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Posted 16 July 2023

Ribble Classic Bike Saddle - Brown - Brooks style

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Roll back the clock with this classic design that straddles the line between neo-classical and ultra-modern to create a striking saddle that offers timeless sophistication and long-ride comfort. The smooth leather and retro rivet style complement your favourite bike, and foam padding offers just the right level of comfort and support as you go about your daily adventures.

Ribble Classic Saddle - Brown
Developed in-house, this stylish road saddle combines ultra-modern technologies with classical inspiration to produce a striking design that gives any bike retro appeal.

Decorative faux leather cover
Cro-mo rails
Dimensions: 150mm x 270mm
Weight: 321g
Ribble Cycles More details at
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  1. rodman's avatar
    Brooks style

    FunkiestMonkey's avatar
    Brooks do different saddles. mine looks nothing like that
  2. flipper118's avatar
    I were right about that saddle though
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Showing your age now
  3. OB1's avatar
    Looks like a load of junk to me. Faux leather? The whole point of a Brooks saddle is that they're made of leather, that's what makes them work.
    Jimoiseau's avatar
    It's 2.99. I don't think it's made out to be anything other than a cheap saddle made to look vaguely like a Brooks with some brass bits and brown colour.
  4. urbanbushwacker's avatar
    Clockwork Orange
  5. TBC15's avatar
    I’ve seen these worn by Amazonian tribesmen.
    Crossbow's avatar
    Looks like they've moved on to Adidas & Nike shorts these days...

  6. gazdoubleu's avatar

    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    WTF!!! 😳
  7. lumsdot's avatar
    This is better
    Crossbow's avatar
    I'd personally give that a wide berth.
  8. sdodnib's avatar
    Where’s the rest of it
    Crossbow's avatar
    They are so cheap, buy 2 & stick them together like this...

  9. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
  10. bobbyj1984's avatar
  11. SeanRTK's avatar
    Plus £3 delivery?
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Yes bud
  12. Grinchyaaa's avatar
    Don't forget you'll have to invest heavily into talcum powder and moisturiser after using this thing that also doubles up as a nut cracker
    nocturnal74's avatar
    It'll not matter as I haven't sat on a bike for 9 months, that bit gets the most unfit... A month of pain until it toughens up
  13. Slimlinex's avatar
    A nut cracker by the looks of it.
    Ukguy101's avatar
    One either side lol!
  14. nocturnal74's avatar
    Ordered this for my commuter road winter bike as 30 year old Turbo Special worn out from 'being on the rivet'... Only roadies will know what this means.

    If this Turbo Special were new worth a lot of money!

    50602554-RxZOm.jpg (edited)
    whats_the_deal's avatar
    If my body was fresh and new it might be worth a lot of money too, but I'm old and knackered like your saddle
  15. JDUK2020's avatar
    Doesnt bear thinking about if you had an accident on your bicycle.
  16. prisat's avatar
    Looking at the image, i thought something else.
    Crossbow's avatar
    An oddly-shaped sausage? (edited)
  17. Jaws1973's avatar
    5 golden buttons to remove from your derriere lol
  18. shoneyz's avatar
    Oh my achey achey jewels
  19. JasonWilkins's avatar
    For Julie
  20. simat's avatar
    A deal not to be sniffed at...
  21. iGlad's avatar
    Do it yourself vasectomy 😳
  22. Sybs's avatar
    They don't like it up 'em, sir
  23. ssc1's avatar
    Ouch. Good if you like cycling standing up.
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