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Cyberpunk 2077 (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key - Argentina via VPN] £10.81 @ Gamivo/ Schnauze
Posted 7th JanPosted 7th Jan
Close to the £10 mark for the game at Gamivo - use the code NEWYEAR22 . NBP based on Eneba Make sure to unselect User Protection and Gamivo Smart. Use PayPal for the price mentio… Read more

Code not working


Code not working


I purchased this over Xmas for about the same price, played on pc with minimal bugs. My view, the game is just meh, it's very superficial from driving to template combat scenarios. No where near as complex as GTA series. Forget the money, your time is more valuable, invest time in another more immersive game. This plays like something out of the 90s.


Cheers, although I think this code is done now. Receiving expired/not valid.


All done. Thanks again for the input. That really sorted everything out. I thought they picked up on it and patched it up didn't realise tunnel bear was blocked.

[PC] DiRT 5 - £5.29 with code @ Gamivo
Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
Choose seller 'Game_Garden', untick Customer Protection rubbish and enter discount '3AKS3' to get this price. Steam. DIRT 5 is the boldest off-road racing experience created by … Read more

Thank you for your contribution on this PC deal (y)


Free on PS5


It's a terrific game on Stadia, been having a lot of fun with.




Also available on stadia subscription

[PC] DOOM Eternal - £7.79 with code @ Gamivo
Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
Choose seller 'GameSaloon', untick Customer Protection rubbish and enter discount '3AKS3' to get this price (y) As the DOOM Slayer, you return to find Earth has suffered a d… Read more

it says £10.72 as outside EU



The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY ARG Xbox live Key - £1.51 with code @ Gamivo / Schnauze
Posted 5th JanPosted 5th Jan
Activate key using VPN This bundle includes the following: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine

Hi.... Glad i could help.... This process I've shown you can be applied to any region or any game... Urban vpn is free... Just need to select the free option as the first one that pops up is the one ask you to subscribe,... Have you got Dirt RALLY 2.0 GOTY EDITION today for £'s worth it as it's £40 on the microsoft store.... (y)


You my friend, are a really kind person - thank you for taking time to help me. I’ve got it to work for £1.85 by following your instructions - didn’t use NordVPN or UrbanVPN as on my iPhone they wanted me on a 7 day trial, so used Free VPN (which makes you watch a few adds to get VPN time). Thank you OP too - heat added.


Ok.... It's very simple & can all be done from a mobile phone... Step the URBAN VPN APP from Google play or the ios store as this is the best one too use.... When you open the app make sure that you use the free version & don't subscribe to it.... Type in the country that you want & press the play button... Step 2...go & open the Google chrome app & click on the 3 dots on the top right hand corner & select INCOGNITA MODE.... this will bring up a black search bar.... In there you need to type in the following.... MICROSOFT STORE ARGENTINA REDEEM A CODE.... it might take a while to Load.... About 3 minutes.... Then it will show you info on how too redeem a code & it will give you a link to the page....Step 3 Iog in to your Microsoft account.... Microsoft may become suspicious the first time you do it as they did with me when i did it the first time.... But all they ask you to do is to confirm the mobile phone number that's Linked too your account.... Step 4....type in you're 25 digit code & confirm your purchase & you are good to go.... If you're game doesn't appear as owned in the microsoft store on your xbox then i found just by rebooting your xbox solves the issue..... Also if you already own lets say the free version of the game in game pass or ea sports then rather than deleting the game & starting all over again just go to manage game & select all the DLC.... It will save you a lot of time..... Regarding your question about which region you need to buy..... Then don't worry because as soon as you press the GET DEAL link that the op has posted it will send you straight to the website in question showing you the seller & the cheapest price which the op has already selected.... It will show you all the warnings & just tick yes & confirm that you want that region.....just make that you sign up for a free account so that it has somewhere to send your code too.... Good luck.... (y)


Hey all, Please excuse me being naive here but I received an Xbox for Xmas, and all this is new to me (last games console I played on was a PS2!!!!). I’m pretty tech savvy so getting up to speed quick, but would someone be so kind as to give me a step-by-step guide as to what I need to do here to get this onto my console (U.K.). I’m kind of following what people are saying, but questions are popping up in my head all over the place; I get the whole VPN connecting to Argentina, but do I do that on a stand alone PC, or on the actual Xbox itself? When I get he code, do I have to ensure I’m buying a U.K. or WW region version via the Argentina site? When applying the code into the Xbox, do I have to be VPN’d to Argentina? When playing the game, will I always have to have the VPN to Argentina to make it work? Or is all that VPN stuff just a once off to get it to download to the Xbox? Huge apologies if this stuff is obvious and I’m being dumb - once I do it once, I’ll get it - I promise! I appreciate all your kindness and support.


Only could get for £1.99 with taxes can't grumble :)

Horizon Zero Dawn - Complete Edition (PC) Steam - £9.56 Using Code @ Gamivo/GameSaloon
Posted 31st Dec 2021Posted 31st Dec 2021
Good price with the code. Add the game from the offerS as shown (Seller as GameSaloon ) Click on "Buy With Regular Price" Go to basket. Uncheck, "Customer protection Progr… Read more

Steam changed their sales as there was a view that the insane prices devalued the games. It's worth a Google to read up on it.


That’s just so they can take a big chunk of the market , steam used to have amazing deals now that they dominating the market the sales never are worth it.


Sorry, the promotional code you entered is either expired or not valid. Edit : I did find a working 3% off working code instead : CAROLA


I mean steam only really lowered their fees for popular games when Epic game store came around. Their "sales" haven't been as good as they historically were either meanwhile some of the games Epic has given away for free are solid picks. 30% did sound greedy to me, however at the same time, with the popularity of fortnite, Epic seems to be worth way more than Valve which is insane. I don't think Epic is as bad as some people let on, but at the same time if it monopolised the space, I don't think that they'd be as generous either. Epic games lucked out so hard with fortnite. The original premise of that game would've made no-where near that amount of money. Now when it comes to Apple and Google charging 30%, that is a lot more greedy that steam imo. They make more than the console industry combined which doesn't bode well for game development and monetisation imo.


Second that, Steam are a lazy, money grabbing store front. Only for the magpies

Crysis 3 remastered - Xbox Series S/X - £6.06 with fees (ARG VPN req) @ Gamivo / Fast2Fun
Posted 30th Dec 2021Posted 30th Dec 2021
Cracking price for standalone. Trilogy is £20+ and I'm not fussed about 1 or 2 at the moment, so this was ideal. Similar prices can be found for these too though, see pic below. M… Read more

The age old question. Can it run crisis on this crysis?


Out of stock :(


It becomes less of a game with mp, mp just turns a game into the same old lame runaround


Cant believe they made it with no multiplayer..


Is that a browser one or can you download it to pc

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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Steam CD Key £11.77 with code @ GameSaloon / Gamivo
Posted 29th Dec 2021Posted 29th Dec 2021
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 marks the most challenging entry to the acclaimed series yet, introducing extreme long-range sniping with targets over 1000m away. Featuring a dra… Read more

Purchased, but didn't get a key. Apparently its out of stock. Awaiting refund.


Now £7.83


Back up to the original price, bit of a yo yo. :D


Now £7.84


at the moment it has gone down about £2 same seller?

Project Wingman (Steam) £4.20 @ Gamivo / Playtime
Posted 26th Dec 2021Posted 26th Dec 2021
Just bought this late last night because i'd read it's extremely fun to play in the available VR mode. And my impressions so far is that it is indeed immersive and excellent! Due t… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

A standard GTX1080 isn't really all that great for most modern VR games to be honest. So i'm not overly surprised his machine struggled a little and he had to lower the settings somewhat. I have all the ingame settings cranked up to max on mine. But then again, my machine is fairly high-spec with it being a Ryzen 7 5800x, 3080Ti, 32GB@3600Mhz.


Nice review here, with some honest comments about the VR experience:


I watched a few videos about Project Wingman last night before i went ahead and bought it. And iirc one guy said that he was more a fan of one of the earlier Ace Combats than the later ones (none of which i have played myself). Anyway, from what i recall he was basically saying that he was really impressed with Project Wingman in VR. As in his youth it was how he had always imagined and wanted to play those earlier Ace Combat games.


Aha... I was looking at this game a month or so back, and remember it wasn't anywhere near this cheap back then. So was wondering what had maybe changed in the meanwhile! With having family around i've only managed to sneak in a couple of fairly short outings on it yet. But so far it seems very playable and i'm thoroughly enjoying it!


I've bought it for the VR aspect. Hope I can get into it.

Xbox Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice GOTY XBOX £9.28 with code via Argentinian VPN @ gamivo / games24hs
Posted 25th Dec 2021Posted 25th Dec 2021
Must be activated with VPN This bundle includes the following: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice ALL DLCs Reflection and Gauntlet of Strength - new boss challenge modes Remnants - leave … Read more

Good price for an ultra hard game. I personally didn't like how the upgrades were not useful enough and levelling up meant nothing towards the end where you could still get one hit killed.


Nope, how hard or easy it is depends on how much attention you pay to the game mechanics 8)


£10.16 for me. Not going to complain, does look like a good gam3.


£9.29 for me (y)


I'd call it a walking sim personally but different folks different strokes!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - 2 Months Trial (new xbox accounts only) 82p @ Gamivo / CDkeysDiscount
Posted 24th Dec 2021Posted 24th Dec 2021
Remember to select reseller at lower price

Bargain, I just got 2 months for 0.38 pence. No code needed. New accounts only so I just setup a new account in my name and added to sons xbox.


Yeah maybe they have stopped it now, did feel a bit to good to be true when I did it.


Still a great price! Enjoy!


I also tried but like what was said earlier the £1 offer had disappeared. Still went through with it and it still worked out at £11.99 for 4 months with this system :)


Awesome, have fun!