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[Error] Get a £25 Patisserie Valerie voucher with a £35 spend at Patisserie Valerie
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Posted 16th Dec 2018Posted 16th Dec 2018
[Error] Get a £25 Patisserie Valerie voucher with a £35 spend at Patisserie Valerie
Error on the Vouchercodes website. The offer is meant to give you 25% off a £35 spend, but the title states you get a £25 voucher instead. PLEASE take a screenshot (e.g below) o… Read more
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Had planned to use mine next week! Might try anyway.


Damn not used my voucher! Anyone else in same boat?


Where you can get a perfectly good cake (or similar to what they sell) in £3.5? Not in this country pal.


Voting cold for 3 main reasons.. 1. Code is 25% OFF not £25 off.. Check T&C For vouchercodes. 2. Company may not be around in 2019 when vouchers are redeemable. 3. Who spends over £35 on a cake?? You can spend 10% of that and get a perfectly good cake.


Just suppose you did pull this off. Would there be any ethical problems in exploiting a troubled company that provides people with jobs?

Takeaway Hot drinks black Friday  offer
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018LocalLocal
Takeaway Hot drinks black Friday offer£1£250%
Black Friday offer Takeaway Hot drinks £1 Maybe Cheshire oaks only Hope it helps someone
20% on all celebration cakes 8” or above! @ Patisserie Valerie
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Posted 19th Sep 2018Posted 19th Sep 2018
20% on all celebration cakes 8” or above! @ Patisserie Valerie
For this week only, you can save 20% on all celebration cakes 8” or above! 🎂 Enter code FBCAKE20 at checkout to redeem discount. Order yours before Sunday 23rd September… Read more

Totally agree. We recently ordered a gateau with fruit pieces in it that were off and was starting to affect the cream layers on it. We complained and they offered a voucher for a replacement cake (!!) - no thanks. Not voting either way as this may have been a one-off. For fresh items however, 20% is not to be sniffed at!


The cheapest cake is £27.50 however with code you can get it for £22. Expensive I know but like Krispy Kreme people still go in and buy so I thought the 20% could come in useful


Even at 50% off they'd be overpriced and underwhelming. This is not the Patisserie Valerie we used to know and love - it's just a cheapened version aimed at maximising profits and reducing quality.


What’s the cheapest one?

Afternoon Tea Experience & Two Complimentary Slices £20 @ Patisserie Valerie
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Posted 9th Jul 2018Posted 9th Jul 2018
Afternoon Tea Experience & Two Complimentary Slices £20 @ Patisserie Valerie£20
Purchase an Afternoon Tea Experience Voucher & Two Complimentary Gateau Slices for just £20.

All voucher orders are subject to a £1.95 postage fee.


Had afternoon tea here and it was awful. Everything taste stale and the pastries just tasted 'okay'. You can get much better afternoon tea deals on Groupon and Wowcher for the same price.


‘Experience’ lol


You are so right about this chain. Great when it started, but appalling now that they've scaled it up to increase profits. Druckers sell the same things at lower prices (same ownership) but they're all underwhelming and overpriced.


Not voted either way, but this place is, IMHO, terrible. They wouldn't last 2 seconds in France if they served what they do here over there. Sickeningly sweet and completely overpriced. You'd do better to buy some of the recent M&S chilled or Lidl frozen desserts (I was surprised how good both were). Having said that, they seem to be doing well enough, so people must like them. It does seem like a pretty good deal if everything in that picture is included.

Patisserie Valerie Any 4 Slice Treatbox £11
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Posted 6th Jul 2018Posted 6th Jul 2018
Patisserie Valerie Any 4 Slice Treatbox £11£11
Their cakes are lovely. Patisserie Valerie Any 4 Slices Treatbox.
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Or 2 dozen if you go today to there stores


You could get a dozen Krispy Kreme's for that. :D


Valerie used to be very very good (I have been a customer since the 1987) Until they expanded and starting franchising. Now all the cakes are so so, due to the fact they are made in quantity at a central kitchen. They are not bad cakes but nowadays, just so so.


Like cakes on an all inclusive buffet. Look amazing, taste of nothing.


Cracking cakes by the way.

Patisserie Valerie email subscribers any pastry to takeaway for £1  - 2-15 July
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Posted 29th Jun 2018Posted 29th Jun 2018
Patisserie Valerie email subscribers any pastry to takeaway for £1 - 2-15 July£1
Just received an email with a barcode in it it states to scan in store between those dates for the offer.

Only 10% off for me.


Thanks op. Worth trying for £1.


same. had one cake 5 years ago was excellent. Progessively since than, just been dissapointing, stopped all together now.


Patisserie Valerie quality is awful now. I don’t go there anymore



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Posted 1st Jun 2018Posted 1st Jun 2018
As a member of Cake Club you will receive regular monthly offers and promotions that can be redeemed on-line and in Patisserie Valerie cafes. There is an introductory 10% discoun… Read more

Well I sent them an email asking about the free cake and to their credit they did respond quite quickly with an apology and voucher.


Same here, twice now.


If only there was a way that once I'd ate the cake, they didnt add to my waistline :/




***If you have already subscribed, this form can be used to update your details or add your birthday.

50p off any hot drink with reusable cup @ Patisserie Valerie
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Posted 22nd Jan 2018Posted 22nd Jan 2018
50p off any hot drink with reusable cup @ Patisserie Valerie
Seen this on their facebook page. Help us make a difference! We want to reduce the amount of paper cups going into landfill and we can only do this with your help. From Monday … Read more

Beware though! They have some ridiculously decadent cakes so you will likely end up saving 50p on a coffee but spending £5 on tasty fats and sugars


They opened one in my town centre about a year ago but Ive just never gone in. Might try the coffee if it’s open before I head to work


Pretty good if you can find one near you. It's a decent offer anyway, most of the chains are doing 25p off for a reusable cup. The only annoyance I find is that my reusable/heat-seal mugs only take the small size of coffee in most of the chains and usually I'd get a large.


Never been to Pat Val. How's the coffee?

Patisserie Valerie BOGOF cupcakes all this week
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Posted 20th Sep 2017Posted 20th Sep 2017
Patisserie Valerie BOGOF cupcakes all this week
Found off Patisserie Valeries Facebook today. It's #NationalCupcakeWeek and we feel like celebrating! This week only, visit us in store and indulge in of our delicious cupcakes… Read more

Just showed this in our local PV and they knew nothing about it...


Great I'mheading in town anyway today.


Oooh.. sounds like an excuse to go to Patisserie Valerie ;)

20% off celebration cakes @ Patisserie Valerie
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Posted 19th Sep 2017Posted 19th Sep 2017
20% off celebration cakes @ Patisserie Valerie
GET 20% OFF CELEBRATION CAKES FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! ? ? Have you got a special occasion or a birthday coming up? Well, we're here for you! For one week only we're offering you 20% O… Read more

Ahh PV, my fat friday treat each week. Plus I got an email this week for a free birthday cupcake (highfive)


I have to agree they dont taste how they look would not purchase again


Expensive, look great and taste ok (don't taste as good as they look or as the price would suggest).

Afternoon Tea + 2 Free Slices for £20 + P&P @ Patisserie Valerie
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Posted 11th Jul 2017Posted 11th Jul 2017
Afternoon Tea + 2 Free Slices for £20 + P&P @ Patisserie Valerie£21.95
Just received an email from their Cake Club for this special offer. Usually £25.00 for their afternoon tea for 2 people, but you can purchase a gift voucher for £20.00 (plus £1.9… Read more
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I got the email too and when I tried to buy one the discount code wouldn't work and I kept getting an error message saying that the page had expired. So that's the end of that!!!!


Too right - they've managed to turn what used to be a really excellent patisserie into a chain of downmarket cafes selling poor quality 'cakes' at high prices. It really is a shame what they've done to this formerly excellent patisserie. The best that you could hope for is that its poor quality and high prices will see it going under, and maybe re-emerging under new ownership as a quality concern again.


I found the quality to be quite poor now- cakes are not what they used to be


[image missing][image missing]

Free Slice of Gateau - Patisserie Valerie - Spitalfields Wednesday 6th July 11.30 - 1.00
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Posted 5th Jul 2016Posted 5th Jul 2016
Free Slice of Gateau - Patisserie Valerie - Spitalfields Wednesday 6th July 11.30 - 1.00
Quite specific but register on the Patisserie Valerie website to attend a coffee focus group between 11.30 - 1.00 (tasting new coffee flavours) and get a slice of gateau to go with… Read more
8" Double Chocolate Delight Celebration Cake Delivered £24.76 @ Patisserie Valerie
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Posted 26th Aug 2015Posted 26th Aug 2015
8" Double Chocolate Delight Celebration Cake Delivered £24.76 @ Patisserie Valerie£24.76
Use code CELEBRATE20 to get 20% off celebration cakes (should be valid for any of them) Expires 30 September. Able to order for a future date up to 1 year. If you order on the 30t… Read more

heat from me cakes here are amazing.... esp that with fresh fruit on the top. always order from here even for wedding cakes! :)


I really don't rate this place at all. Been to a couple around the country and although the service is okay, all the cakes I've tried have been distinctly average. Better can be found elsewhere at a fraction of the cost or even made yourself.


Yes, there are better cakes but with higher prices, The cheapest celebration cake I see on Betty's is £35, next cheapest... £40 And only free delivery when you spend over £50 Also, they are not as fruity!


This place was slated in a recent other thread. The cakes are made in a factory and shipped to stores. They do not taste all that great and prices are bit high. If you are looking for a quality cake delivered to your home you are better off with somewhere with a craftsmen style bakers of distinction like Bettys. For reference:


Mmm Xmas dessert?

FREE CUPCAKE FOR AN A-LEVEL 'A' GRADE 2013! @ Patisserie-Valerie
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Posted 5th Aug 2013Posted 5th Aug 2013
FREE CUPCAKE FOR AN A-LEVEL 'A' GRADE 2013! @ Patisserie-Valerie
I find Patisserie-Valerie to be a good confectionary with great tasty products. Though I've never tried their cup cakes. Someone share with us how delicious they are. Yummy Ter… Read more
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I can see how it might feel like that right now. It was the same twenty five years ago. However, I have my own home, nice car, travelled extensively and worked in Australia (proper job, with UK multinational) and I now teach, so I get to celebrate excellence. It is a joy to teach able students who just get it, I teach maths and physics, you will see a reward, honestly. (hate the fees you guys have to pay).


Wow, still cheesed off all this time later eh moony ? Did you do the work? ;) I'm a teacher, this will be my first results day as one. An A grade usually does take work, 10 hours a week, including lessons per subject is expected. I'll be telling all our year 13 students about this one! Cheers OP!


Results day is on Thursday. I'm super nervous - I need at least three As for my Uni course!


I assume a BTEC is a BTEC, not an A Level but idk


As someone doing their A levels this year and next, I think this is perfectly fair. Have any of you old timers been to a school these days? I know for sure in mine it's not the A students who get celebrated and treated. It's the dunces, the chavs who assault teachers, students and in some cases walls. Have anger problems and bully innocent students? Here great take these Youth Service sponsored treats and special care! Get 5 As and 5 A*s at GCSE? Well done. Have a tap on the back and we'll not say anything more. I personally would put more effort into my A levels if I knew there were treats and rewards other than simply being told you'll 'do well'. The system sickens me.

patisserie valerie - 20% off all special occasion cakes
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Posted 10th Jun 2013Posted 10th Jun 2013
patisserie valerie - 20% off all special occasion cakes
As it says on the title: 20% off all special occasion cakes on orders £20 or over. Expires on Jun 23rd, 2013

Once, yes........but not these days now they've spread everywhere so there's one on practically every High Street. Just another chain now.


Really nice cakes