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Posted 8 July 2023

Punnet of Strawberries (Class 1, British) - 227g - 69p instore @ Farmfoods, Ipswich

In store: Ipswich ·
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Admittedly, they didn't look very good. They looked like they needed more time to ripen before being picked. But maybe you'll have better luck at your local.
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  1. Ohsomeoneold's avatar
    Pickled green strawberries and ceviche
    Fill a clean 750ml jar with 275ml water, 100ml white-wine vinegar, a teaspoon of sugar and four teaspoons of salt. Shake to dissolve. Fill the jar with about 300g green strawberries and green tomatoes (optional). Screw on the lid and put in the fridge overnight. Serve as they are, or make a “ceviche”: cut the fruit into thin wedges and lay on a plate. Dress with a little olive oil, finely sliced coriander stalks and leaves, and diced green chilli.
    moe922's avatar
    moe922 Author
    That was exactly what I learned when I was searching for "unripe strawberries"!!!
  2. gguglani81's avatar
    The quality was horrible much worse than 400gms for 99p which is not available anymore in my local
  3. kiepau's avatar
    Thought the picture was sprouts at first
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  4. moe922's avatar
    moe922 Author
    Yeah, I updated the main pic.... Don't want to mislead people
  5. Bangles's avatar
    Voted hot for the price and because they were available in my local store. I didn't buy any as they were very small.
    Norcino's avatar
    Small is better remember, it means they are not doped!
    But if they were green definitely to avoid
  6. david.dibbert's avatar
    They had them in my local and they were all small and under ripe.
  7. badgerbrush's avatar
    Green Strawberry Chutney ? Might have a try !
  8. whok1844's avatar
    Very small, mostly sour and as per Farmfood trade mark moldy
  9. TerryT's avatar
    That main pic is foul. Strawberry’s have such range; buy good ones and its enjoyable, buy cheap and it’s a regret. I bought some from Iceland recently that were unfortunately just poor with a filmy texture and a perfume type taste.

    I think Tesco taste the difference is quite literally that at this stage when compared to non-snobby ones.

    When I was younger, they were all ok. Standards appear to be lowering!
  10. Daves_mate's avatar
    So green strawberries
  11. stig77's avatar
    I wish they just got nicer ones and charged more for them. These were just so poor
  12. grahamohara2's avatar
    They look delicious 😫 not!
  13. michaeldudley's avatar
    It’s a no from me 
  14. fukd's avatar
    I’ll pass. 20% off strawberries 🍓 at Lidl with the app.
  15. Fonsocruise's avatar
    You get what you pay for
  16. simba2585's avatar
    Farmfoods fruit is sadly never good....
  17. eclogite's avatar
    farmfoods fruit is sometimes very good indeed!! the Kentish strawberries last year were fine, as were the Chilean blueberries. Certainly these sold out before they had a chance to go mouldy. But with very few chillers in most stores the fruit is not usually kept under optimum conditions......................
    moe922's avatar
    moe922 Author
    I agree, they are sometimes very good!

    I bought apples, grapes, blackberries, cherries (and these are just the ones I can remember). They were all very, very good quality.

    These strawberries, unfortunately, were not. But I posted this deal anyway because I thought it might have just been this store that didn't look so good. But when others said the quality at theirs was the same, I changed my pic so that it wasn't misleading.
  18. monitor1's avatar
    They just sell Green fruit as a add on.Quality is very questionable.
  19. mjoy's avatar
    Love farmfoods but like others have said the produce is not great...
  20. cannrobe's avatar
    I guess these could be classed as 'Wonky' Strawberries.
  21. Dealmessiah's avatar
    Hydroponics. Looks appetising.
  22. shalton's avatar
    Strawberries seem to be tastier than I can remember recently. Unless my taste buds were off from Covid?
  23. Lawes's avatar
    Thought this was one of them white/gold or black/blue dress posts again......
    TerryT's avatar
    Lol nah this is a simple one, those strawberries are green and need to be burned !
  24. Mychem15's avatar
    Thought they were sprouts till I zoomed in
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