. I remember some manager coming telling us ' this is a M&S top, stop pricing everything at £1.99 and 99p( we liked to keep things uncomplicated) This top will have cost £15+ , so it's reasonable to price at £3.99... I pointed out that, as per M&S guidelines, an item is only worth its latest and last selling price ( when you take something back without a receipt), even when BRAND NEW. Therefore the highest price that item would've been was £5 brand new, at the tail end of its actual current season! That is disregarding 50p /£1 reductions. So HOW can it be worn loads, fade a bit, and we worth only £1 less as a second hand item, 2 or 3 years later?? They maintained that it was fine, people would pay it. In fairness, people actually do, so I was proved wrong there!


I agree too




Agree with the comment above, just had a quick scan and some of the BNWT M&S clothing seems to be priced at what you would pay in-store before being discounted (Was £29.99 Now £8.99) I noticed while looking in one of their CD/DVD stores a few years ago that the prices were above retail. I though the idea with charity shops was both for buyers to get a good deal and support a good cause. Seems that good deal has vanished and the good cause is the Chief Execs remuneration package.

Oxfam sale .. but their partners donate to make up the price
Found 10th Dec 2016Found 10th Dec 2016
Oxfam have a sale. It's a bit of an odd (and in my opinion fantastic) way of having a sale. Pay half for a goat. You don't give half a goat. How it works .... A partner of Oxfam… Read more

Love this idea, thanks for posting :)


Oh, yes, of course his job for Oxfam isn't full time. In recent years he has served as Vice-Chair of AMREF UK, the African health charity, as a board member of Accenture Development Partnerships, as Chair of the board of charity Revolving Doors and as trustee of BRAC, the Bangladesh-based development agency. Is he voluntary in any of those roles or does he receive a salary for all of them to go with his six figure Oxfam salary ?


I don't. I do support the charity but I don't work there. I never have done.


PMs don't generate money ? They generate and spend huge amounts of money. They also have huge responsibilities including having staff in various dangerous environments around the world. They also run an organisation that makes the role of Oxfam look like chicken feed. Oxfam is a good organisation but don't make ridiculous claims about it please.


Ohhh PG9999 says.... so this listing for a 'sale' is actually self promotion to raise money for Oxfam then by an employee of Oxfam ! I don't think I noticed that in the opening post. Surely it would have been fairer to actually state that you work for Oxfam and it's simply a fund appeal ?

Murad, Maille, Sure, Marmite, Hellman's, Persil and more 1/3rd retail price 1 day only at Oxfam Wimbledon Broadway from 49p
Found 7th Dec 2016Found 7th Dec 2016
Lots of premium skincare products and food items, 1/3rd retail price at Oxfam Wimbledon, from 49p onwards TODAY ONLY Items on sale include: Murad gift sets RRP £65 now £29.99 Mu… Read more

Items on sale include: Murad gift sets RRP £65 now £29.99 Murad Age-diffusing firming mask 50ml RRP £65 now £24.99 Murad environmental shield starter pack now £9.99 Sure cotton dry 250ml now 99p Maille truffle collection RRP £10 now £4.99 Marmite Merry Xmas 250g jar now £1.99 PG Tips gift box with monkey now £1.99 Hellman's sauces now 49p Various Dove, Simple, VO5, Vaseline, Lynx, Sure and many other gift sets Raffle with some fantastic prizes too including £165 Forum & Mason hamper only £1 per ticket.

Oxfam - Flash Sale - 30% off coats - bargains
Found 16th Nov 2016Found 16th Nov 2016
Oxfam - great charity helping the words poorest and those most in need. Please consider voting and thanks for looking. I appreciate that this is a discount / deal site rather th… Read more

For those that want to see evidence of advancement I definitely recomend the Bill Gates blog. This article on Malaria is excellent https://www.gatesnotes.com/Health/Mapping-the-End-of-Malaria


Only a small percent of Oxfam money goes to charity this is one charity I avoid at all cost more money kept for the bosses and consultants. Also overpriced an example a 7 yr old football top £20


Oxfam bosses earns millions on salary each year


Their latest ad says people have to walk miles in Ethiopia to get water. What have they spent the money on in the past 30 years?


http://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/oxfam-unwrapped/gardeners/pile-of-poo-ou1007ml For those stuck for a present .... a pile of poo ???

Free will writing. Just make a donation if you want - Provided by Oxfam - £Nothing
Found 9th Oct 2016Found 9th Oct 2016
Free will writing. On the phone, home visit or at a solicitors. Already booked my home visit & will donate a sum but you do not have to. Its free. As an Oxfam supporter we w… Read more
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​From gov.uk.. For your will to be legally valid, you must: be 18 or over make it voluntarily be of sound mind make it in writing


Right, but a personal signature and a signature from a "witness" doesn't disprove coercion either. What if the witness coerced you and then added their signature after, then also killed you in some elaborate scheme to marry the beneficiary. Also, how does a piece of paper with the words "of sound body and mind" prove you're of sound body and mind moreso than a video? If anything, a video shows body language, emotion and infinitely more about your state of mind?



You are on ignore you nasty piece of work


Jesus, this gets better.. So are you saying this "firm" charge Oxfam £250 a will. People putting money in charity boxes are paying firms £250 for free wills? P.S. You haven't donated £2000 to Oxfam, it is to be paid out of your estate by your executor if you have any remaining after paying your debts. Just been reading some info. http://www.snouts-in-the-trough.com/archives/6022 £48,000 for expenses for one boss in one year... Abandon Thread! I'm out!

Oxfam buy a pile of poo £9.00 (a serious post)
Found 19th May 2016Found 19th May 2016
Tried, tested and 100% natural… this isn’t Frankly I have received such a present under many different disguises from soap, a hat I will never wear, t shirts that don't fit, etc s… Read more

You would think wouldn't you. Given the number of higher end earners and middle class earners "at home", it begs the question, if charity begins at home why then are there any people living in poverty at all in the UK?


everyone deserve to give their views please don't get offended.


charity always starts from home.


No, British


​Even the disabled and terminally ill in the uk enjoy a better life than those suffering without water in those villages, facts.