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Posted 22 May 2023

PICO 4 ALL-in-One VR Headset 128GB - £319.99 @ Amazon

£319.99£37916% off
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The Pico 4, a great rival to the Meta Quest 2, offers an excellent VR gaming experience. Can be used standalone or connected wired or wirelessly to a PC.

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About this item
  • PICO 4 all-in-one headset bundle: Buy PICO 4, get 4 free apps. Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom, LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT, Golf 5 eClub, Wander. Register your device 06 April - 31 July 2023*
  • Balanced design, easy to wear - The balanced design means that the weight of the PICO 4 is evenly distributed to the front and the rear. The result is a superbly comfortable fit.
  • Super light for longer play - The Pancake lens design has made the PICO 4 much lighter, weighing less than 300g you can comfortably play for even longer.
  • 4K+ super-vision display - The PICO 4 is equipped with two 2.56-inch Fast-LCD screens that deliver 105° field of view for even more immersion
  • Motorized inter-pupillary distance adjustment - PICO 4 supports 62-72MM inter-pupillary distance adjustment with precision via settings menu.

What's in the box?VR Headset / 2 Controllers / 4 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries / Glasses Spacer / Nose Pad / 2 Controller Lanyards / USB-C Power Adapter / USB-C to C 2.0 Data Cable / Quick Guide / User Guide / Safety and Warranty Guide4138879-LjdbE.jpg
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  1. k9plus1's avatar
    received mine today.
    As an added bonus, they sent me the 256GB version!

    Virtual Desktop is a great buy from the PICO store .

    My Oculus Rift back catalogue all works with PICO 4 and Steam VR works a treat too. Alyx looks crisp, as does Star Wars Squadrons.

    The main benefit i've noticed so far tho is how i can stream PCVR wirelessly too. So liberating to be wire free with PCVR.
    gari189's avatar
    You got that setup quick.

    From what I've read Virtual desktop works a great deal better than the Pico Streaming Assistant
  2. taffyraptor's avatar
    Anyone tried this? How does it compare with the quest 2? I'm still on an original Rift and might consider an upgrade.
    zairs's avatar
    Visually superior to the quest2 and controllers look better but would only recommend if you use pcvr as the store doesn't have the content of the q2
  3. Arteus's avatar
    Great as a PCVR headset, not great as a standalone due to poor software. But as somebody using it exclusively for PC stuff I'm having a blast with mine.
    Though do be wary that the battery life is only around 2 hours unless you stay plugged in or have a battery extension strap like the BOBOVR.
  4. Zeipher's avatar
    I bought this the other week, and it's just gathering dust. Compared to meta and steam stores, there are almost zero games that interest me, and those that do are crazy expensive. (edited)
    k9plus1's avatar
    What about Steam VR? aren't there loads of worthy games through there?
  5. k9plus1's avatar
    looks like the lowest price . i'll bite! coming from a CV1 should be a good upgrade.
  6. be_vigilant's avatar
    Meta have their yearly show on 1st of June. Hoping for a Quest3 announcment.
    kobrakaan1's avatar
    Haven't they just recently cancelled metaverse ?
  7. tonyyeb's avatar
    Does this work with games like Assetto Corsa Competizione?
  8. Ethan_Hunt's avatar
    Meta Quest2 will drop in price due to the anticipated Quest3 in October.
    In addition to that the whole metaverse strategy at FB is in disarray so can expect the price to be even lower as they drive volume or exit. I would suggest waiting a few months for a better deal.
    k9plus1's avatar
    the metaverse was a woolly concept that didn't have a purpose.

    current gen headsets were never about the metaverse. As a prototype, i think you could go in there in VR to mess around, but i always thought hardware would have to be some futuristic contact lens!

    On price drops, it's the usual trap. One can wait 6 months for prices of the quest 2 to drop , then wait another 6 months for the next drop , perhaps PICO 5 will land?

    The Pico 4 is here now and it's better spec'd and cheaper than the Quest2. Good deal IMO. (edited)
  9. 1nf's avatar
    Do you reckon this offer will still be valid tomorrow?
  10. TheBigJailor's avatar
    Any good for DCS? Not ventured into vr before but want to improve my emersion in flight simulator. Anybody use this for that?
    gari189's avatar
    I've ordered for exactly the same reason but like any vr headset its going to take a bit of tweaking to get the settings right. There are several threads on the Eagle Dynamics forum on settings forum.dcs.world/for…ty/ There are some downsides to vr compared to head tracking which are nicely explained in a youtube vid by Tactical Pascale.

    If you are looking for a step by step guide there are several but this is one of the later ones
  11. annp1's avatar
    Gutted I missed it, hows people's opinions, who bought one?
    I've been tempted for a long while now, n I'd have maybe took the plunge at £320.
    k9plus1's avatar
    very pleased. i have my pc connected to ethernet and this has enabled me to play PCVR wirelessly in my living room. the third party app Virtual Desktop, is a must.

    the resolution and clarity is amazing. coming from rift cv1

    do you have a back catalogue of vr games? All of my oculus rift games are compatible via Virtual Desktop, but the newer quest games are not. If your PCVR catalogue is on steam, then setup is simple.

    Happy to help if/when you get a pico 4. (edited)
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