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Posted 8 June 2023

Used: Prometheus 4K UHD+BR - £6 with free click and collect @ CeX

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Ridley Scott helms this sci-fi thriller starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce. After finding fragments of Alien DNA, a team of scientists known as The Company travels into space aboard the state-of-the-art Prometheus spacecraft to investigate the origins of human life on Earth. Their journey takes them into the darkest corners of the universe - but, to their horror, their very inquisitiveness ends up posing a threat to the future existence of humankind. The scientists now find themselves tested to their mental and physical limits as they fight a desperate battle to preserve the future of the human race.
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    I have never understood the hate for this movie; I thought the story was decent enough as were the action sequences and the soundtrack is one of my favorites. The only negative (and it's not the fault of Prometheus), was with the way Ridley handled Covenant. I think he dropped the ball with that one. I wanted to see more of what happened to Elisabeth and David, not have it handled in flashback.
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    I respect people have different opinions. Just thought I'd share why I disliked it.

    Alien grabs me from the eerie opening titles and slow tour of the ship. The banter and groans of low-tier workers doing a shi77y job. The implantation and chestburster scenes making the ship a maze of death. The evolution and dominance of beast, growing and slaying. The loss of hope, the faceless Company, the decapitated drone smirking. Bodies piling up, computer counting down, meltdown and escape and flight into darkness. Perfection.

    Scott claimed Prometheus was an opportunity to explore the origins of the alien and humanity and how both were intertwined. But it was originally a direct prequel until Fox saw Inception make hundreds of millions and decided Prometheus would be mostly standalone. The connecting tissue was stretched thin. Eggs became goo-kegs. Aliens became mutants.

    While Alien featured space truckers with basic survival skills making mistakes, Prometheus featured experts in their field doing really stupid stuff. Scott buried a lead actor in old man prosthetics. The ship crew were forgettable, their self sacrifice unearned and strangely gung ho. The lead actress was forced to act English despite her gorgeous native accent.

    This film looks and sounds gorgeous, but its empty, hollow, with no relatable characters and nothing to ponder (bar evil robot plot 2.0). The retconned space jockey is ok I guess? And the Alien at the end feels like a tacked on stinger after test audiences demanded sight of one.

    Im not trying to change your mind just trying to express why this to me is poorly made fast food vs the sizzling steak of Alien

    Edit: i left out "job" (edited)
  2. azune's avatar
    Brilliant movie - best out of the series IMO. Ridley Scott is a genius. So is David.
    Heat added
  3. teflondon89's avatar
    Such an awesome movie
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    My favourite part is when Charlize Theron doesn't run sideways
  4. JimDiGriz's avatar
    The trick is not minding that CEX smells...
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    If they spliced the Alien-style scenes from the the special features Blu-ray this would be a way better film, can't argue with the price tho
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