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Posted 2 August 2023

Panasonic DP-UB820EBK Smart 3D 4K UHD HDR Upscaling Blu-Ray/DVD Player

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It's an eye-watering price compared to what you used to be able to buy them for but, given that I don't have a time machine, it's the best price it's been for a long time. Prices have dropped all over the shop today - Amazon, Hughes etc - but I bought it from JL for the 2 year warranty.

There's a real dearth of new UHD players now so I'd say get the decent ones while you still can! The price just seems to keep going up
John Lewis More details at

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  1. ahfh1's avatar
    Be aware this is quite a large machine so make sure it fits where intended. Wouldn't fit in my shelf so I went for the model down. Heat added by the way!
    duncan.ireland's avatar
    The Sony X700 or X800M2 are narrower but the 700 model (slightly cheaper) which also supports Dolby Vision has a clunky interface where certain settings have to be turned off so that discs play properly.
  2. ben100580's avatar
    How would this compare to a ps5?
    minion_dave's avatar
    Purists (like me) would say it's miles better - if you're just wanting to watch discs, the PS5 is probably good enough. If you have a top system with a great TV and sound set-up, you really need a proper player - this is a great player for the money. If you want to go top of the range, you'll be looking at a grand or more.
  3. kencol's avatar
    Couldn't justify more than £50 for a bluray player. I know streaming may not be as good quality, but most media surely is consumed by streaming these days.
    Roger_Irrelevant's avatar
    Indeed. I doubt they'll increase the streaming quality to Blu-ray quality, am guessing it will just be up to TV manufacturers to do "Denoise/deband/deblock" type processing on the final output.
  4. RaiKush's avatar
    Come on Panasonic, drop to £250, lol. (edited)
    minion_dave's avatar
    It has very occasionally in the past but I'm not confident it will again now. It's a sad state of affairs but UHD players seem to be on their last legs.
  5. Simon_Conroy's avatar
    Damm bought this exact model a month or so ago using a £20 off voucher but was still dearer than this price. Nice find
    minion_dave's avatar
    I very nearly did as well but I thought I'd stick a Camel price alert on for a few weeks to see if anything happened
  6. duncan.ireland's avatar
    I got this for the same price direct from Panasonic through my Blue Light Card.
  7. Dorian_Mangel's avatar
    Same price on Amazon ,curry's and elsewhere now
    minion_dave's avatar
    Yeah, I mentioned that in my post I was originally alerted to the Amazon price drop but I'd rather buy from John Lewis.
  8. Crossbow's avatar
    I realise it's probably top of the range (from mid-2018 though), but these players are still prohibitively expensive!
    Btw, if you buy it from RS richersounds.com/pan…tml with the extra 6-year extended warranty on top, it is refundable if unused...
    "6 Year Guarantee: +£29.85 - Fully refundable if unused. Add our 6 Year Guarantee to your basket when you check out. We'll cover your items for 6 years and give you your money back if unused." (edited)
    minion_dave's avatar
    That's a good spot - although I note that "To claim your refund, simply return your 6 Year Chargeable Guarantee documentation within 30 days of the policy expiry date to your local branch." - I would imagine it's based on a lot of people forgetting about it after 6 years!
  9. MØ94's avatar
    £239 from Hughes last October I think they'll do it again if you hold out
    minion_dave's avatar
    Of course, if you're quick and willing to wait, it might drop again but sadly UHD player prices only seem to be going one way at the moment and, like Yazz, that's up!
  10. dave2103's avatar
    Still using my trusty Panasonic DP- UB9000 4K player, truly amazing picture& built to last
    minion_dave's avatar
    That is pretty much the pinnacle - if you can afford it - must be the only technology where the best models are 5+ years old now and show no sign of improving.
  11. TALON1973's avatar
    So then….. Basically the same price it was when it got released
    minion_dave's avatar
    That's the sad world of UHD players - something staying the same price as it was a few years ago is a bargain
  12. duncan.ireland's avatar
    No one seems to be making new players now except for super expensive niche machines.
    minion_dave's avatar
    No, you're right - it's a very strange market. No shortage of discs (yet) but a real shortage of good new players at reasonable prices. 

  13. BargainHunterUK1's avatar
    Just gutted the whole 3d thing was given up on.... my 3d tv is on its last legs and just hoping it doesnt fail
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