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Posted 19 July 2023

Resident Evil 2 + 3: Raccoon City Edition PS5/PS4 - Turkey PSN Store

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This is insane value. I thought I had a good deal last year when I got this for £12.

How to!!


Playstation Store More details at

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  1. Lil6ix's avatar
    Nice price but not worth the effort of obtaining it
    RocSpartan's avatar
    The Turkish setup isn't that difficult. RE2+3 for that price is stunning value. RE2 is one of only a handful of games I took time to Plat on my PS4. IMO, setting up a Turkish account is well worth it. I recently managed to pre-order Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition and the Spiderman PS5 remaster for about £23.00. The same titles in the UK store would be £80 ish, so quite the saving.
  2. Bully-Maguire's avatar
    £2.88!!! That's cheaper than a Jill sandwich
  3. Paul_Lawless's avatar
    In reality.! This is the prices they should be, and the only reason why this is allowed to go on is that they are digital purchases....no resale value and less physical disc copies doing the rounds to drive prices down! Win for Sony.... Cheapest way is not always the best way :/
  4. loopylloyd's avatar
    Resi 2 is a beautiful remake. I am currently enjoying when the RPD map comes up on Dead By Daylight!
  5. danwink's avatar
    Have got physical copies of them both but can sell the two of them and make at least £10 profit...tempting!
  6. alexmurphy01's avatar
    At the price I can’t not get them. God knows when I’ll play them. Halloween maybe.
  7. PLEYOR's avatar
    Wow, amazing price for two great games. For what it is worth, RE3 is a good remake. Alot of complaints due to length of the game, you'd only be backtracking in the clock tower and graveyard sections - sounds way more boring if you ask me :).
    darkstryder360's avatar
    I actually preferred RE3 gameplay over RE2. It was also a good warm up for RE4, as it was more "action" focussed.
  8. imsomethingyournot's avatar
    How safe is sending off a copy of my ID? I’m tempted by these prices but anything that requires ID I’m dubious of. Is it just to confirm over the age of 18?
  9. Allan_'s avatar
    This looks like a ridiculous bargain, but what's the deal with the Turkey Playstation Store? How does this work if we are trying to play the game in the UK on our UK Playstation accounts?
    Ginxie's avatar
    You will be able to play in the UK, you just need to sign into the Turkish account you used to purchase the game.
  10. JTD.ST's avatar
    This is insanity
  11. Eez1's avatar
    insane price!
  12. AndyFreeman's avatar
    Although I can see this using the link provided, I can't see it in the PSN Turkey store...am I missing something?
    AndyFreeman's avatar
    Okay - finally found it. Had to go into 'Collections'. Searching Resident Evil was no use, nor "Racoon" to try to search for this specific version.
    PSN store is so bad for navigating etc!
  13. ocelot20's avatar
    Going to have to get in on this turkey PSN store. Spider man 2 for less than £25
    Bully-Maguire's avatar
    Using the crypto.com route was easy. The guide in the first comment covers it nicely and it's what I used. I was completely green at that sorta thing and could do it. So you can too. Need any help, reach out.

    Here's the Hotukdeals guide that hopefully doesn't try opening in their terrible app. hotukdeals.com/dis…645
  14. Jim789990's avatar
    Hi won’t let me set up Turkish account anyone know how do it thanks
    darkstryder360's avatar
    Guide at the top.
  15. Paul_Thompson's avatar
    Do we create the new Turkey PSN account on our console or at the website?
    darkstryder360's avatar
    Follow the guide at the top, the process changes a lot.
  16. adamg64's avatar
    has this been remastered or cleaned up or original format?
    Ginxie's avatar
    It's completely new gamestyle from the original, the game is over-the-shoulder 3rd person, like Dead Space.
  17. fastclau's avatar
    Great deal....coming from xbox fan!
  18. john.bli's avatar
    Amazing value...love chuckling at the comments that somehow still try to knock this method, or claim discs are better
  19. stephen_hoult's avatar
    Great deal. I know you can set as primary and play on your uk account. Though can another ps5 play on the Turkish account without getting flagged etc?
    Ninja's avatar
    Yep :-)
  20. Don_no_soul_Simmons's avatar
    Yes! Purchased this a week or so ago. Great bargain price. Never played Resi 3.
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