Posted 15 February 2023

Panasonic SC-TMAX5EB-K Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - 150W, 16cm Woofer, Compatible with Power Bank - £69.99 (Members Only) @ Costco

£69.99£87.8920% off
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Seems to be the best price for Panasonic SC-TMAX5EB-K Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (RRP £199) at £69.99

This is mains Powered Speaker System. I think USP of this speaker is compatibility with Power Bank to make it portable. The TMAX5’s compact body features built-in handles and is power bank compatible. That means It is cheaper to buy a power bank for £10-£15 on top of the speaker cost than to buy similar spec Speaker with built-in battery *Use a power bank with an output of 2A or higher. Sound performance is less than 50% of AC operation.

Next best price is from Amazon for £87.89

The SC-TMAX5 gets the party jumping, delivering powerful and clear sound with a Dual Drive 16cm Woofer. Supports “Qi” enabled products for fast wireless charging and external power bank, so you can carry and use it anywhere. Place it either vertically or horizontally.

Feel the beat

Let the ultra-deep bass guide your moves. The TMAX5 features a Bass Reflex Port which has been so carefully tuned that it optimises the speaker’s lowest frequency – retaining the powerful deep sound, while keeping it crisp. The result: the greatest party you’ve ever experienced.

Immerse yourself

Let the powerful sound of the TMAX5 transport you to a memory, a special place, an endearing moment in time. Your music is blasted out through the 16cm woofer powered by twin amps. While the two 5cm tweeters ensure clear playback of high-frequency sounds.

Go everywhere

Are you always on the move? Or have your favourite place to relax? But still want your music in amazing sound? The TMAX5’s compact body features built-in handles and is power bank compatible, so you can easily take it along without a worry.

Never stop with Qi

Got Qi enabled smartphone? This international standard for wireless power supply means all you need to do to keep your smartphone charged up is to place it on top of the TMAX5. Whether partying with friends or grooving to your favourite tunes on your own, the music just keeps on playing.

Let the music play

Get into the groove with the TMAX5. Place it vertically or horizontally, depending on the party location. The flexibility means it fits anywhere and everywhere. So take it with you, easily set it up wherever you like and get the party started.


  • Immersive sound
  • 16cm Woofer
  • Portable
  • Qi charger
  • Bluetooth
  • 3.5mm Aux in cable
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    If you are in the market for something like this, but with a built in battery, it might be worth looking in your local ASDA. I noticed they are currently selling the SHARP PS-929 180w portable party speaker at the "special price" of £79. It's £129 on Amazon.
    Helpful! Thank you.

    But God, that one looks ugly to me (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Voted hot! I have no idea how good or bad this is. But a quick search shows the normal price is substantially higher.
    I don't know what's about 16cm in the title. Looking at the picture, it seems this is quite big. The description suggests 6.5kg. That's a lot. To me, this looks like a big, serious speaker, not the one you carry in your backpack when you go to the park.
    It says 16cm woofer.
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    Am I right in thinking this would need to be plugged in all the time, IE no internal battery?
    Kind of weird they would be so determined to tell you about its ''portable battery for charging phones' and ability to use outside if it needs to be connected to mains at all times?
    this is what I found in the Panasonic site

    " The compact body equipped with built-in handles is power bank compatible*, so you can easily carry it around anywhere.

    *Use Power Bank with Output Power 2 A or Above, 5 V. Sound Performance: less than 50% of AC Operation."
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    Great price
  5. Avatar
    Mine turned up today, goes well loud and handles bass very well! will be using it at a party this weekend.
    how deep does it go
  6. Avatar
    poor Bluetooth connection according to reviews but worth a punt at this price especially considering 90 day retirnsn