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Used - Grade C - Geobook 1E 11.6" Celeron N4020 1.10GHz 4GB DDR4 64GB eMMC (No Operating System) @ StoneRefurb

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£22.99 for a C grade refurb Geobook 1E. This is basic laptop with a Celeron n4020 dual core processor (OK for light basic stuff) that was probably handed out to schoolkids during the pandemic. It comes with 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, an HD screen, mushy keyboard and limited trackpad. But...this is less than £23 for a laptop!!

I put in an offer for £20 which was accepted.

Note that it says no OS is included. You'll need to buy a Windows 10/11 key from those "usual places".... or try out Linux or ChromeOS. I'm going to treat this as a "throwaway" laptop which I can carry around with me when I'm out and about but won't shed a tear if it gets broken or stolen. It's a smidge over 1Kg

TehJumpingJawa reports "No need for a Windows key, the motherboard will have an embedded Windows 10 Education edition license key. " so you just need to select Education edition when you install Win10

trs020382 reports that "it is ChromeOS FLEX certified, and supported through to 2028". Mercator links the instructions here

Geobook 1E
Quality:  Used – Grade C
Processor:  Celeron N4020 1.10GHz
Memory (RAM): 4GB
Storage:  64GB eMMC
Screen Size:  11.6"
Operating System: Not Included
Battery: Around 6 Hours (Untested)
Graphics Card: Intel UHD Graphics 600
Power Cable: Not included - Can use USB C according to GeoBook
WiFi: Yes

C GRADE CONDITION: This unit may have some visible scratches or marks on screen. Unit may show signs of keyboard or trackpad wear and may have signs of use such as a few small scratches or light blemishes or one large scratch to housing but items will still be in working order, All storage on devices are securely data wiped using the latest BLANCCO software to Infosec Standard 5. Please see pictures for examples and description for details. Unit is sold with an UNTESTED battery and as such is not EBAY covered by warranty. NO OS, CABLES OR CHARGER INCLUDED, UNIT POWERS ON AND FUNCTIONS AS INTENDED. Overall the unit is WELL USED but is fully working.
eBay More details at

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  1. h3avy's avatar
    I have this laptop and it's been brilliant the last year or so. It's fast and very quiet. Multi tasks without issues. Browsing, YouTube, Netflix all works fine. Iv downloaded music and movies. Iv burned CDs using an external dvd drive and no issues. It recognises a 128gb micro SD card. Yes the keyboard is abit "clicky" and the mouse pad goes off here and there but that's only on odd occasions. It came with a charger, however I also use my Samsung 25w phone charger to charge it and it's fine. Overall it's a bargain and can't go wrong for 20 quid 👌🏽 and more importantly I can play champ man 01-02 without issues lol (edited)
    plewis00's avatar
    Nice to hear from someone who actually has one - looks like a reasonably capable device for £20 within limits - can't even get a takeaway for that now. Even just as a media consumption device it does the job.
  2. Mercator's avatar
    For those wondering about turning it into a Chromebook: ChromeOS Flex - instructions here support.google.com/chr…=en
    Finnboy's avatar
    Cheers for that, might give that a go as a little project.
  3. TehJumpingJawa's avatar
    No need for a Windows key, the motherboard will have an embedded Windows 10 Education edition license key.

    They're just not allowed to sell it with education installed, as it's a breach of the licensing terms.
    If you look at the listing's photos you can even see the Windows education edition hologram sticker located on the underside of the laptop

    If you want to skimp on the charger and jerry-rig one together yourself, it's 12V 2A(though 1.5A is enough too) with a 1.3mm/3.5mm barrel connector. (edited)
    G_dilla's avatar
    So can you install Win 10 using that key?
  4. trs020382's avatar
    ChromeOS FLEX certified, and supported through to 2028. Bargain!
  5. Jimmyyy's avatar
    Save your money and hold out for something better is my advice. This will be a painful experience
    plewis00's avatar
    It's £23, possibly less if offers are accepted. Hold out for what?
  6. sheffield788's avatar
    I can't believe I voted hot on this piece of...
    simonhzero's avatar
    Don't worry, you don't have a limited number of likes/hot votes you can hand out in your lifetime
  7. carefreeblue's avatar
    Bother, decided to give it a go, but they don't deliver to remote areas ☹️
    Mercator's avatar
    I wonder if something like Forward2Me would work for you? Basically a forwarding address in the UK (and other countries) - they receive the parcel and ship it to wherever you live. Used them a lot for my expat days.
  8. Finnboy's avatar
    Going to take a punt on it charging from USB C... I have no idea what I need it for though?!😁
    h3avy's avatar
    I have this and I use my Samsung 25w phone charger to charge it. Charges fine 👌🏽
  9. Pgbys's avatar
    At this kind of price you could happily forget it was even a laptop and use it for running something like LibreELEC
  10. plewis00's avatar
    Bargain travel/rucksack PC - especially if it’ll charge by USB C. Would not be surprised if there is an embedded key (unless these were on Linux before, as education machines for example).

    Before anyone says it’s too old, I found an old Lenovo 100S at home with Atom Z3735, 2GB RAM and 32GB eMMC - still runs the latest Windows 10 and Chrome just fine, this Geobook is far more powerful.

    do you think this’ll work for our favourite AMD-hating ‘expert’? Intel CPU and 11.6” display, perfect (edited)
    Smoggy1970's avatar
    No chance, it doesn't have 57 HDMI ports and won't fit on a train
  11. Smoggy1970's avatar
    That Youtube review shows that is fairly useable, good as a Chromebook. I've done the £20 offer, it will be good to tinker with and then fob it off
    marra's avatar
    I was thinking exactly the same. I have a pile of gear I've done the same thing with.
  12. Flancrust's avatar
    Can it run crysis?
  13. DealHugger's avatar
    Perfect for running Linux on an USB stick I guess?
    simonhzero's avatar
    I'm going to chuck on a lightweight linux distro. Not sure which, yet
  14. SClub's avatar
    Bet if you installed Win 10 without a key it would pick one up

    Can't argue at this price, even if they're rubbish. Which they sort of are (keyboard and trackpad are urrrgh!).
  15. cochon's avatar
    £20 offer refused and OOS now, phew saved me from another late night impulse purchase for something I don't really need. Also just noted it has (had) an ANSI keyboard layout on top of the other negatives.
    plewis00's avatar
    Same here, I'm sure HUKD caused an influx of buyers and they decided they didn't need it - either that or they ran out of normal priced stock and auto-declined. When I made my offer it was showing '74 competing offers'.

    Regardless, it was a good deal for a cheap computing device and good to see these being recycled and reused again.
  16. corred1964's avatar
    Need to factor in the cost of a charger & that key, you can buy one fully working with W10 in better condition for £40 (edited)
    simonhzero's avatar
    GeoBook webpage on it says it can charge from USB C, and I have loads of those chargers, but if available for £40 as you say would be easier for others less adventurous.
  17. Sliwka's avatar
    Gwynthebullbasher's avatar
  18. Jazz_From_Hell's avatar
    Does anyone know if this would be good enough to plug in a USB audio interface and record some guitar?
  19. plewis00's avatar
    That company has loads of other laptops and computers too, quite a good selection especially if you are a tinkerer.
    118luke's avatar
    In all serious I'm considering getting one to play with. Just can't decide whether to get this one or the older quad core N3450 they have listed
  20. expositouk's avatar
    Grade C as well.....but £20 though ... decisions, decisions
  21. luis.vc's avatar
    Bought 2, thanks!
  22. jamgin's avatar
    Was squinting at the picture and it looks like this lapper has a camera too.
    Tempted to get one except I've too much old kit lying around as it is. Including a XZ81 I built from a kit back in the day...
  23. BenSewell's avatar
    Put an offer in for 2.
    One for general travelling cheapo / chromebook flex. Another to use as a cheap one for the car OBD2 port / usb dongle jobby to save my decent laptop getting wrecked.
  24. BenSewell's avatar
    Can flog on for more if you need rid.
  25. Mark_Stanley's avatar
    It might well be 20 quid but the devices that run windows and are soc are painfully slow and not upgradeable in any way. 2o,40,60 whatever price it is would be better saved towards a proper laptop with removable SSD and upgradeable ram . It will run windows.....just.
    plewis00's avatar
    The same company has better and newer laptops available. Though this spec of netbook will run Windows fine, as above, it's still ok on a Lenovo 100S with 2GB RAM, not nearly as slow as you would think.
  26. etcuk's avatar
    Hmm how would this fare with batocera as a light emulation station :/
  27. Alan__Smith's avatar
    Is this good enough for simple streaming, Youtube etc, to a monitor on, say, Windows 10?
  28. uk_shahj's avatar
    Out of stock now
  29. jp.roan's avatar
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