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Posted 19 January 2023

Redex Petrol Fuel System Cleaner 250ml - £2.51 at checkout @ Amazon

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

  • Reduces emissions
  • Cleans fuel system
  • Restores performance
  • Item Package Dimension: 3.81 cm L x 7.37 cm W x 20.57 cm H
  • Packaging may vary

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Redex cleans your fuel system to:
  • Reduce emissions
  • Restore performance
  • Improve the life of your engine
  • Help you pass your MOT

Suitable for all petrol engines
Simply pour into the fuel tank

Redex Petrol Fuel Additives

For a better drive
Using Redex is a simple part of a car maintenance routine which can keep your injectors working better and extend the life of your car. It’s driving’s one of the best kept secret – pour a shot of Redex Petrol System Cleaner into the tank regularly to keep your car driving further.

Use regularly to keep your car healthy
Use Redex regularly when you fill up your tank to keep your fuel system clean and working as it should.

How it works:

Starts working immediately
Adding Redex to your fuel tanks lets it start working on your fuel system immediately.

It quickly removes deposits
Over time, deposits build up on your fuel injectors and this stops them working efficiently.

This improves performance
Redex removes the deposits, so they work more efficiently to improve your emissions and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Redex Petrol System Cleaner

Q: How much Redex should I add to my vehicle?

A: The 250ml version contains two doses and the 500ml provides 4 shots. One shot of Redex fuel cleaner is capable of treating a fifty-litre fuel tank. Each Redex bottle clearly shows how many shots it contains on the front label, with easy guide ‘shot’ marking on the side. Adding more than one shot of Redex won’t do any harm to your car and can give you a more intensive clean, so don’t worry if your pouring isn’t exact.

Q: Does Redex help protect against E10 petrol corrosion?

A: The latest formulation of Redex with the E10 logo protects against the corrosion that older vehicles may suffer from due to E10 petrol.

Q: Can I add Redex to less than a full tank of fuel?

A: Yes. We state one shot of Redex per tank of fuel, so this can be ratioed accordingly. Alternatively we advise 2.5ml of Redex per Litre of fuel.

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  1. joejames11's avatar
    Snake oil if you want something that works use Miller Eco Max just read the reviews on amazon and halfords, worked in dealer technical support and this is waht we used to recommend to dealers and it works
    jinsta's avatar
    Its not snake oil, just there are better products avble. Theres actually dyno proof it does have positive effect. Still a win for those who use economy fuels 100% of the time
  2. Rossi46TheKing's avatar
    £4.74 for me????
    sajidtg's avatar
    As advised - add to basket and go to checkout
    it will be £2.51
    Thank you
  3. siirbaz's avatar
    How frequently (how many times a year) should this be used?
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    0 times
  4. Mattsilom's avatar
    Thanks for posting, ordered and heat from me.
  5. fm991's avatar
    Isn’t this usually £2.50 at asda as i been getting it from there for years
    Sunrayho's avatar
    Yup, me too, from Asda or Amazon; and, when on offer, it was always £2; but is now £2,50p at both. I think Asda is out of stock right now so am happy to get from Amazon. Thanks OP.
  6. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Amazon price match bots have failed.
    It's cheaper for £2.50 at Tesco
    joejames11's avatar
    £5 unless you have a tracking club card never use tesco for this reason inflate prices to make club card look good
  7. smith666's avatar
    This is one of the best i have used for petrol cars (they also do one for diesels).

    Use code: fordclub
    On checkout for 20% off
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