Unfortunately, this deal has expired 7 August 2023.
Posted 17 July 2023

Peroni Nastro Azzurro Stile Capri Lager 3 X 330Ml - Clubcard Price + W/Code

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Good price when using your clubcard and applying the voucher GRP7TY at checkout. The offer will also be available instore from tomorrow (you will need a physical copy of the magazine to scan the barcode)

Beer with Italian Lemons Extract
Birra Mediterranean
Pack size: 990ML

Credit to for the code.
Tesco More details at

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  1. helloyoufool's avatar
    any idea why these come in a 3 pack rather than 4 - Is it perhaps an Italian thing (like some regions sell packs of 6 cigarrettes)?
    baddison's avatar
  2. wickjnr's avatar
    What on earth are they normally charging for this to make this a deal at £2? (ignore this, I've just seen it's £2 off!)

    I can't imagine them shifting a lot of this if they're charging more. (edited)
    KingBallbags's avatar
    £5 full price, £4 club card price, £2 total if combined with £2 off voucher
  3. Blany66_.'s avatar
    Which magazine is the coupon in?
    Cremoso99's avatar
    Looks like Tesco's own free magazine that they have in the store.
  4. PeanutBudda's avatar
    Please post a clear close-up of the barcode.
  5. Dealzs's avatar
    Worth trying?
    CashCow's avatar
    This beer has been described as, and I quote 'lovely stuff'.

    Not my words, the words of Shakin' Stevens.
  6. steve_hn's avatar
    Tried these last month while on holiday abroad. Similar to Sol or Corona so best served ice cold with a wedge of lime .Really refreshing and a great Summer beer for drinking on a hot day!
  7. sparky_'s avatar
    Good price
    Heat 🔥
  8. themachman's avatar
    Thought that was £2 for a Capri
  9. FootOfDavros's avatar
    Buyer beware:- You only get three bottles of your bog standard generic lager here rather than four. And you absolutely are not getting any enhanced drinking experience for the sacrifice.
  10. ses6jwg's avatar
    It's a very bland lager but refreshing on a hot day. As said very similar to Sol.
  11. jhw's avatar
    They ruined the ordinary Nastro Azzurro when they reduced it to 5.0% from 5.1%, for UK only - now they seem to be trying to replace it with a 4.2% version.

    Pualle's avatar
    They're all reducing the strength to pay less tax.

    The government have done it for health reasons. I imagine people will drink more beer to get the same buzz, which will mean people drinking more calories, and in turn will probably make for more obesity. The other possibility with lager becoming ever weaker, is that more people switch to spirits and end up drinking a lot more alcohol content overall.
  12. Pualle's avatar
    Blue Ribbon.. Can't get enough of that Blue Ribbon style!

    No idea what Blue Ribbon style is, but if I can find a bottle brewed in Italy I'm in.
    Stewied's avatar
    It’s a chocolate bar
  13. mart321's avatar
    I like normal person but this stuff is absolutely vile. Really was a struggle to get through the 12 bottles I foolishly bought.
  14. Vanders's avatar
    Great beer
  15. Swooosh's avatar
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